Top 10 Plastic Farming Locations in Fallout 76

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Plastic is an essential resource in Fallout 76. It is used to “bulk” your scrap, which saves you on the all-important stash space. Bulking your scrapped items also allows you to sell it to vendors for a nice profit.

The best way to farm a lot of plastic is to go to Morgantown High School and gather all the plastic pumpkins, plastic plates, golf balls, and bowling pins scattered throughout the school. Then take them to a workbench and scrap them.

How to Get Tons of Plastic and Where to Get it

While I feel that Morgantown Highschool is consistently the best location for people of any level, it is also one of the most popular places for plastic farming. As a result, you may have to server hop a few times to find it not looted. For that reason, I present to you the Top 13 Plastic Farming Locations in Fallout 76!

For those that aren’t interested in reading the whole post, here’s a quick chart detailing what you’ll get from each location. For those that want all the information for each area, you’ll want to keep reading.

LocationTypical YieldItemsWhere to Go
Morgantown High School100+Plastic Pumpkins, Plastic Plates, Plastic Spoons, Plastic Forks, Plastic Knives, Golf Balls, Bowling PinsGymnasium and the Cafeteria
Crazy Cat Lady House56Cat BowlsMain Floor
Bolton Greens55+Pool Balls, Golf Balls, Golf Clubs, Life PreserversMain House, Backyard
Watoga High School80+Plastic Plates, Plastic Spoons, Plastic Forks, Plastic KnivesCafeteria, Seating Area
Whitesprings Resort50+Golf Balls, Golf ClubsPutting Area
Fort Defiance40+Pool Balls, Plastic Plates, Plastic Spoons, Plastic ForksKitchen, Pool Table Room
Tyler County Fairgrounds40+Toy Rocketships, Toy Aliens, Bowling Pins, Golf Balls, Nuka-Cola Cup and Straws, IV Bags, Plastic Pumpkins, Plastic PlatesCarnival Games Spots, Med Shack, Food Shacks, Garage
Ohio River Adventures20+Life PreserversMain House, Dock, Boat
Helvetia31Pool Balls, Kitchen ScalePool Table in Red Brick House
Hemlock Holes20+Golf Balls, Golf ClubsPicnic Tables, Main House, Backyard

Morgantown High School

Morgantown High School - Map Location
Morgantown High School – Map Location

Just in the gymnasium alone, you’ll find the equivalent of over sixty-five plastic. That’s in the first room inside the door if you enter through the back! On a full run through the school, I usually pull over one hundred and ten plastic. 

The two primary locations for plastic are the gymnasium and the cafeteria. The cafeteria contains what you would expect to find where you eat. Be on the lookout for plastic plates and eating utensils. Don’t forget the cafeteria trays. They’re made of plastic, but unfortunately, the tv dinner trays are not. In the gym, you’ll find several different types of plastic items including, plastic plates, golf balls, bowling pins, and plastic pumpkins.

As you move through the school between these two spots, keep your eyes open for plastic pumpkins. You’ll find them littering the hallways and on top of lockers.

Crazy Cat Lady House

Crazy Cat Lady House - Map Location
Crazy Cat Lady House – Map Location

No trip to Morgantown on a plastic run would be complete without a stop by what we in Appalachia call the Crazy Cat Lady House. You’ll see why when you get there. Leaving Morgantown High School head southwest towards an electrical tower. From there, head directly south towards a house off in the distance.

Littering this tiny house, you’ll find stacks of cat bowls in the living room and kitchen areas on the main floor. All totaled, I usually end up with twenty-eight cat bowls when I hit this spot. That’s a total of fifty-six plastic in about thirty seconds. For efficiency, you can’t beat the Crazy Cat Lady House.

Note that there are three cat bowls upstairs, but I have never been able to loot them, and I’m pretty sure Bethesda put them there just to mess with us. Just kidding. They wouldn’t do that. Or would they!?!?

Bolton Greens

Bolton Greens - Map Location
Bolton Greens – Map Location

From the Crazy Cat Lady House head directly south and you’ll see a large brick building. Welcome to Bolton Greens. This golf course is usually loaded with Scorched. They’re low level and generally not an issue.

Heading in through the main entrance, you’ll see a small room with a blue door. Inside you’ll find a pool table with a full set of pool balls. There is also an indoor pool area that contains five life preservers. Other than the pool table and indoor swimming pool, the house itself doesn’t yield much plastic. You’ll find an enamel bucket on the first floor, a couple of plastic pumpkins on the second floor.

Outside in the back, there is a table with three baskets, each containing five golf balls. They may have spilled, but they’re there if you look around. If you look around the rest of the grounds, you’ll find a few enameled buckets and some golf bags with some golf balls and tees.

These first three locations are my regular route and will easily yield over two hundred plastic for five to ten minutes of work. Let’s continue to some of my other favorite locations for plastic.

Watoga High School

Watoga High School - Map Location
Watoga High School – Map Location

Entering through the main lobby, you’ll see a giant lion statue on the other side of the room. On the other side of the lion, go through the doorway in the cafeteria seating area. This is what you seek.

In the seating area, check all the tables for plastic plates and utensils. Most of the tables will have at least one set. Ensure that you check the floor too as nuclear holocaust has a tendency to displace small items.

Continuing to the south end of the seating area, you’ll see a doorway on the left that leads into the cafeteria proper. Inside you’ll find more plastic plates and utensils. Between these two spots within Watoga High School, they will yield over eighty plastic.

