Fallout 76 Deathclaw Locations: A Detailed Farming Guide

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Deathclaws are one of the most fearsome creatures in the entire Fallout universe. They are definitely not to be taken lightly, but if you’re set on farming Deathclaws, then you’re in the right place. I’ll show you all the guaranteed spawn locations as well as some other tips and tricks for farming them.

You are guaranteed to find Deathclaws at the following locations:

Location Name# of DeathclawsLevel of DeathclawsMap Region
Deathclaw Island121The Forest
Abandoned Waste Dump241The Mire
Hopewell Cave191Savage Divide
Archery Set121The Forest
Thunder Mountain Sub Station TM-02141 – 91Cranberry Bog

The Abandoned Waste Dump is especially useful due to there being two Deathclaws really close together, but that can be fought separately.

Guaranteed Deathclaw Locations and Spawns

Fallout 76 Top 6 Deathclaw Locations

If you only needed the locations, the table above should get you started. Still, if you need more information, we’ll cover each site in detail below. All of the locations I’m detailing below are guaranteed to spawn at least one Deathclaw. I’ll cover other places where they can appear that are more random later in this post.

Deathclaw Island

Deathclaw Island - Map Location
Deathclaw Island – Map Location

You can find Deathclaw Island on the western side of Appalachia. It sits in the middle of the river that flows from north to south.

Look to the west of the Tyler County Fairground and to the north of the Black Mountain Ordnance Works, and you’ll see a small island in the middle of the river.

  • Map Region: The Forest
  • Number of Deathclaws: 1
  • Level Range: Level 21

There is a nest on the northern side of the island where the Deathclaw will spawn when you approach. That is if it hasn’t already been killed or generated.

The really nice thing about this spot is that it will always spawn a level 21 Deathclaw. This means that even relatively low-level characters can get involved in farming Deathclaws.

Don’t forget to check the nest for extra Deathclaw Eggs if you’re into that sort of thing.

Abandoned Waste Dump

Abandoned Waste Dump - Map Location
Abandoned Waste Dump – Map Location

The Abandoned Waste Dump rests deep within the Mire on the eastern side of the map. You’ll find it just north of Tanagra Town and to the northeast of Harper’s Ferry.

  • Map Region: The Mire
  • Number of Deathclaws: 2
  • Level Range: Level 41

For farming Deathclaws this spot is exceptional since you’re guaranteed to find two Deathclaws within seconds of each other but can be taken individually.

Once inside, move past the barrels that look like they should be irradiated, but aren’t. Head through the two sets of broken security doors into the cave network. If you’re a stealth build, it’s time to be sneaky.

The first one is usually just past the second door. Move around to the south to find a clearing in the cave where the second one is typically asleep. It seems that both the Deathclaws that spawn in the cave are level forty-one.

Similar to Deathclaw Island, there are nests in the cave network that you can find Deathclaw Eggs and other exciting things.

Hopewell Cave

Hopewell Cave - Map Location
Hopewell Cave – Map Location

Hopewell Cave is in the northeast section of the map right on Highway 63 that runs north and south through the middle of the Savage Divide.

Up the road to the north you’ll find the Pumpkin House, and to the south are the Sons of Dane Compound and the Ammo Dump.

  • Map Region: Savage Divide
  • Number of Deathclaws: 1
  • Level Range: Level 91

If you take the spawn point, it puts you right in front of the cave. There are usually some mole rats or other lesser creatures to deal with amongst the rusted out cars.

Inside the cave towards the back, a level ninety-one Deathclaw will spawn when you get close enough to its nest if it hasn’t already. If you’re under-leveled, you’ll definitely want to be careful tackling this one. Small spaces and big high-level Deathclaws can be problematic.

Archery Set

Deathclaw Spawn Near The Archery Set
Deathclaw Spawn Near The Archery Set

This location is actually unmarked on the map, and it has, over time, come to be known as the Archery Set. It on the border between the Forest and Savage Divide regions. You can find it directly between the Top of the World and the White Powder Winter Sports locations.

  • Map Region: The Forest
  • Number of Deathclaws: 1
  • Level Range: Level 21

From the spawn point head directly east. You should see the top of a tall electrical tower coming up over the trees. That’s where we’re going. At the base of the tower are the archery targets and such that gave this location its name.

Now making your way south up the slope, you will come to the cliff face, and there you should encounter a level twenty-one Deathclaw. This one should always be level twenty-one as it is part of the Flavors of Mayhem quest.

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02 - Map Location
Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02 – Map Location

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02 is situated in the Cranberry Bog in the shadow of Watoga that lies to its south.

Looking to the north you’ll find Drop Site G3 and Quarry X3 to the northeast.

  • Map Region: Cranberry Bog
  • Number of Deathclaws: 1
  • Level Range: Level 41-91

This one is pretty straight forward. From the spawn point, you will likely see the Deathclaw locked in battle with various creatures. Usually Blood Bugs from my experience. I’ve never seen the Deathclaw lose, but I suppose it’s possible.

This one varies in level. I’ve seen it spawn as a level forty-one and a level ninety-one, with the latter being more frequent. It makes sense since this is the Cranberry Bog.

Random Deathclaw Locations and Spawns

We’ve covered locations that are guaranteed to have Deathclaws, but other places have a chance of spawning them as well. I’ve fully vetted all these locations and will provide some data to help determine how often you can expect to find our scary friends, the Deathclaw.

Tanagra Town

Tanagra Town - Map Location
Tanagra Town – Map Location

Tangra Town is located in the Mire region of the map south of the Abandoned Waste Dump and northeast of Haper’s Ferry across the river to the east.

If you’ve spent enough time on my site, you know, I love Tanagra Town. Up in the main tree, you’ll find a large group of Cave Crickets, but around the base of the tree, there is about a twenty-five percent chance that you’ll find a Deathclaw.

You may have to circle the base of the tree to find the Deathclaw or whatever else may have spawned there, but unless someone else killed it, you’d find a Deathclaw, Mega Sloth, or Fog Crawler.

Big B’s Rest Stop

Big B's Rest Stop - Map Location
Big B’s Rest Stop – Map Location

Big B’s Rest Stop is right on Highway 65 that runs from north and south through the Mire and the Cranberry Bog. It’s south of Harper’s Ferry and north of Camp Venture.

If you follow the highway towards the west until you reach the railway overpass, there is a chance to spawn an encounter that includes Deathclaws.

One scenario involves three super mutants and a Deathclaw. The super mutants will be arguing, as the Deathclaw saunters up, a battle ensues. You’ll have the opportunity to take out the super mutants first before the Deathclaw approaches.

The second scenario has an Albino Deathclaw with the remains of a traveling merchant caravan. The Deathclaw has a nest on the road. The bodies of the pack brahmin and the merchants are scattered nearby.

The likelihood of one of the Deathclaw scenarios spawning is actually pretty good. Definitely, an excellent spot to add to whatever farming route you have going on.


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