How to Move Your Camp in Fallout 76

Approx Reading Time: 3 minutes

You’ve had the same camp for the first fifty levels, and it’s okay, but now that you’ve seen more of Appalachia and know a few things, it’s time to move. A lot of people don’t know how to move their camp. We’re going to fix that right now. Picking up and moving is super simple.

To move your camp in Fallout 76 complete these steps:

  1. Go to the new location where you want to place your camp.
  2. Open your Pip-Boy [PC=TAB, XB1=B, PS4=Circle]
  3. Choose “Move Camp” [PC=Z, XB1=Left Bumper, PS4=L1]
  4. Using your mouse or controller, choose the exact placement for your new camp.
  5. Confirm the new placement of your camp [PC=Enter, XB1=A, PS4=X].

That’s really all there is to it. Click a couple of buttons. You’re now living in a different radiation torn section of Appalachia. Please don’t feel bad that you didn’t figure it out. While it’s easy to do, it’s definitely not apparent in the user interface.

Move Camp Menu
Move Camp Menu

With this knowledge in your toolbox. We should probably cover some more details that you’re going to want to know about relocating your camp.

What Happens To Your Old Stuff When You Move Your Camp?

When you move your camp, the system will create a blueprint of your current design. Other miscellaneous items will be stored for you to re-use on your new home, or you can scrap them to free up some camp budget.

So when you go to recreate your camp, you’ll find all your stuff in either the “Blueprint” or “Stored” tabs in the build menu. You can then start rebuilding with those items or scrap them if no longer needed.

That’s the good news. The bad news is you really don’t have a chance of being able to place any large blueprints down in your new home. It just won’t work. You’ll mostly have to rebuild your entire camp unless you planned some things out before moving.

Does It Cost Anything To Move Your Camp?

Yes. There is a small fee that comes along with moving your camp. The cost seems to be based on your character’s level in the game. For example, for my level 146 character, it costs forty caps to move his camp. While I have a level 26 character that requires a meer twenty-one caps to pick-up his.

There you have it. Moving your camp isn’t tricky. I hope this quick guide was useful. If so, take a peek at my other guides. Enjoy your travels in Appalachia.


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