How to Heal Radiation Damage in Fallout 76

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Radiation damage is a fact of life in Appalachia. Whether you’re wandering into the wrong areas, eating food and water or spending too much time with irradiated monsters. No matter what you do, you are going to have to deal with it and find ways of healing it.

The best way to heal radiation damage is by taking a dose of RadAway. A full treatment will heal three hundred radiation damage while a Diluted RadAway will heal one hundred and fifty points of radiation damage.

Methods For Healing Radiation Damage

RadAway is far from the only way to heal radiation damage. In this guide, we’ll cover other methods to remove radiation damage as well as ways to prevent some of it in the first place.

Use RadAway to Heal Radiation Damage

In Appalachia, it seems that radiation is everywhere. It seems that way because it is. Eat some food or drink some water and you take radiation damage. Wander to close to some barrels, and you take radiation damage. Fight a pack of ferals, and you take radiation damage when they hit you.

To deal with all that radiation, it’s a good idea to keep both RadAway and RadAway: Diluted on you at all times. I like to hotkey both versions so that I have easy access to them in an emergency. If you’re super desperate, you can use both the regular and diluted versions at the same time, and the benefits will stack. It will help you deal with that pack of feral ghouls that seem to be way sneakier than they should be and catch you off guard.

The funny thing about RadAway is that you can find it everywhere in-game, but I always seem to be running low. Here are some ways to get your hands on some RadAway.

Craft RadAway For Yourself

Crafting RadAway isn’t hard. The recipe is simple, but getting it at lower levels is not as easy. You can buy it from the White Springs Bunker is the medical bay. Some people have also reported getting it as a quest rewards from the power-up quests at the nuclear plants.

Once you have the recipe, it only requires the following ingredients to craft.

  • 2 Antiseptic
  • 1 Plastic
  • 1 Purified Water
  • 3 Glowing Fungus

Just go to a Chemistry station and combine the items to create RadAway. Note that to make RadAway: Diluted you mix RadAway and purified water, this will yield two RadAway: Diluted.

Buy RadAway From Vendors

There are many robot vendors scattered around the map that you can purchase RadAway from if you’re really in a jam. Check train stations and other miscellaneous vendors, and you’re likely to find both the standard and diluted forms of RadAway.

I don’t recommend purchasing your RadAway as a general rule. RadAway purchased from vendors is overpriced. If you’re in a jam, I feel like you’re better off spending those caps fast traveling to a known Decontamination Shower to heal your radiation damage.

Use a Decontamination Shower

A Decontamination Shower is an arch that when you pass through it heals radiation damage. It’s possible to go through multiple times to repair all of your radiation damage.

There is usually a button nearby that you must activate for the shower to work. You’ll notice a mist coming from the Decontamination Shower after you’ve activated it. Then you run through it several times, and your radiation damage melts away.

Decontamination Shower Locations

The most significant downsides to the Decontamination Shower are that you can’t take them with you and there is never one where you need it. Below are a few places that you’ll discover Decontamination Showers for your rad removal needs.

Emmett Mountain Disposal Site

Emmett Mountain Disposal Site - Map Location
Emmett Mountain Disposal Site – Map Location

This radioactive waste disposal site is a short distance to the east of the White Springs Resort. For reference Vault 76 in far to the northwest.

You’ll enter through the northwest side and make your way to a metal hangar looking building with a broad set of double doors. Beyond those doors is the entrance into the site. Note that this entire facility has radiation barrels scattered all over so you are going to take some radiation damage.

The Decontamination Shower is through the second door on the left as soon as you enter the main building. The button to activate it is on the left as you pass through the door. The most common opposition that I encounter here is feral ghouls. Sometimes Scorched and very rarely there will be mole miners.

Black Water Mines

Blackwater Mine - Map Location
Blackwater Mine – Map Location

The Black Water Mines are just to the east of the Whitespring Station. Coming in from the east side of the facility you’ll likely encounter mole miners at this location. They’re spaced pretty well so aren’t hard to defeat.

Move through the yard towards the metal building towards the rear of the facility. Inside through the second door on the right is the Decontamination Shower. The activation button is on the right-hand side as you enter the hallway.

West Tek Research Center

West Tek Research Center - Map Location
West Tek Research Center – Map Location

You’ll find the West Tek Research Center a short walk to the south of the National Isolated Radio Array. 

Starting from the east side of the facility go in through the nearest door facing south. Upon entering the facility, go through the door in the south wall of the room. On your right, go through the doorway into the room with the terminal. You’ll need to hack this to activate the Decontamination Shower which you’ll see just on the other side of the glass in this room.

I’ve never run into anything other than super mutants here — lots of super mutants. So come expecting a fight.

White Springs Bunker

Whitesprings Bunker - Map Location
Whitesprings Bunker – Map Location

The iconic Whitesprings Resort sits on top of the Whitesprings Bunker. Exiting the elevator on the third floor and moving over to the biometric scanner on the wall will reveal an entrance to the bunker.

You will have to have completed the Enclave quests to gain access to the bunker, but just inside this entrance is a Decontamination Shower. Activate the button on either end of the shower area to start the shower.

Sun Kissed Perk Card Heals Radiation Damage

Perk Card - Sun Kissed
Perk Card – Sun Kissed

The last method for healing radiation damage, but certainly not least is the Sun Kissed perk card. As a quality of life perk, this is pretty awesome. When running Sun Kissed in your build, it grants you gradual healing of your radiation damage during the daylight hours.

In addition, it has the benefit of not curing your mutations. So you can safely run this perk with anything except a low life build an effectively not worry about rad damage.

That covers it for healing radiation damage. I hope you found this information helpful.


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