How to Find, Farm, and Craft Fusion Cores in Fallout 76

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Fusion cores are a super hot commodity for those that love to roll through the wasteland in power armor with over-sized energy weapons. 

The easiest way to acquire a lot of fusion cores is to take over one of the workshops at Poseidon, Monongah, or Thunder Mountain energy plants. Then either complete the power-up quests or build enough generators to power the fusion core processors. They will produce about eight fusion cores per hour.

Here’s a list of the most useful ways to acquire fusion cores in Fallout 76:

  • Find fusion cores in power armor frames
  • Find fusion cores in fusion generators
  • Use the fusion core processors at the power plants
  • Craft fusion cores using a chemistry workbench
  • Destroy robots that drop fusion cores like Sentry Bots

This complete guide to Fallout 76 fusion cores will explain in detail all of these methods so you can begin to solve your fusion core problems.

Find Fusion Cores in Power Armor Frames

Fusion cores are pretty easy to find all over the map. They aren’t in vast quantities in any one location, but if you end up hitting just a few of these spots, you’ll have enough power cores to get you started.

The most likely reason you’re here is to learn how to get enough fusion cores to fuel your power armor. Power armor is pretty standard in Fallout 76, and it’s a good thing too. 

Whenever you find power armor out in the wasteland, there should be a fusion core that you can take. You may not need the suit itself, but you can surely use the fusion core. 

Keep reading to find a couple of my favorite power armor locations that are accessible early in the game. Each of these locations should have a set of power armor and a fusion core to go with it.

Morgantown Trainyard

Morgantown Trainyard - Map Location
Morgantown Trainyard – Map Location

The Morgantown Trainyard is just south of the Morgantown Station. The only opposition you should find here is some scorched. They are relatively easy to deal with even for brand new characters.

Directly between the two main buildings at the trainyard are two rail cars. Only one of them will be open to reveal a power armor frame inside. Note there is no power armor station with this one.

Aaronholdt Homestead

Aaronholdt Homestead - Map Location
Aaronholdt Homestead – Map Location

This farm is to the east of the West Virginia Lumber Company on the northern edge of the map. The only competition I’ve ever found here are scorched.

On the southern edge of the property is a small locked metal shed next to three silos. You’ll need either one level in lock picking skill or to find the key on Lowell Aaronholdt to the east from the shed in a bathtub.

Once you gain access to the shed, you’ll find a power armor frame inside that should contain a fusion core.

Silva Homestead

Location of Silva Homestead on the Map
Silva Homestead – Map Location

Silva Homestead is a pretty popular location. Especially if you like corn. That aside, if you look in the hangar-looking tractor barn you’ll find a power armor station. You should see a power armor frame there as well.

Note that I did have to server hop several times to get it to spawn. As I said, this is a popular place.

WV Lumber Co

West Virginia Lumber Co - Map Location
West Virginia Lumber Co – Map Location

If you like super mutants, I’ve got the place for you. Towards the northwest area on your map, you’ll find the West Virginia Lumber Company.

In a sizeable two-story metal barn positioned on the south side of the location, there are two power armor stations inside. There is a chance for a power armor frame to spawn at either. I’ve never seen it spawn at both locations at the same time, but I assume it is possible.

As I said, be careful, though. You will have to contend with the super mutants that live here.

Find Fusion Cores in Fusion Generators

Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant

Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant - Map Location
Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant – Map Location

If you enter the building from the floor access on the south side of the plant, you’ll emerge into a small room with a doorway on the left. Go through the door and continue left to a larger area with a yellow forklift and a sunken area with a door behind it. Go through that doorway. To your right, you will see two more doorways. Go through the one with the blue control panel. In this room, you’ll find the fusion generator with a fusion core.

There is rumored to be a Power Armor Frame located here as well. It is likely located somewhere behind the floor access panel on the roof. It requires level three lock picking to open it though.

Charleston Capitol Building

Charleston Capital Building - Map Location
Charleston Capitol Building – Map Location

Entering through the door on the roof, you will go down a couple of flights of stairs the drop you off in a hallway. Enter the doorway immediately to your right and continue circling to your left. Go through the entry directly to your left and continue down the stairs as far as you can go. Continue through the doorway at the bottom and then across through the next entry. There you’ll find the fusion generator with a fusion core.

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

Hornwright Industrial HQ - Map Location
Hornwright Industrial HQ – Map Location

While working through the Motherload quest in this building, you’ll gain access to the executive’s elevator in the main entry area.

Take the elevator to the top of the building. You’ll find two doorways with laser grids protecting the entrances. Take the one to the left, and at the top of a small set of stairs, you’ll find a fusion generator containing a fusion core.

Use the Fusion Core Processors at the Power Plants

There are three power plants in Fallout 76 each has a Fusion Core Processor. To take advantage of the fusion core processors, you must first take over the workshop. Once you have control of the workshop, you need to build enough generators to provide one hundred power to the processor.

The fusion core processors will generate eight fusion cores per hour. It’s a good idea to slap level three locks on them to prevent the odd passerby from taking off with your fusion cores. The fusion core processors are the most passive and easiest way to acquire large quantities of fusion cores.

It is not necessary to complete the power-up quests for the power plants, but in the early game, I recommend doing them as the plans to make the better generators are a reward for completing these quests.

Poseidon Nuclear Plant

Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - Map Location
Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 – Map Location

Poseidon is in the southwest section of the map west of Charleston. On the east side of the plant located near the two large cooling towers, you’ll find a power substation. Just outside the fenced area is the workshop.

Once you have control of the workshop, find the Fusion Core Processor on the north side of the substation right outside the fenced area. Don’t forget to grab the fusion core sitting on the table next to the processor. 

There is a lot of low-leveled scorched guarding this plant. They are easy to deal with even for a new player. It is only necessary to deal with the ones nearest to the workshop.

Monongah Power Plant

Monongah Power Plant - Map Location
Monongah Power Plant – Map Location

Monongah is near the center of the map a short distance southeast of Morgantown. The power substation is on the east side of the plant. In the northwest corner of the substation outside the fenced area, you’ll find the workshop.

The fusion core processor is in the southeast corner of the substation inside the fenced area.

This plant has super mutants patrolling the grounds. They can be dangerous but are not tightly packed. Just take it slow, and you’ll be fine.

Thunder Mountain Power Plant

Thunder Mountain Power Plant - Map Location
Thunder Mountain Power Plant – Map Location

The Thunder Mountain Power Plant is to the far east side of the map. Head toward the area with the tents on the southwest side of the plant to find the workshop. Adjacent to the river you’ll find the power substation. On the northeast side of the substation outside the fencing is the Fusion Core Processor.

Scorched guard the area. They range in difficulty, so be careful, but they are generally easy to handle.

Craft Fusion Cores Using a Chemistry Workbench

If after the above methods you still lack in fusion cores then it’s possible to craft them yourself at a chemistry workbench. Unfortunately, they require some pretty rare and valuable resources to create

Materials Needed to Craft Fusion Cores

  • Pure Cobalt Flux
  • Pure Crimson Flux
  • Pure Fluorescent Flux
  • Pure Violet Flux
  • Pure Yellowcake Flux

The flux necessary are in nukes zones and as loot drops from the Scorch Beast Queen. Tangling with Scorch Beasts in nuke zones is dangerous stuff, but doable at higher levels.


While maintaining a stockpile of fusion cores will not be easy. It is simple. It will just take a little effort. Really if you can take over one of the Nuclear Power Plants and hold it for a while, you’ll have more than you need in no time.


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