Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations in The Forest

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In Fallout 76, Power Armor represents one of the most iconic experiences in the Fallout universe, and everyone is trying to get a hold of some. This guide is the first in a series of guides detailing all of Power Armor locations in the game. This first part will be especially useful for low-level characters since it will cover the Forest region of the map.

The Forest region of Appalachia is for level one to fifteen. All characters, from brand new to experienced vets, should expect to handle the enemies in these spots.

There may be access requirements like lock picking and hacking, but the enemies themselves should be manageable to almost anyone.

Aaronholdt Homestead

Aaronholdt Homestead is in the far northwest of Appalachia in the Forest region. Groves Family Cabin is to the west, and Clancy manor is up the road to the east.

On the southern part of the property in front of three grain silos is a small shed. This shed contains a set of T-Series Power Armor. To enter the shed, you’ll need to either pick the level one lock. Alternatively, you can get the Aaronholt Granary Shed Key from nearby Lowell Aaronholdt, who no longer needs it. His body is in a bathtub under a dilapidated shed to the east.

Arktos Pharma

Arktos Pharma is at the top of the hill to the east of Slocum’s Joe and the west of Greg’s Mine Supply. Vault 76 is only a short distance to the northwest.

From the spawn point, head west to the far side of the building where you’ll find the garage entrance. Use the scaffolding and walkways that circle the interior to go through a hole in the ceiling.

You’ll find a zero level terminal that you’ll need to hack to access the secure cage where there are two power armor stations, one with a Power Armor frame and a couple of pieces of T-Series Power Armor.


Cliffwatch is east of Summersville and directly west of 98 NAR Regional in the mountains between the two points. All southwest of The Top of the World.

Take the spawn point and head southwest towards the base. You’ll need to contend with about a half dozen low-level Blood Eagles Raiders. The Power Armor frame is outside the walls. It’s between the edge of the cliff, and the two strung up Radstags. It will have a couple of Raider Power Armor pieces on the frame.

Fujiniya Intelligence Base

Fujiniya Intelligence Base is a secret communist base hidden under Mama Dolce’s Food Processing. Mama Dolce’s is in Morgantown between Vault-Tec University and the Portside Pub.

New characters hitting this spot for the first time will need the access card. At the spawn point, head east through the opening in the fence. Head up the stairs on the outside of the building to find the door. Once inside, go to the left past room with the lockers. On the left-hand side, there is an office with Mama Dolce’s Manager ID Card sitting on the desk.

Grab the card and head back outside towards the southeast corner of the building. You’ll find a hatch that allows you to enter the pipes. Once inside, it will bring you to a door with a keycard security lock. Slide your card to open the door that leads you to another door to enter the base.

Make your way to the lowest level, and you’ll find a large room with a level one terminal that you can hack to open the security door at the far end of the area, blocking access to the Power Armor frame contained within.

Gorge Junkyard

The Gorge Junkyard is to the east of Fallout 76 and south of Wilson Brother’s Auto Repair. This workshop has a main house and a smaller shed and a lot of shipping containers.

When you get here, you’ll need to dispatch a few robots or other low-level beasties. Make your way to the green trailer right next to the shed. It’ll have a level three lock on the door that you’ll have to overcome. Inside you’ll find a Power Armor frame amidst a weird death scene. It will have a couple of pieces of Raider Power Armor.

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters is right in the middle between the Charleston Trainyard and the Charleston Herald. The Charleston Station is a short distance to the north.

When you approach the building for the first time, you’ll get a quest called Motherload. It will be necessary to complete this quest to access the area where the Power Armor spawns. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll be able to access it whenever you want.

Simply take the executive elevator in the main lobby to the sub-basement. Head down the stairs and across the room to the other set of stairs, and you should see two vending machines and a Power Armor frame with a couple of T-Series pieces on it.

Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant

The Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant is in the Forest region on the far west of the map. Camden Park is down the road to the south and Lewis & Sons Farming Supply to the north.

Head north up the road from the spawn point, crossing a small bridge. You’ll pass the giant Nuka-Cola bottle building on the right. Circle to the right, and you’ll find the loading dock. Enter the door on the east wall.

Once inside, you’ll find the Power Armor frame next to a Power Armor station in the large room with the yellow crane.

Lewis & Sons Farming Supply

The Lewis & Sons Farming Supply is just up the road to the north of the Nuka-Cola Plant. The spawn point puts you between the two locations. Head north on the road. If you pass a large greenhouse, you’ve gone too far

Find the sizeable two-story barn, and you’ll discover a couple of T-Series Power Armor pieces on a frame. There will be some low-level Scorched guarding this area.

