Fallout 76 Bloodleaf

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Bloodleaf is a crucial component in several early game healing consumables like disease cures and healing salves. I used to have trouble finding enough for my needs, but I’ve learned where to find it in great quantities.

Bloodleaf spawns along the banks of bodies of water. Searching the waterlines of rivers, creeks, and other flowing water sources will provide the best opportunity to find the greatest number of Bloodleaf plants.

I’ve found a lot of places to find Bloodleaf in my travels all over Appalachia. I’ll show you areas that can be accessed from very early in the game to some that will need to wait until your character gains a few levels.

The Wayward

The Wayward is one of the first places you’ll come to after leaving Vault 76. It’s to the southeast of the Wixon Homestead and northeast of Flatwoods.

Head to the bridge near The Wayward and drop down to the river bed. Turn to the southwest and follow the creek to the bridge at the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center. Along the way, I was able to spot twenty-four Bloodleaf plants.


Helvetia is in the Forest region of the map east of Sutton and west of Horizon’s Rest. Many will know it as the home of the Fasnacht event.

There is a creek that runs along the east hand side of the town. It runs down to the dried-up lake near Summersville.

While making the run along the creekbed from Helvetia to Summersville, I average about eighteen plants per run. The only real opposition that I ran into is some feral ghouls near Tygart Water Treatment.

Spruce Knob Lake

Spruce knob Lake is a shallow lake in the Savage Divide just south of Foundation. The fact that it’s a shallow lake is what allows it to be useful for Bloodleaf farming.

There are many shallow areas in the center of the lake that allows for Bloodleaf to take hold. When skirting the shoreline and the more interior parts of the lake, I was able to find seventeen Bloodleaf plants.

Be prepared. There are a lot of Mirelurks at this location that you’ll have to take out. Also, the Mirelurk Queen is likely to make an appearance. Quite the surprise when you’re not expecting it.

There was also a small channel on the northeast side that winds away east towards the mountains, but I was only to find five more plants there. Most of those were near the end guarded by Mirelurks. It might be useful if you’re in the mood for seafood. Otherwise, it’s likely not worth the effort.

Hillfolk Hotdogs

Hillfolk Hotdogs is a food trailer on the western edge of the Forest. It’s to the west of the Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm and Poseidon Power Substation PX-01.

Head west towards the river. I like to shoot a little south of Hillfolk Hotdogs and scour the banks heading north. I’ll go as far as Hunter’s Ridge on the map. I average twenty-four Bloodleaf plants per run. Most of those are going to be closer to the hotdog stand.

Excelsior Model Home

The Excelsior Model Home is in the swampy Mire region of the map. You’ll find it to the west of the Thunder Mountain Power Plant and northeast of Dolly Sods Wilderness.

I find it to be more challenging to find Bloodleaf plants in the Mire. It’s darker and being that it’s a swamp doesn’t have as well defined shore areas.

Still, with all the wet areas, there are quite a few plants to be found. Focus your search on the front and back of the house, and you should turn up over ten plants.

Alpine River Cabins

Alpine River Cabins is in the Forst just to the northeast of Hillfolk Hotdogs. The Mothman Museum is to the west and the Wixon Homestead to the east.

This location’s proximity to Hilkfolk Hotdogs makes it an excellent place to add on to a quick farm route. Head to the west of the cabin area, and you’ll find a small pond and a larger one. The small pond will yield five Bloodleaf plants while the larger nine.

There is a small stream that leads southwest out of the larger pond down to the main river. If you follow that, it will net you another six plants.

Toxic Dried Lakebed

The Toxic Dried Lakebed is in the central part of the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia. You’ll find it south of Wavy Willard’s and northeast of Grafton.

Any place with a lake in its name, you can probably assume it is going to be a nice place for Bloodleaf plants. It’s no different in this case. If you head to the edge of the lake and then circle the entire thing, it will get you about twenty-five Bloodleaf plants.

You should note that there is a Mirelurk Queen that lives in the lake. You won’t see her at first. When you get close enough, she’ll make her presence know and felt if you’re not careful.

Lake Elouise

Lake Elouise is in the far southern portion of the Savage Divide. It is south of the South Mountain Lookout and east of Vault 96.

This location is a large shallow lake. This area doesn’t contain a lot of enemies. I have seen some floaters, but that’s about it. If you run the shorelines around the lake, you should be able to find about twenty Bloodleaf plants.

Be careful. If you go too far to the southeast, you’ll run into a fissure site nearby.

Site Alpha

The infamous Site Alpha is in the Savage Divide north of National Isolated Radio Arry and east of Big Fred’s BBQ Shack.

Site Alpha on the surface is just a small shack with a small pond in front of it. If you head to the northern part of the pond, you should easily find the four Bloodleaf plants near the shore.

Don’t mind Fluffy, the resident Yao Guai that makes the pond him home.

Gnarled Shallows

The Gnarled Shallows is in the Mire section of the Savage Divide. You’ll find it in the far northeast corner of Appalachia. Abbie’s Bunker is to the west, and the Thunder Mountain Power Plant is south down the road.

This spot is home to a trio of Anglers and many more Bloodleaf plants. Start your search near the main tree where the Anglers spawn. You should find about eight plants around the tree directly. Then expand your search to the surrounding pools and swampy ponds to find another eight plants.

Pleasant Valley Station

Pleasant Valley Station is in the Savage Divide right next to the Top of the World. It’s right in the center of the map with Beckwith Farm to the south.

If you head directly southeast across the road from the train station, you will come to a pond. Search the shores of the pond and then follow any channels you find in the area. After just a minute or two, I was able to locate twelve plants, but there are many channels that I didn’t explore that will undoubtedly reveal more Bloodleaf.


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