Fallout 76 Lead Farming Locations Scrapping Items For Lead

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Lead is critical for crafting ammo in all stages of the game. Running out can put a severe damper on your gaming session. I figured out what items to scrap and where to find those items to get all the lead that I could use.

The best items to scrap for lead are weights, can chimes, and paint cans. Weights are in gyms throughout Appalachia. The can chimes exist as alarms in defended areas. Paint cans are in garages and work areas. All three of these items are in abundance and easily found.

Appalachia has a lot of places that you can find lead. I’ve seen many of them in the time I’ve been playing Fallout 76. The locations below are fifteen of the best farm spots that I’ve been able to find items that you can scrap for lead.

Fallout 76 LEAD Farm. Over 20 locations for LEAD scrap!

Charleston Fire Department

Charleston Fire Department - Map Location
Charleston Fire Department – Map Location

The Charleston Fire Department is home to the Fire Breathers. The elite unit of the Responders. It is in the northern section of the Ash Heap as you cross over from the Forest. To the southwest, you’ll find the Rusty Pick and to the north is Charleston.

I like to come in from the spawn point. Head straight into the station through the front door. Then head straight through the door next to the Knowledge Exam and Registration sign. Then hang a right through the hole in the wall.

You’re now in the gym of the fire station. Grab all of the weights and dumbbells. Be thorough as there are a lot of them. If you’re over-encumbered, there are workbenches where you can scrap everything.

Green Country Lodge

Green Country Lodge - Map Location
Green Country Lodge – Map Location

Green Country Lodge is on the road between The Wayward to the northeast and Flatwoods to the southwest. As such is one of the very first locations you’ll find in the game.

The main lodge building has a small gym on the ground floor that contains some weights that you can break down into lead. Take the waypoint and head west towards the lodge. You’ll likely need to contend with a handful of Mole Rats and a lonely opossum.

There is a small hallway behind the main office towards the back of the building. In the room on the left, you’ll find the gym. Grab all the weights, and if you’re carrying too much, head towards Flatwoods. The house next to the church has a workbench and a few paint cans as a bonus.

Vault-Tec University

Vault-Tec University - Map Location
Vault-Tec University – Map Location

Vault-Tec University is in the southern part of Morgantown. It’s right on the border between the Forest and the Toxic Valley. Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor is to the south, and Mama Dolce’s Food Processing is to the east.

The university has two locations we can pillage for loot. From the waypoint, make your way into the courtyard area. Enter the red door in the building on the northside. Keeping to your right will lead you to the gym on the lower level of the training vault. Grab all the weights there and return to the courtyard outside.

Point yourself towards the main building and circle around to the south, and take the side entrance. Once inside, the first door on the right will be the gym for the students. Grab all the weights here. These two spots yield about sixty lead scrap after breaking it down at a workbench.

Palace of the Winding Path

Palace of the Winding Path - Map Location
Palace of the Winding Path – Map Location

The Palace of the Winding Path is in the northern part of the Savage Divide. It’s near the border with the Toxic Valley. Philippi Battlefield Cemetery is to the west, and Prickett’s Fort is to the north.

Take the spawn point and head into the entrance. Follow the paved path heading north along the eastern side of the main building. Head through the next two doors on your left with the second having an Employees Only sign.

The first room on your left contains six wooden blocks. Continue south down the hallway to the end. There is a gym area. Take all the weights here. 

Going downstairs, pass through the laundry room, and continue upstairs through to the kitchen. Find the shelf on the far side that contains a box of Rat Poison.

After taking the exit, turn to your right. You’ll see a makeshift ramp leading up that will lead you to a small room containing four pencils and four more wooden blocks. 

Head back down through the kitchen to the laundry and go through the door in the north wall. It leads to the basement. Find the box of Rat Poison on the table across from the Chemistry Workbench.

If you managed to get everything, that’s a total of fifty-three lead for this location.

Camden Park

Camden Park - Map Location
Camden Park – Map Location

Camden Park is on the northwestern edge of the Ash Heap. It is south of the Kanawha Nuka-cola Plant and just west of the Brim Quarry.

The spawn point pouts you on the road just north of the park. We’re going to head south into the park through the parking lot heading for the main entrance.

Directly inside the entrance, you’ll see the Widow Maker and our first two sets of can chimes. Continuing through the roller coaster area, you’ll see the next two sets of can chimes.

Follow the interior wall of the roller coaster to the right until you see a guard tower. Keep right through a triangular hallway. Turning right to the exit from this area will be another two sets of can chimes.

That’s a total of six sets of can chimes totaling fifty-four cans. Each can is one lead and two steel.

West Tek Research Center

West Tek Research Center - Map Location
West Tek Research Center – Map Location

The very popular West Tek Research Center is in the Savage Divide, where the Cranberry Bog and The Mire meet. Emmett Mountain Disposal Site is to the west, and National Isolated Radio Array is to the north.

From the spawn point, head south, keeping the building on your left. Towards the back, you’ll find some stairs and scaffolding leading to the roof. Head to the east over the fan structure. Use the crates and pipes to jump on top of the blue wall.