Mama Dolce’s Food Processing

Our second visit to Mama Dolce’s Food Processing Plant on this list takes us to a barn nearby instead of the Communist spy base underneath.

From the spawn point, turn to the southwest, and the barn will be right in front of you. Head into the barn, but beware this place is trapped with explosives and other nasty surprises.

Once past the traps, the barn has two main areas. The larger of the two contains a Power Armor Station with a Power Armor frame and a couple of T-Series armor pieces.

Morgantown Train Yard

Morgantown Trainyard is on the west end of Morgantown, just south of the train station. If you take the spawn point, it drops you to the east of the trainyard. 

Head west into the trainyard, and you’ll notice there are two warehouse buildings separated by a set of green-ish rail cars. One of the last railcars has a ramp leading up into it. Inside you’ll find a free-standing Power Armor frame with T-Series pieces on it.

New River Gorge Bridge West

New River Gorge Bridge West is in the Forest south of Vault-tec Agricultural Research Center. It’s a short distance north from Cow Spots Creamery and south of Orwell Orchards.

From the spawn point, head to the end of the bridge near the creamery. Drop down the east side of the bridge. You’ll find a fenced area that leads to the lower level. Following it around leads to a locked door. You won’t be able to pick this lock. Instead, you’ll need to grab the West Bridge Key from a backpack in one of the cars on the rollercoaster at Camden Park.

With the key, you can open the door, and right inside, you’ll see a Power Armor station with a frame and several pieces of Raider Power Armor.

Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is on the western edge of the Appalachian map and is home to the Mothman Museum. Looking at the map, you really can’t miss it as it says Mothman Museum right on the map.

The spawn point puts you on the south side of Point Pleasant. We’re going to head through the town to the far northern edge near the river. The Power Armor we want is on the roof of the hardware store. You can see the hardware store northwest of the bonfire. It’ll be challenging to get on the rooftop without the Marsupial mutation. You’ll need to backtrack through the city to one of the alternative roof access points.

Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06

Poseidon Energy Plant is a favorite place for Power Armor users being that it is one of only three locations with a Fusion Core Processor. It is west of Charleston Station and east of the Kanawha Nuke-Cola Plant.

Head to the main entrance of the facility and find the three blast doors. There is a terminal that you’ll need to hack to gain entry. You’ll need a hacker level of three to bypass it.

Once inside, head straight and slightly right to go downstairs. At the landing, take a left and then a right to go through a blue door. Inside will be workbenches, two power armor stations, and a security cage with a Power Armor frame inside. You’ll need the Poseidon Hazmat Storage Key or pick the level two lock to access.

Silva Homestead

Silva Homestead is on the western edge of the Forest region near the river. Down the road to the south is the Billings Homestead workshop, and to the north lies the Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm, also a workshop.

The Power Armor we seek is in the shed next to the grain silo. You can see it plainly from the road and the spawn point. Inside the shed is a Power Armor station that the frame and a couple T-Series pieces of armor will be sitting.

The Crosshair

The Crosshair is on the far north edge of the map. It is directly north of Clancy Manor right between WV Lumber Company and Wavy Willard’s.

Much like the lumber company, the previous residents, in this case, Scorched, have been displaced by Blood Eagles.

Before Wastelanders, the Power Armor frame was under the rock overhang. The Blood Eagles remodeled a bit and have decided that they like their Power Armor frames over by the central watchtower. It will, fittingly, have Raider armor pieces on it.

Wade Airport, North

Wade Airport sits atop a hill just north of Charleston and west of the Summersville Docks. You’ll also find Camp McClintock to the north. This workshop houses two sets of Power Armor.

The first set is in a maintenance hangar on the north end of the runway. The hangar is directly adjacent to a watchtower with a crashed plane. Go into the hangar, and the Power Armor frame will be standing in the rear of the building. It will have a couple of pieces of T-Series armor on it.

Wade Airport, South

Our second set of Power Armor for Wade Airport is at the south end of the runway. You’ll see a blue truck trailer at the far end of the runway. Be careful in this area as there are some mines scattered around this area.

To gain access to the trailer, you’ll need to be able to pick a level two lock. Once inside, the Power Armor frame stands in the middle of the trailer. This one will have Raider armor pieces on it.

WV Lumber Co

The West Virginia Lumber Company is the furthest point to the northwest on the map. With the Wastelanders expansion, it is also under new management. The Free Radicals have evicted the super mutants that used to live here.

The Power Armor is in a large two-story barn on the eastern side of the camp near the wall. Inside there are two Power Armor stations. I’ve only ever seen a Power Armor frame spawn on the left side. It will have Raider armor pieces in the frame.


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