Fallout 76 Hemlock Holes Maintenance Workshop Guide

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Hemlock Holes Maintenance is a workshop in the northern part of the Toxic Valley Region. It’s just east of the Hemlock Hole golf course and southwest of Wavy Willard’s.

The best feature of the Hemlock Holes Maintenance Workshop is the fact that it has three acid deposits. You can setup collectors that will run and collect up to ninety waste acid in thirty real-world minutes.

This workshop is the maintenance yard for the nearby golf course. There are several shipping containers and a couple of truck trailers. If you’re looking for actual items to loot, you’re going to want to head over to the golf course gift shop, but we’ll cover that a little later.

Claim Workshop at Hemlock Holes Maintenance

When you first show up at this location, you’ll get a mission to claim the workshop. To complete the quest, you’ll need to clear the area of all enemies. Lucky for you, the enemies here are easily defeated. I’ve found at most there will be four Feral Ghouls. Many times there will be no enemies at all, leaving the workshop there for you to claim.

Once you have taken the workshop, you’ll receive a plan to create items in your camp or workshop. I’ve got a lot of information about that in a little bit. 

This quest also grants you the ability to build in this area. That includes resource extractors and generators that you’ll need to be able to take advantage of the resource and mineral deposits at this location. First, you’ll likely need to defend your position from incoming waves of bad guys.

Defend Hemlock Holes Maintenance

Within the first couple of minutes of claiming the workshop, you should get another quest titled Defend Hemlock Holes Maintenance. The defend quest is a little more involved and can be difficult if lower-level.

You’re now going to face up to four waves of creatures. The number of enemies, the number of groups, and even the types of monsters themselves are somewhat random.

I ran through the defense quest twenty-five times for this article to gather some data on how often we could expect each type of creature. Below is a quick 

CreatureAvg # of WavesAvg Creatures Per WaveSpawn Chance
Feral Ghouls38.524%
Rad Rats29.820%
Super Mutants28.212%
Mole Rats2104%

You can tell from the table above that ferals, and rad rats are the most common enemies you will face while defending the workshop. I wish the Anglers had shown up more often. The quantities of them that show up make them a decent source of adhesive and asbestos. Probably worth a couple of minutes to take the workshop to see if you get waves of Anglers.

Plans For Claiming or Defending Hemlock Holes Maintenance

When you claim or defend a workshop, you get a plan that allows you to build different items in your camp or workshop. While running through the claim and defense quests twenty-five times each, I kept track of which plans I got each time.

The table below represents each plan I got and whether I received it from a claim or defense quest. I assume both claim and defense use the same loot table, but I decided to separate that in case they are different.

Plan NameClaimDefense
Plan: Backyard Grill01
Plan: Bathroom Toilet02
Plan: Bathtub01
Plan: Cigarette Machine10
Plan: Domestic Tables20
Plan: Double Display Shelf01
Plan: Dressers21
Plan: Dumpster01
Plan: File Cabinets21
Plan: Footlocker10
Plan: High-Tech Table10
Plan: Ice Machine02
Plan: Kitchen Chairs11
Plan: Large Toolbox01
Plan: Lion Statues10
Plan: Metal Box01
Plan: Metal Diner Doors10
Plan: Metal Stools10
Plan: Metal Tables20
Plan: Military Cot10
Plan: Modern Couches11
Plan: Modern Kitchen Tables02
Plan: News Stand01
Plan: Office Couches10
Plan: Office Desk01
Plan: Painted Wooden Doors01
Plan: Park Grill01
Plan: Pianos01
Plan: Rug01
Plan: Rug Set 210
Plan: Table Lamps01
Plan: Trash Can11
Plan: Welcome Mats10
Plan: Wood Tables11
Plan: Wooden Patio Chair10
Plan: Wooden Shack Doors10
Plan: Wooden Stool10

Resources Available at Hemlock Holes Maintenance

The most significant draw to Hemlock Holes Maintenance is by far the fact that it has three acid deposits. There are also gold and crystal deposits that you can take advantage of, and you might as well while you’re here.

To take advantage of the resources here, you’ll need to build a resource extractor and supply it with ten electricity. That’s for each deposit that you want to exploit.

Each resource takes a different amount of time to collect a single unit. Also, each resource collector can only obtain a certain amount of a particular mineral. The chart below details how much of each resource can be collected and how long it takes to become full. The table will also tell you how often to return to camp to empty your collectors.

Resource NameMax CapacityTime to Max CapacityTime Per Unit
Waste Acid1030 mins3 mins
Gold Scrap1442 mins3 mins
Raw Crystal2060 mins3 mins

If you take advantage of all three of the acid collectors, you can collect sixty waste acid per hour. That is assuming that you return to empty the collectors every thirty minutes.

Grafton Monster Near Hemlock Holes

Snallygasters Fighting Grafton Monster
Snallygasters Fighting Grafton Monster

If the three acid deposits are the main draw for you to come to Hemlock Holes Maintenance, I have another acid-related bonus that you’re sure to want to hit.

If you look to the southwest just past the power sub-station, you’ll find a guaranteed spawn for a Grafton Monster. There is also a decent chance for two Snallygasters. You’ll probably want to check that first upon arrival at the workshop. If they meet, they’ll fight, and you’ll miss out on the acid that they all drop.

The Grafton Monster will always be there unless someone else has already taken care of it, but the Snallygasters are a random spawn and won’t always be there.

Plastic at the Hemlock Holes Golf Course

I’ve got one last thing to note about this area. Looking directly to the west, you should see the actual golf course. The building there consists of a gift shop and a small diner.

If you head into the gift shop, you’ll find a lot of golf balls and clubs inside. It makes sense since this is the gift shop for a golf course. Make sure to check the golf bags that are standing around as well. They have a good chance of having golf clubs inside.

Between the haul of golf balls and clubs, you should find around fifteen to twenty plastic after you’ve scrapped down everything. Remember to break down the clubs separately as they are technically a weapon.


If you’re looking for acid, this is a great location. There are acid deposits that you can harvest using resource extractors, not to mention the acid toting creatures that spawn nearby. Putting out a very minimal amount of effort will produce a healthy sum of acid.


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