Fallout 76 Firecap Locations

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Firecaps are large fiery-looking mushrooms growing on the forest floor of Appalachia. They’re used in several food buffs and disease cures. I can show you all the best locations to find Firecaps in Fallout 76.

Firecaps are found primarily in the Forest region of Appalachia. Often you’ll find them growing out of fallen trees and logs. Large quantities of Firecaps appear near Slocum’s Joe, Gauley Mine, Gorge Junkyard, Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center, and the Monorail Elevator.

In my years spent in Appalachia, I’ve gathered thousands of Firecaps. Below I’ll show you where to find them in each location to get you all the Firecaps you need.

Fallout 76 FIRECAP Locations (Best FIRECAP Farm) Easy to Follow

Slocum’s Joe

Slocum’s Joe is in the Forest region of the map. It is a short distance to the southeast from Vault 76. Gauley Mine is to the northeast, and the Wayward is down the road to the southwest.

Take the spawn point and head directly north. You’ll see a broken-down bus on the side of the road. 

  • Near the bus is a log with up to three Firecaps. 
  • Moving to the north along the side of the river will lead you to another fallen log. It has as many as two Firecaps growing out of it.
  • Near the pile of tires, on the south side of the Slocum’s Joe, is another potential spawn for Firecaps.
  • Head south from the tires towards a house, and there will be one or two Firecaps in the small field before the house.
  • Continuing to the south towards the house, you will find up to four Firecap spawns around the exterior of the yard.
  • The rest of this farming route will have you following the train tracks just east of the house. Follow them north past Gauley mine and two bridges. Make sure to keep scanning to the east and west on either side of the tracks for Firecaps.

Running this route, I’ve found as few as twelve Firecaps and as many as twenty-four Firecaps. With the Green Thumb perk equipped, it’s a good haul either way.

Gauley Mine

Gauley Mine - Map Location
Gauley Mine – Map Location

Gauley Mine is located near Slocum’s Joe in the Forest region. So close that I usually run this route as a continuation of my Slocum’s Joe route. Either way, continuing from the Slocum’s Joe route or taking the waypoint will put you in front of Gauley Mine, facing an old train car.

The basic premise for the Gauley Mine route is that you will run along the train tracks, initially heading north while keeping an eye on the road to the west and the mountain to the east. You’ll do this until reaching the second bridge along the tracks. Firecaps will spawn in several places along this route.

[Write the bulleted list of spawn points after doing multiple recordings and match them up with the spliced-together recording]

Gorge Junkyard

Gorge Junkyard - Map Location
Gorge Junkyard – Map Location

The Gorge Junkyard is in the Forest near the junction of I-59 and Highway 64. It is south of Wilson Brother’s Auto Repair.

To the south of the junkyard is a small loop created by the river and Highway 64. Inside and immediately around this loop are up to eight potential spawn locations for Firecaps. 

Like other sites, it is rare for all the spawns to be active at once. Still, when included with the Gauley Mine and Slocum’s Joe areas, you can pull in many Firecaps in a relatively small area. Also, note that these are all affected by Green Thumb, so there is no reason not to double your output.

Vault-tec Agricultural Research Center

Vault-Tec Agricultural Center - Map Location
Vault-Tec Agricultural Center – Map Location

The Vault-tec Agricultural Research Center is in the Forest region. It is west of Flatwoods, right along the river banks. Take the spawn point and head around the back of the large building, where you’ll find three greenhouses.

  • Enter the building through the door in the back of the easternmost greenhouse. This first room has a couple of planter boxes that are possible spawn locations for Firecaps. 
  • Exit the room through the door in the north and continue into the next room towards the north. There is another planter in this room that may have Firecaps.
  • Exit this room through the hole in the eastern wall, then hang a left down the stairs. Head through the double doors on the south wall that leads to a large flooded room. There are two dirt-filled planters, and one is a large sifting table. Each may spawn multiple Firecaps.

It should be noted that the Green Thumb perk has no effect on the Firecaps within the agricultural center. Unsure if this is a bug or if it is working as intended.

Monorail Elevator

Monorail Elevator - Map Location
Monorail Elevator – Map Location

The Monorail Elevator is in the Savage Divide region. It’s on the border with the Cranberry Bog north of the Lucky Hole mine.

Taking the spawn point drops you in, facing southwest. You’ll see four giant pylons supporting the monorail. Around the backside of the southwestern tower is a scene with a skeleton in a lawn chair smoking a cigar. The basket at the skeleton’s feet contains two to eight Firecaps.


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