Fallout 76 Yao Guai: Best Spawn Locations and Farming Guide

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Yao Guai are legitimately one of the fiercest creatures in the Fallout universe. They’re scary looking and hard to defeat. If they get close to you, it could easily be the end of you. That said, there are many reasons to seek them out for farming purposes.

There are six locations where Yao Guai are guaranteed to appear. Two especially useful spots are Dolly Sods Wilderness and the Mountainside Bed and Breakfast. Both of those locations spawn two Yao Guai each.

Location Name# of Yao GuaiMap Region
Dolly Sods Wilderness2The Mire
Mountainside Bed and Breakfast2Savage Divide
Monongah Overlook1Savage Divide
Philippi Battlefield Cemetery1Toxic Valley
Miner’s Monument1The Forest
Site Alpha1Savage Divide

Guaranteed Yao Guai Locations

For effective farming of any creature you need to find spots where they are guaranteed to be. Luckily for us Yao Guai are not shy. Yao Guai make their homes all over the map in almost every region.

Below I’ll cover in detail how to get to these guaranteed spawn locations and where to find our Yao Guai friends once you’re there.

If you take each of these locations in the order that I’ve listed them, it makes a pretty convenient farm route. Start at one end and fast travel to each one to minimize the number of caps spent.

Philippi Battlefield Cemetery

Philippi Battlefield Cemetery - Map Location
Philippi Battlefield Cemetery – Map Location

You’ll discover Philippi Battlefield Cemetery in the northern part of Appalachia within the Toxic Valley region of the map. It has a small drawing of a cemetery. The Palace of the Winding Path is nearby to the east and The Crater to the north.

The spawn point places you on the road just south of the parking lot where the Yao Guai we seek makes its home. Move up the street to your north, and you should see a Yao Guai in the parking lot near the truck. 

Be careful not to get the attention of the other creatures in the cemetery. You could find ghouls, super mutants, mole rats, or mongrels. Not hard to deal with, but maybe annoying if you didn’t want that fight.

Monongah Overlook

Monongah Overlook - Map Location
Monongah Overlook – Map Location

Monongah Overlook is in the Savage Divide close to the borders with the Forest and the Toxic Valley regions. It is right off the winding road between the Monogah Mine and the Ingram Mansion.

Someone had set up a small camp in the area, but apparently, the resident Yao Guai took exception to that.

From the spawn point, you should be able to see a set of stairs leading up to the overlook. Heading up those stairs, you should be able to hear the Yao Guai before you see him. He’s usually near the tents to the right of the stairs, but don’t be surprised if he comes at you from the trees on the left.

Dolly Sods Wilderness

Dolly Sod's Wilderness - Map Location
Dolly Sod’s Wilderness – Map Location

Dolly Sods Wilderness is a nicely wooded campground on the western edge of the Mire. It is between Ella Ames’ Bunker to the northeast and Mosstown to the southwest.

When you take the spawn point, you’ll be positioned ideally on the road in front of the cabins to take out the first of the two Yao Guai that live in the area. Facing west directly in front of you, coming down the road will be the first Yao Guai.

After dispatching the first one, turn to the south and make your way around the cabin. Continuing south towards the campground, you should see the second Yao Guai coming towards you in the distance.

Site Alpha

Site Alpha - Map Location
Site Alpha – Map Location

Site Alpha is home to one of the three nuke silos in Appalachia. It is in the center of the Savage Divide. To the west is Big Fred’s BBQ Shack, and to the east is the ever-popular Sugar Grove.

It looks pretty nondescript from the outside, having just a small shack sitting right next to a small lake. The spawn point drops you just south of the cabin. 

If you move to the shed and turn to the lake on your left, you should see a Yao Guai frolicking in the lake. He patrols the area around the hut, so if he’s not in the lake, give a quick look around the location, and you’ll find him.

Mountainside Bed and Breakfast

Mountain Side Bed and Breakfast - Map Location
Mountain Side Bed and Breakfast – Map Location

This bed and breakfast is in the Savage Divide. To the east lies Foundation, and north is the Whitespring Bunker. There is a drawing of a large house on the map to denote the location.

If you take the spawn point, it puts you on the street outside the B&B main building. To the west are train tracks that move parallel to the road. Following those train tracks to the north past the electrical tower will lead you to two Yao Guai. One on the hill to the west and the other to the north around the orange train car.

