Fallout 76 How to Get Springs

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Springs are the bane of many players’ existence. They are used for pretty much everything it seems, and no one ever seems to have enough. This article aims to end that problem by providing detailed information on all the different ways of obtaining springs.

The best way to get springs is to go to the Mountainside Bed and Breakfast and farm the two Yao Guai that spawn there for the springs they drop. Then server hop to repeat the process. This process will yield ten to fifteen springs each time.

While farming Yao Guai is the most efficient way to acquire springs, it might not work the best for your character’s situation. So we are going to cover all the ways that you can do it.

There are four different ways to get screws in Fallout 76:

  • Scrap items that contain springs
  • Farm monsters that drop springs
  • Use junk extractors to harvest junk piles for springs
  • Buy springs from NPC vendors or other players

Each of these methods works, but depending on your level, build, and playstyle, some will work better than others.

Fallout 76 SPRING Locations

Scrap Items That Contain Springs

The most common way that people get springs in Fallout 76 is by finding items that contain springs. You can then take those items to a workbench and scrap them. The trick is to know what kinds of things include springs. 

List of Items That You Can Scrap For Springs

Below is a list of items that, when taken to a workbench can be scrapped for springs. This list isn’t complete. It will show you what to grab while on your adventures.

  • Alarm Clocks
  • Battered Clipboards
  • Cameras
  • Fishing rods
  • Flip lighters
  • Handcuffs
  • Toasters
  • Typewriters
  • Watches

Best Locations To Get Springs

Now that you know what you need to find let’s go over a few specific locations that are known to have a lot of those items just lying around waiting for you. 

Overall each of these locations will yield an impressive amount of springs unless someone has been through there recently. When you find a site previously looted, you can server hop until it’s not. Every twenty hours, you can return and run the same location.

Sugar Grove

Sugar Grove - Map Location
Sugar Grove – Map Location

Sugar Grove is south of Hawke’s Refuge and southwest of Harper’s Ferry. It’s in the Mire near the border with the Savage Divide.

This spot is the holy grail of junk. There is so much stuff here. It’s a great location for not only springs but screws, gears, lead, plastic, ceramics, and more. There are some robots you’ll need to deal with, but it’s well worth it.

Make sure to check all the desks and conference tables, as that’s where the majority of the battered clipboards will be. There are a ton of them too. Don’t forget to check the cubbies in the lower parts of the desk.

On a full spawn, I can pull almost fifty springs out of here if I take the time to find them all. Honestly, it is time-consuming, but the Sugar Grove is a bit of a one-stop-shop and well worth the effort.

Camp McClintock

Camp McClintock - Map
Camp McClintock – Map

Camp McClintock is south of Sutton and a short way to the northwest of the Lakeside Cabins workshop. It’s in the Forest region of the map, which makes this an accessible location because it is a lower level area.

This spot is famous for several reasons other than being a prime location for springs. It is also known as an excellent location for ballistic fiber. Additionally, there are no enemies to fight — just a bunch of friendly Mr. Gutsy robots.

If you loot the lower level of the main building, you’ll have found the majority of the battered clipboards. If fully spawned, that should get you between twenty to twenty-five of them. They are mostly on the floor between desk areas, and there are also blue bins that will have three in each container.

Abandoned Bog Town

Abandoned Bog Town - Map Location
Abandoned Bog Town – Map Location

The Abandoned Bog Town is a workshop in the Cranberry Bog region of the map. It is west to Pylon V-13 and southeast of the Bootlegger’s Shack.

To get springs, you’re not concerned that this is a workshop as it doesn’t have a junk pile. The two specific areas to check out are the office building and the police station.

You’ll notice scaffolding that crosses the street on the south side of town. Climb the scaffolding and enter the hole in the building. Proceed through to another hole on the other side and climb up to the roof. Dropdown through the elevator shaft, and you’ll find a small office with tons of typewriters. There are other items like battered clipboards that you’ll want to grab too.

Now proceed across the street to the police station. There will be handcuffs scattered about, but behind the building is a wheelbarrow with several pairs of handcuffs.

Between the office building and police station, it should net you twenty plus springs and likely a matching number of screws. Not too shabby.

Farm Monsters That Drop Springs

I’ve always said a great way to get anything is to take from those that have things. Screws are no different, and in this case, we’re going to be taking screws from Yao Guai.

Best Locations to Farm Yao Guai For Springs

Yao Guai are big nasty bear-like creatures that, for whatever reason, carry screws with them wherever they go.

Dolly Sod’s Wilderness

Dolly Sod's Wilderness - Map Location
Dolly Sod’s Wilderness – Map Location

Dolly Sod’s Wilderness is southwest of Ella Ames’ Bunker and northeast of Mosstown. It’s within the Mire region of the map.