Whitesprings Resort

Whitespring Resort - Map Location
Whitespring Resort – Map Location

From the Whitesprings Resort spawn point, go into the main entrance. Once inside, go through the doorway on the left up a small set of stairs. Go through the door at the top of the stairs. Take an immediate left and go through the archway in front of you. Turn to the right and head straight down the long hallway ahead of you. Go until you find the Summit Room sign over the doorway on your right. Exit through one of the doors in this room, and it will deposit you directly on the putting area.

Coming around from the east side of the Whitesprings Resort, you’ll find a small putting area. This spot to absolutely littered with golf balls. After just a minute or two of searching the grass, I was able to locate over forty golf balls. Be sure to check the green baskets as they are likely to have a few as well.

Make sure to loot the golf clubs that are scattered around as well. When you scrap these, they will yield one plastic each. With all the golf balls and golf clubs, this single spot yields over fifty plastic in just a minute or two. Even better is there aren’t any enemies to deal with as the robots patrolling the area will take care of all hostiles.

Fort Defiance

Fort Defiance - Map
Fort Defiance – Map

Fort Defiance is in the southwest corner of the map in the Cranberry Bog. You’ll find Watoga to the east and the Lucky Hole Mine to the west. Vault 76 is far to the northwest if you need that as a reference.

While Fort Defiance has a lot of stuff to loot, the plastic we seek is located on the fourth floor. To get to the fourth floor, you’ll need to complete the quests required to join the Brotherhood of Steel.

Enter Fort Defiance from the from and go through the large metal door doors on the left side of the entrance hallway. Take an immediate right into a small kitchen area. Turning again to the right will lead you to an elevator. Enter the elevator and head up to the fourth floor.

Turning immediately to your left, you’ll see a hallway with several doors. The first door on your left contains a pull table. Gather all the pool balls. Make sure to check the floor as sometimes the balls will fall off the table.

Back in the main hallway at the end, you’ll come to a small kitchen and dining area. On the tables, you’ll find place settings of plastic plates, plastic forks, and plastic spoons. Combined with the pool balls, this should yield forty plastic. There will most definitely be more plastic in Fort Defiance, but it will require a lot more work than this quick forty plastic.

Ohio River Adventures

Ohio River Adventures - Map Location
Ohio River Adventures – Map Location

Located on the southwest of the map right on the river that runs north-south on the map. Kanagawa Nuka-Cola Plant is to the southeast. This area consists of a small dock with a boat tied to it and a couple of shacks. 

I usually find feral ghouls in this location but have seen Scorched as well. There are only a couple and always low-level, so they are not a problem.

Searching the main shack, dock area, and the boat should yield eleven life preservers an enameled bucket, and if you’re lucky, a couple of other items in the containers. The yield for this location is usually between twenty to thirty plastic.

Tyler County Fairgrounds

Tyler County Fairgrounds - Map Location
Tyler County Fairgrounds – Map Location

The Tyler County Fairground is in the very far northwest section of the map. It is effortless to spot as it will have a giant Ferris wheel marking its location on the map.

This location is a little more spread out than I like for a farming location, but there is enough plastic material here to make it worth it. 

Near some of the carnival game stations, you’ll find bowling pins and golf balls. Additionally, the prizes in those areas are toy rocketships and toy aliens. Each of which will give you two plastic.

Near the food shacks, there will be a few Nuka Cola cups with straws. Note that the ones that don’t saw with straw will not yield any plastic.

There is a medical shack that will provide a few IV bags, and a larger garage-looking building will offer some plastic pumpkins and plates. In all, you should be able to locate about forty-five units of plastic from this location.


Helvetia - Map Location
Helvetia – Map Location

Helvetia is a small town that is a short distance to the southeast of Vault 76. It neighbors Sutton to the southwest.

On the road that runs east-west through the middle of Helvetia, there’s a larger red barn-looking house. Directly inside the house on the main floor is a pool table with a full set of pool balls. There are a total of sixteen. The eight ball and the cue ball only produce one plastic while the rest produce two.

In the kitchen, just off the main room with the pool table, there is a food dehydrator that will provide you with one more plastic. That’s a total of thirty-one plastic for all most no work.

There are quite a few Scorched that you will have to deal with, but they are always low-level. Even new characters should have no problems dispatching them.

Hemlock Holes

Hemlock Holes - Map Location
Hemlock Holes – Map Location

This golf course is located in the northern section of the map. It is between Clancy Manor of the west and Wavy Willard’s on the east.

If you head towards the main building, there will be picnic tables and tents outside. You’ll find a few miscellaneous plastic items on them.

Heading inside, you’ll want to scour the room for golf balls and golf clubs. Make sure to check the many golf bags in the room as they are containers and may yield more golf balls. On and around the main counter is where the majority of the golf balls will be.

If you’re really wanting to scour the area head out through the back door. The area laid out ahead of you is actually a golf course, although it looks like a wasteland now. There will be more golf balls and clubs near the golf carts. Again, make sure to check the golf bags.

You should net about twenty to thirty total plastic from this location if you search the whole area. I usually just do the main building and hit about twenty.

Other Note-Worthy Locations

Here are a couple of additional locations that I discovered in my research. You might want to add to your route if they’re convenient. They generally don’t yield as much plastic, but they’re effortless locations to work if you happen to be nearby.

  • Autumn Acres Cabin – Eight plastic plates are chilling in the sink of this cabin.
  • Green Country Lodge – Four life preservers by the pool.
  • Lewisburg – Fourteen plastic plates and two Nuka-Cola Cup and Straw.


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