Miner’s Monument

Miner's Monument - Map Location
Miner’s Monument – Map Location

The Miner’s Monument is in the transition area where the Forest, the Savage Divide, and the Ash Heap all meet up. It’s just east of the Uncanny Caverns and southwest of the Whitespring.

This Yao Guai location is actually on the Whitespring golf course, but it’s easiest to get there by taking the spawn point from the Miner’s Monument.

Head directly east towards the golf course and go through the opening in the fence. You should see several robots near the wall and a rock formation in the distance. That rock formation is the cave that the Yao Guai calls home. When you approach the opening, he is usually sleeping, but if you get too close, he will wake up.

Random Yao Guai Spawn Locations

The following locations all have a chance to spawn Yao Guai. They may also generate something other than Yao Guai. Hence the reason these are not guaranteed like the last section.

That said, I feel like most of these spots have a significant enough chance to be useful to anyone farming Yao Guai. The added benefit of these locations is that they generally spawn multiple Yao Guai at a time.

Middle Mountain Cabins

Middle Mountain Cabins - Map Location
Middle Mountain Cabins – Map Location

Middle Mountain Cabins is n the Savage Divide northeast of the Whitespring Resort. National Isolated Radio Array is to the east. You’ll see a drawing of a couple of cabins on the map at the location.

Of all the non-guaranteed Yao Guai spawn locations, this is without a doubt the one that I would add to your farm route. If you’re following along with the path that I laid out above, this location should be right after Site Alpha.

The thing that makes this a must-visit is the fact that there is a reasonably good chance for there to be three Yao Guai at this location. This spot will either spawn Rad Scorpions, Honey Beasts, or Yao Guai.

Seneca Rocks Visitor’s Center

Seneca Rocks Visitor's center - Map Location
Seneca Rocks Visitor’s center – Map Location

The Seneca Rocks Visitor Center is technically in the Forest region of the map, but not by much. It is southeast of the Monongah Power plant and northwest of the Wendigo Cave.

The visitor’s center is another non-guaranteed Yao Guai spawn that I feel is beneficial to add to your regular farm route. Put this location right after Dolly Sods Wilderness. It seems to spawn Yao Guai more often than not. You’ll either get a Yao Guai or a Honey Beast.

The Yao Guai spawns in the parking lot of the Red Rocket and immediately picks a fight with the Scorched living in the hotel next to the gas station. So it’s essential to make your way to the gas station quickly from the spawn point as the Scorched usually win.

Kiddie Corner Cabins

Kiddie Corner Cabins - Map Location
Kiddie Corner Cabins – Map Location

Kiddie Corner Cabins is in the Toxic Valley. To the east is Black Bear Lodge and Grainger Farm. Wavy Willard’s Water Park is to the northwest.

From the spawn point, head to the northwest. You will pass three small cabins on your left-hand side. The third will have Scout Leader Pompy standing out front. Just north of him is the fourth cabin. That’s where three Yao Guai can spawn. 

It seems like the chance is lower here than in some of the other random spawn locations. There are quite a few different encounters here, but three Yao Guai are definitely among them.

Beckwith Farm

Beckwith Farm - Map Location
Beckwith Farm – Map Location

Beckwith Farm is in the Savage Divide. It is northwest of Big Fred’s BBQ Shack and south of the Pleasant Valley Station and the Top fo the World.

The spawn point drops you on the northside of the farm facing south. Move south up the path. Once you’re on the higher ground, you should be able to see what this random spawn location has for you. If you’re lucky, you’ll see three Yao Guai near the radiated pond.

I’ve had good luck in this spot. There are a few other creatures possible here, but the Yao Guai pop up frequently enough for me to recommend adding this to you’re farm route. It helps that Site Alpha (a guaranteed spawn), and Middle Mountain Cabins are so close.

Unconfirmed Yao Guai Spawn Locations

Yao Guai Standing
Yao Guai Standing

Here is a list of locations that I’ve seen multiple reports indicating that a Yao Guai has spawned here, but I was never able to confirm that. You should note that for each of these locations, I made twenty separate trips to determine their existence. So whether just lousy luck or low odds, I feel like the usefulness of these locations as Yao Guai spawn locations is very low. I’ll leave these here for the sake of saying I tried.

  • Twin Pine Cabins
  • Grainger Farm
  • Flooded Train Yard
  • Whitespring Resort


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