Most people think there is only a single Yao Guai in this location, but there are, in fact, two of them. When you drop in at the spawn point, you’re on the road facing west, and there should be a leveled Yao Guai right in front of you. Dispose of that one and grab those screws.

Then proceed through the cabin on your left and then through the back door. Follow the path leading from the cabin to the south, and the second Yao Guai will be walking up the road towards you.

Mountainside Bed and Breakfast

Mountain Side Bed and Breakfast - Map Location
Mountain Side Bed and Breakfast – Map Location

Mountainside B&B is in the Savage Divide very near to the Spruce Knob to the east. It is also north of Site Charlie. This spot is famous and well known for the two Yao Guai that spawn here.

These two Yao Guai will be level-appropriate so that low-level characters will get low-level Yau Guai. Newer players can take advantage of this as it is challenging to take out Yao Guai when you’re low level.

From the spawn point run towards the electrical tower and on your right, you’ll see some derailed train cars. One Yao Guai will be on the left side of the train car up the hill a little bit. The other will be on the right side of the train car.

Monongah Overlook

Monongah Overlook - Map Location
Monongah Overlook – Map Location

Monongah Overlook is east of Ingram Mansion and southwest of Monongah Mine. It’s in the Savage Divide region.

Take the spawn point and head west towards the stairs in the distance. You’ll pass a sign for Monongah Overlook, a couple of porta-potties, and a rusted van. In front of you, the stairs lead to a small camp.

The Yao Guai that makes this camp his home should be easy to spot as he never goes far from this spot.

Phillipi Battlefield Cemetery

Philippi Battlefield Cemetery - Map Location
Philippi Battlefield Cemetery – Map Location

This cemetery is in the far north of the map in the Toxic Valley region. It is southeast of the Crashed Space Station and west of the Palace of the Winding Path.

When you take the spawn point, it puts you directly on the road. Head north to the far side of the large house. On the other side is a parking lot.

Our Yao Guai friend is chilling in the parking lot next to some cars. He is usually a level twenty-six.

One other thing to note, I’ve found that if you hang out in this location for a little bit, there are two wandering Yao Guai that will walk by on the road. Not consistently enough to say it’s guaranteed, but often enough that I felt it noteworthy. So there is the potential for three Yao Guai in this spot.

Miner’s Monument

Miner's Monument - Map Location
Miner’s Monument – Map Location

Miner’s Monument is in the Forest region just to the northeast of the Uncanny Caverns and southwest of the Whitesprings Resort. The place we’re looking for is in between the monument and the snake symbol on the map.

Spawn in at the monument and head directly east. Proceed past the Whitesprings robots towards a large rock outcropping. On the south side of the rocks, you’ll see a small cave entrance. Just inside, you’ll find a Yau Guai taking a nap. This spot has a better than average chance to be legendary as well. Don’t quote me on that.

Use Junk Extractors to Harvest Junk Piles For Springs

Using junk extractors in your camp or workshops is slow, but a somewhat passive way to acquire screws. The extractors do the dirty work of gathering junk, which includes screws while you’re out doing other things. It is not the fastest way, but it brings in a small trickle of screws, and every little bit helps.

Workshop Locations That Contain Junk Piles

There are a couple of workshops that contain junk piles. These are great if you either don’t want to put your camp down at a spot with a junk pile, or you just need a little extra pop in your screw collecting efforts.

Charleston Landfill

Charleston Landfill - Map Location
Charleston Landfill – Map Location

The Charleston Landfill is in the southern part of the Forest region right on the border with the Ash Heap. It is south across the river from the Poseidon Energy Plant and west of the AVR Medical Center.

This landfill has the distinction of being the only workshop to have three junk piles. Honestly, if you’re going to claim a workshop for the junk pile, this should be on your list.

It’s a low-level area, and the most you’ll face here are some Scorched, mongrels, and mole rats. It’s not beautiful by any means, but for screw production, this is the best of the workshop options by far. 

Gorge Junkyard

Gorge Junkyard - Map Location
Gorge Junkyard – Map Location

The Gorge Junkyard is in the Forest region of the map. It’s very near to Vault 76, which lies to the west of the junkyard. You’ll find Wilson Brother’s Auto repair to the north and Morgantown Trainyard to the east.

Like Charleston Landfill, is a low-level area. Most of your fights here will include robots, Scorched, and insects. In addition to the single junk pile, this location also has a black titanium deposit that you place an extractor.

As I stated before, if you’re claiming this workshop solely for screws, I would suggest taking the Charleston Landfill. Even better, claim them both.

Camp Locations That Contain Junk Piles

There are a ton of junk piles located around Appalachia that you can use to collect screws. Below is a small sample of them. I’ll write a separate guide on where to find them all. For now, here are some of my favorites.

