How to Build an Adhesive Farm in Fallout 76

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Building an adhesive farm is the simplest and most consistent way to get adhesive in Fallout 76. It requires a little work in the beginning, but following these five easy steps, you can create your adhesive farm in no time.

  1. Plant Corn, Mut Fruit and Tato in Your Camp
  2. Create and power a Water Purifier in Your Camp
  3. Harvest the Plants and Water
  4. Create Vegetable Starch Using a Cooking Station
  5. Scrap the Vegetable Starch in a Work Bench

Of course, there are a lot of details that go into those steps, and we’ll cover all the information in this guide to building your adhesive farm.

Ingredients Needed to Make Vegetable Starch

Vegetable starch is at the core of building an adhesive farm. It’s a simple recipe that you have from the start of the game. Combine the following ingredients to make vegetable starch.

  • Corn (2)
  • Mut Fruit (2)
  • Tato (2)
  • Purified Water (1)

After you’ve created the vegetable starch, you can then scrap it at any workbench. It yields two excess adhesives.

Best Locations For Corn, Mut Fruit, and Tato Plants in Fallout 76

The plants necessary for an adhesive farm are all over the map, but there are a few places where you can find either more significant quantities of individual plants or several different plants concentrated in a single area. Here are some of the better locations that I’ve seen in the early parts of the game.

Cobbleton Farm

Location of Cobbleton Farm on the Map
Cobbleton Farm – Map Location

If you’re starting there’s a farm north of Vault 76 that you can find a couple of each of the necessary vegetables to get you started. This magical place is named Cobbleton Farm.

Cobbleton Farm is one of the only places that I’ve managed to find all three of the necessary vegetables to make vegetable starch in one place. Add to that the fact that it’s relatively near to Vault 76 and this makes the perfect first stop to get your farm started.

In a small fenced garden area just outside the house, you’ll find wild corn, mut fruit, and tatos. You could plant these back at your camp, harvest and re-plant them to grow your farm to any size you like.

Ensure that you’ve gained a couple of levels before heading up here. I usually find super mutants in this location.


Location of Flatwoods on the Map
Flatwoods – Map Location

Flatwoods is generally the first city you come across as a new player in Fallout 76. You’ll find it located on the road southwest from the Overseer’s camp and directly south of Vault 76 on the map.

If you explore the area around Flatwoods, it should yield six to eight mut fruit plants around the houses. There is a small community garden where you can find mut fruit plants and several bags of fertilizer.

Don’t forget to hit the Vault-tec Agricultural Research Center to the west of Flatwoods across the river to grab all that fertilizer.

Morgantown Airport

Location of Morgantown Airport on the Map
Morgantown Airport – Map Location

Morgantown Airport is located directly east of Vault 76. The Responders and Overseer quest lines lead you here pretty early in the game.

On the northwest side of Morgantown Airport is a small garden where you can find several different plants including, tatos and corn.

The only opposition you’ll find here is scorched. If you’ve gained a few levels, you should be more than capable of surviving this area.

Silva Homestead

Location of Silva Homestead on the Map
Silva Homestead – Map Location

Silva Homestead is far to the south west of Vault 76. It’s next to the “Flapping Duck” in the large river that runs north to south on the west side of the map.

It is by far the best place that I’ve found for corn. There are easily over fifty corn plants among the fields there.

From the farmhouse, if you cross the road to the west, you’ll find another small house. Near the broken-down shed, you can discover tatos, carrots, and a few others.

Continuing through the cornfields of Silva Homestead to the southwest will lead you to the Billings Homestead.

There is nearly as much Razorgrain here as there is corn at Silva Homestead. You’ll also find a tato plant behind the old shed and two mut fruit plants near the shed as well.

Locations For Fertilizer in Fallout 76

Fertilizer is necessary to plant anything in Fallout 76. Luckily there are a couple of places near Vault 76 that have an abundant supply.

