Fallout 76 Wood Locations and Farming Guide

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Wood is a Fallout 76 resource that is abundant and available. There are many sources of it, including just picking it up from fallen trees. The problem is when you need large quantities all at once. This guide aims to solve that problem.

The best wood farming location is Prickett’s Fort. There are several large woodpiles that you can harvest. If you also use the Woodchucker perk card from the luck skill branch, it will double the amount of wood you get to about five hundred.

In addition to Sylvie and Sons, there are several locations that I’ve found that will provide a lot more wood when you hit them all. I’ll detail all of these locations below. You should note that if you server-hop after completing the loop below. You can do it again immediately.

Fallout 76 WOOD Farming (6 great locations)

Prickett’s Fort

Prickett's Fort - Map Location
Prickett’s Fort – Map Location

Prickett’s Fort is in the far northern section of the Savage Divide region. The Crater is to the west, and the Palace of the Winding Path is to the south.

From the spawn point, head towards the two small buildings to the south. Inside them will be a total of three woodpiles near or in the fireplaces. Continue up the path to the south until you find a shelter marked with a two. In this shed, you’ll find another nineteen woodpiles. Continue upwards into the central area of Prickett’s Fort.

Checking the fireplaces and porches of the houses, you’ll find a total of five more woodpiles. Additionally, there is a woodshed to the south of the building marked with a four. The shed will yield another twenty-six woodpiles.

If you got all fifty-five woodpiles here at Prickett’s Fort, you would have gained another five hundred wood scraps.

Sylvie and Sons Logging Camp

Sylvie and Son's Logging Camp - Map Location
Sylvie and Son’s Logging Camp – Map Location

Sylvie and Sons Logging Camp is in the northern part of the Savage Divide. Hopewell Cave is to the north, and the Son’s of Dane Compound is to the west.

This camp consists of a couple of large tents and a whole lot of wood. The main tent has wood piles lining the sides of it and several small woodpiles on the interior. Near the exterior of the main canopy is a small pick-up truck. You’ll find several woodpiles in its bed.

In total, you should find thirty-six woodpiles and another four log piles near the camp. There will undoubtedly be more if you branch out a little further. That will yield over four hundred wood scrap if you’re using Woodchucker.


Helvetia - Map Location
Helvetia – Map Location

Helvetia is a small town on the eastern side of the Forest region. Arktos Pharma is to the north, and Horizon’s Rest is to the east.

Helvetia is home to the Fasnacht yearly event. It is also home to Scorched. You may not have to deal with them if you come in from the spawn point as it puts you only a short distance away from our target.

From the spawn point facing south, you should see a yellow house with a small woodshed leaning up against it. The wood is stacked up tightly, but I can access nineteen wood piles from here easily. These woodpiles should net you about two hundred wood scraps using Woodchucker.

Middle Mountain Cabins

Middle Mountain Cabins - Map Location
Middle Mountain Cabins – Map Location

Middle Mountain Cabins is on the western edge of the Savage Divide to the east of the Whitesprings Resort. You’ll find Beckwith Farm to the north and Solomon’s Pond to the south.

There are three cabins here. The first cabin to the south has four woodpiles inside near the fireplace and woodstove. 

The next cottage is the east, where you’ll find thirteen woodpiles lining the exterior walls. There are an additional three woodpiles inside near the fireplace and stove.

The final cabin is to the northeast. On the approach, you’ll find seven woodpiles lined up on the ground against the deck. Inside you’ll find another woodpile near the fireplace.

If you further search the wooded areas surrounding the cabins, you should find another thirteen logs that you can harvest. If you got them all, that’s a total of forty-two woodpiles that should yield about three hundred fifty wood scraps.

Superior Sunset Farm

Superior Sunset Farm - Map Location
Superior Sunset Farm – Map Location

Superior Sunset Farm is in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia. The Thorn is to the west, and Forward Station Alpha is to the north.

The Cranberry Bog has channels that allow water to flow, but large log piles block many of them. One such dam is near the Superior Sunset Farm.

From the spawn point, turn to the west and go forward for about eighty meters. You will find a large dam consisting of an impressive number of logs. I was able to harvest thirty-two times from all of the log piles in the vicinity of the main dam. For me, that yielded a total of four hundred wood scraps.

The Thorn

The Thorn - Map
The Thorn – Map

The Thorn is a small defensive base in the Cranberry Bog. It is just west of the Superior Sunset Farm and east of the Freak Show.

I probably wouldn’t include this location on its own, but due to the proximity of the dam near Superior Sunset Farm, this spot warrants a mention.

Several log piles help to make up the perimeter wall protecting this spot. You should be able to harvest wood at least thirteen times that I was able to find. There are also two more small woodpiles beside the tent.

That gives us a total of fifteen wood nodes that should yield about one hundred fifty wood scraps.

Gilman Lumber Mill

Gilman Lumber Mill - Map Location
Gilman Lumber Mill – Map Location

Gilman Lumber Mill is in the Forest region of the map. It is just south of Vault 76 and northeast of Wixon Homestead. It is also one of the first places you are likely to stumble upon directly out of the vault.

The spawn point places you on the south side of the location facing two buildings. There is a lot of wood here, but more spread out than some of the other areas. The lumber mill should yield at least the following:

  • Left-hand Building: Two wood scraps and eleven woodpiles
  • Exterior left-hand building: Twelve log piles three woodpiles
  • Right-hand Building: Two wood scraps and eight woodpiles
  • Exterior right-hand building: Nine log piles
  • Outside the fenced area: Three woodpiles and seven log piles

If you’re running Woodchucker, that should get you over five hundred fifty wood. Also, note that if you expand your search area well outside the fences, you’ll find a lot more wood. It is called the Forest for a reason.

We are the end of the farming loop, but I’ve got one more bonus location that should be taken advantage of while completing your wood farming.

Dolly Sods Campground

Dolly Sods Campground - Map Location
Dolly Sods Campground – Map Location

Dolly Sod’s Campground is a workshop in the Mire region of Appalachia. Mosstown is to the west, and Crevasse Dam is to the east.

I call this a bonus location because it doesn’t fit into your regular farming loop. If you’re going to be on one server for an extended period, then it’s a great idea to grab this workshop as it has three wood nodes that you can place extractors on.

Each extractor can harvest up to forty wood scrap before it becomes full. They fill up at a rate of one wood scrap every minute and forty-five seconds. That gives you a little over an hour to do other things before returning to reap your one hundred twenty wood scraps.


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