Morgantown Trainyard

Junk Pile Near Morgantown Trainyard
Junk Pile Near Morgantown Trainyard

Morgantown Trainyard is in the Forest east of Vault 76. Morgantown Station is to the north, and Mama Dolce’s Food Processing is to the east.

From the trainyard spawn point, head southwest for about two hundred meters. You’re looking for one the spot where the orange train bridge crosses the road. The junk pile is right next to the road on the north side.

It’s is a beautiful low-level camp that any character, regardless of level, should be able to maintain.

Pleasant Valley Station

Junk Pile Near Pleasant Valley Station
Junk Pile Near Pleasant Valley Station

Pleasant Valley Station is a little way to the east of the Top of the World and north of Beckwith Farm. It’s in the Savage Divide region of the map.

This one is super easy to find — drop-In from the spawn point and head south. The junk pile itself is about seventy-five meters from the spawn point. Cross the road to the south from the station, and you should find it no problem.

The location itself is a beautiful, nicely wooded area. One significant benefit of this spot is the fact that there is a trainyard with a vendor to sell your stuff to just across the road. That will come in handy should you choose to place your camp here.

Big Maw

Junk Pile Near Big Maw
Junk Pile Near Big Maw

Big Maw is in the Mire region of the map. You’ll find it northeast of Berkeley Springs and southwest of the Treehouse Village. It is an enormous hole with monsters in it. You can’t miss it.

To find the junk pile nearby head to the south from the spawn point. It’s about one hundred fifty meters. You’ll know you’re close when you see a rock wall with an electrical tower breaking up the landscape.

The setting itself is beautiful when it’s not dark and foggy, which isn’t very often. The rock wall creates a lovely backdrop for your camp. You’ve got enough flat-ish ground to work with to create an excellent base.

South Mountain Lookout – Close

Junk Pile Near South Mountain Lookout - Close
Junk Pile Near South Mountain Lookout – Close

South Mountain Lookout is in the Savage Divide region to the west of the Monorail Elevator and south of the Spruce Knob. This location has the distinction of having two junk piles nearby. Note, in the case of the second one, nearby is a relative term.

Take the spawn point and head southeast past the lookout tower itself. Once you’re past the tower, you should be able to see the yellow bits of the junk pile off in the distance. In total, it is eighty-five meters from the spawn point.

This location is excellent and has some pretty incredible views to the east. The ground is flat enough to work with, and did I mention the views? One of the sights is of the next junk pile, which you can see from the edge of the cliff.

South Mountain Lookout – Far

Junk Pile Near South Mountain Lookout - Far
Junk Pile Near South Mountain Lookout – Far

Now on to the second junk pile. This one is not that close, but this is the closest spawn point and landmark that you can easily from that you’ll be able to get to the junk pile.

Finding the junk pile is not super challenging because it sits at the base of an enormous monorail structure that juts into the sky. The tricky part is getting to it.

Start from the spawn point and head to the east. It’ll be necessary to scale down a cliff face to get there, though. Take it slow and look for the small ledges that you can land on, and you’ll be fine.

As I said, you’ll have no problem finding it. Look for the lone monorail structure, and you’ll find the junk pile at its base.

The location is beautiful and super remote. It’s not a locale that is going to see a lot of foot traffic, but it is a uniquely beautiful area in the game for camping.

Garrahan Mining Headquarters

Junk Pile Near Garrahan Mining Headquarters
Junk Pile Near Garrahan Mining Headquarters

The headquarters for Garrahan Mining is in the southern section of the Ash Heap region. The Garrahan and Hornwright Estates are in the north and northeast, respectively.

To find the junk pile take the spawn point and mostly east and a little south. When you see the junked out bus, you’re there. The junk pile is directly adjacent to the north of the bus. In total, it’s about sixty-five meters from the spawn point.

I’m not a fan of the Ash Heap for building. I like pretty areas, but one benefit of this location is that there are likely a lot of resource veins that you can harvest.

Buy Springs From NPC Vendors or Other Players

This last method is a bit of a no-brainer, but I think people forget that it’s an option. You can buy bulk springs from the robot vendors at the train stations.

Bulk springs scrap down into ten actual springs. They will run you about one hundred seventy-five caps. You can get that down with high charisma or with different chems and perks. The beauty is there are tons of train stations all over the map, and they should all have springs.

Purchasing from vendors or other players is a great way to get just a couple springs fast when you need them, or if you’ve got caps burning a hole in your vault suit, then you have the option to purchases hundreds.

That’s going to do it for this guide. We’ve covered the four main ways that you can use to get screws in Fallout 76. I hope that this was useful to you. If so, be sure to check out my other guides.


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