Wixon Farmstead

Wixon Homestead - Map Location
Wixon Homestead – Map Location

The first location is the Wixon Farmstead located just south of Vault 76. There are several buildings on the farm. You should be able to get a couple of bags of fertilizer from the barn and the shed on the property.

The scorched that live here aren’t too much of a problem even for a new character, but you can get overwhelmed if you rush in.

While this location is called a farmstead, it is strangely without any crops for harvesting.

Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

Vault-Tec Agricultural Center - Map Location
Vault-Tec Agricultural Center – Map Location

The second location is the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center located on the western edge of Flat Woods. In general, Flat Woods is the first city that new players find.

If Wixon Farmstead didn’t get you the fertilizer that you needed, then the Agricultural Center definitely will.

On the back side of the main building are three greenhouses. Each of them will have a few bags of fertilizer just laying around. Also, there’s a fertilizer storage bin that has a level zero lock you can pick. I usually find between 3 and five fertilizer in those, and there is one in each greenhouse! That’s a crap-ton of poop.

Build Water Purifiers in Your Camp

Now that we have the crops planted to make our vegetable starch, we need the final ingredient — purified water. The best way to always have a good supply of purified water is to run water purifiers in your camp.

Water purifiers come in three different sizes. Here are some quick specs detailing the differences between each of them.

SizeYieldStorageEnergy ReqPlacement
Water Purifier, Small1228Land
Water Purifier2434Water
Water Purifier, Industrial60510Water

Note that the small water purifier is the only one that you can place in the ground. The other larger water purifiers you need to put in a water source. So you may be limited to the type of water purifier that you can put down depending on the location of your camp.

Build Generators to Power Your Water Purifiers

Now that you’ve built your water purifiers, you need one more thing. You need to power them. The chart above shows that each of the water purifiers has different power requirements. To satisfy the requirements of the water purifiers, we’ll need to create a generator.

The small and medium generator plans can be obtained from Miguel Caldera’s terminal in Morgantown Airport while working through the Responders quest line. They are also a standard quest reward for capturing a workshop.

The large, fusion and windmill generators are a little more challenging to come by. They are quest rewards for completing any of the Power-Up events at Poseidon, Monongah, and Thunder Mountain power plants.

I usually recommend building the largest generators you can make, but any of them will work. It may be necessary to create more than one. After your generators are built wire them up to the water purifiers and you’re in business.

Beneficial Perks For Running an Adhesive Farm

Green Thumb Perk Card
Green Thumb Perk Card

Now that you’ve planted your crops and the water purifiers are powered, let’s talk perks. The Green Thumb perk is perfect for our adhesive farming needs. Equip this card before harvesting your crops. Now instead of collecting a single ear of corn, mut fruit, and tato from each plant, you’ll get two.

The Green Thumb perk effectively doubles your plant production with a single perk card. Ensuring that you always have the plants, you need to make tons of vegetable starch.

How Long Does It Take Crops to Grow in Fallout 76?

As with anything, it takes time to grow your crops. Luckily it doesn’t take that long in Fallout 76. Below are the real-world and in-game times required.

  • 17 in-game hours
  • 34 real-world minutes

Not bad right? Effectively every 34 minutes that you’re in-game playing you can return to your camp and harvest your crops. Make that a habit every time you return to your campsite, and you will never be short on adhesive again.

Get in the habit of creating your vegetable starch right after harvesting. Crops tend to spoil quickly, but once you get them made up into vegetable starch, you’re in good shape. From there scrap the vegetable starch into adhesive, and it’s in the perfect form to hang out in your stash until you need it.


In conclusion, an adhesive farm is something that every Fallout 76 player should take the time to build. The earlier, the better. Having a steady supply of adhesive from the get-go can make the leveling experience much more enjoyable.

It is frustrating being one adhesive short and needing to go out scavenging to complete your weapon upgrade. Building an adhesive farm is an easy first step to preventing this from happening to you.


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