Fallout 76 How to Holster Your Weapon

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Fallout 76 is a diverse world full of actual people. Some you will want to shoot or stab in the eye, but inevitably not all of them. It stands to reason that you might want to holster your weapon to greet someone appropriately.

To holster your weapon in Fallout 76, hold down the R key on PC, hold down the X button on Xbox One, and hold down the Square on the Playstation 4.

Mechanics and Information About Holstering Your Weapon

While holstering your weapon may seem like a simple thing, you may not be aware of the game mechanics associated with it. Are there good reasons to holster your guns? Are there reasons you shouldn’t? The short answer is yes to both questions.

Why Should You Holster Your Weapon?

As mentioned earlier, it’s the polite thing to do when you run into new players that you don’t plan to eviscerate. Putting your weapon away shows your new potential friend that you are open to interactions that don’t require weapons.

I sometimes feel weird when I approach someone in-game, and I’ve got my weapon pointing in their face. I understand that it’s just a game and everybody has guns, but it’s a polite gesture that people will appreciate.

Holstering Leaves You Vulnerable to Attack

So we now know that holstering your shootie sticks is helpful when you don’t feel like ruining some guy’s day. One of the real drawbacks to consider is that many weapons in Fallout 76 have fancy draw animations. While these are neat and add a level of immersion, they leave you vulnerable for a few seconds.

Update: As of patch ten, this is no longer an issue. Bethesda has added the ability for us to cancel those animations by pulling the trigger. So this is even more reason to feel free to holster your weapons when you’re not using them.

You Can’t Tame With Your Weapons Holstered

A feature of the game that Bethesda hasn’t talked about in Fallout 76 is taming. While we don’t know a ton about it, one thing is clear. You are required to un-holster your guns to perform the taming. So don’t go walking up to that Deathclaw with your weapons holstered expecting to impress him.

Assaultron Helmet Holstering Information

One of the little known facts about holstering is can also affect the visual appearance of some non-weapon related items. One perfect example of this is the Assaultron Helmet. When you holster your weapon, the face of the helmet opens to reveal your face. When you draw your guns, it has a nifty animation that closes and more closely mimics the appearance of an assaultron.


While learning about how to holster your weapons in Fallout 76 is not the most pressing topic you’re going to read about today. It’s a good thing to know and should be in your Fallout 76 toolbox. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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