Just ahead to the northeast is a small camp that has a can of yellow paint. From here turn to the south, you’ll see some crates against a teal wall. Use them to hop over that wall.

Inside this small area are two blue, two yellow, and one red can of paint. There is a paint can without color that will yield lead as well. The empty ones contain no lead. 

Continuing through the area to the southeast will lead to a lawn chair. Scattered around that chair is red, blue, yellow, and no color paint cans.

In total, the eleven paint cans here yield fifty-five lead when scrapped at a workbench.

Site Alpha

Site Alpha - Map Location
Site Alpha – Map Location

Site Alpha is in the Savage divide near Big Fred’s BBQ Shack to the west and National Isolated Radio Array to the south. Each of the nuclear silos contains a gym and are identical inside.

From the spawn point, you will see a small shack in front of you. This shack houses the elevator that leads to the bunker down below the surface. You will need to have joined the Enclave and gained access to the silos.

Once inside, turn to the south towards the door marked as the Mess Hall. Next, head through the door marked Bunks and finally through the door in the south of the bunk room to reach the gym.

Grab all the weights here. Make sure to check all the shelves and under the tables. Make sure you’ve got a bit of available carry weight as there are many weights here and no workbenches nearby. This location should net you seventy-eight lead once scrapped.

Site Bravo

Site Bravo - Map Location
Site Bravo – Map Location

Site Bravo is in the northern part of the Savage Divide. To the north is the Palace of the Winding Path, and east is Grafton Steel.

Take the spawn point and enter the small building with an elevator. There is a can, aluminum can, paint can, and yellow paint on the shelves.

Take the elevator into the bunker below. This site follows the same layout as Site Alpha. Once out of the elevator, turn to the south and go through the next three doors in each room’s south wall. Once inside the gym, grab all the weights. Combined with the items above, this will yield ninety lead.

Site Charlie

Site Charlie - Map Location
Site Charlie – Map Location

Site Charlie is in the southern part of the Savage Divide. It is southwest of Foundation and north of the R&G Station.

From the spawn point, head south to the west side of the building. There will be a damaged gate. If you have the Marsupial mutation, just hop over. If not, climb the rocks to get on the wall and just drop down on the other side. Alternatively, you could just go around the other side of the building.

Once inside the gated area, you’ll see two doors. Take the one on the left. Now inside the building, you’ll see the elevator door straight ahead, but first, we will go through the door on the left. Grab the can and the yellow paint from the shelf in this room.

Return to the elevator and enter the bunker below. The layout here is identical to sites Alpha and Bravo. Exit the elevator turn left. Head through each of the three doors on each room’s far side to get to the gym.

With all the weights and the items, we found above, that will get you eighty-four lead after getting it all scrapped.

Eastern Regional Penitentiary

Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Map Location
Eastern Regional Penitentiary – Map Location

The Eastern Regional Penitentiary is right on the border between the Forest and the Toxic Valley. Grafton Station is to the northwest, and Morgantown Station is to the south.

Take the spawn point and turn to the northeast. Move down the west side of the wall until you find a break. There are two can chimes hanging in that break.

There are small trailers on your right. The second trailer has another set of can chimes.

Heading east into the central courtyard, you’ll find a workout area with a lot of weights. Turn to the left and enter the shed to the north of the weight area. This shed contains a makeshift battery and a paint can.

Beyond this first shed is another more massive shed to the north. Inside you’ll find a can of blue paint. There are also several workbenches you can scrap your items at if you’re over-encumbered. You should be at ninety lead if you scrap right now.

We’re not down with this location yet as there are still many lead-laden goodies inside the main building. Head directly south and enter the Eastern Regional Penitentiary – Main Building. 

Once inside, go to the left and head towards Cell Block A. We’re going to make a loop of the lower level of Cell Block A.

First, grab the can chimes that are hanging in front of the entrance to the cellblock. You will see stairs on the right with a doorway containing two more sets of can chimes. The cell directly across the hall with the Tinker’s Workbench contains two Makeshift Batteries.

Continue down the hallway. Find two wooden blocks on the ground near the bars of the last cell on the left. Turning left and moving down this short hallway leads to three more sets of can chimes in the doorways.

Turn left and continue down this hallway until you find a red door on the right. This room contains six more wooden blocks.

The lead items in the yard and the main penitentiary building will yield one hundred fifty-six lead scrap.

Hawke’s Refuge

Hawkes Refuge - Map Location
Hawkes Refuge – Map Location

Hawke’s Refuge is in the Mire on the border with the Savage Divide.

Five can chimes. Berkeley Springs West is to the north, and Sugar Grove is to the south.

The spawn point puts you right outside the cave. Beware of the many insects guarding the entrance. Once inside, is a doorway with a set of can chimes hanging in it.

Continue to the cavern’s far side to find two more sets of can chimes hanging from the opening. There are also several cans and a makeshift battery on the floor nearby.

Down below, in a makeshift living area, you’ll find a box of rat poison and five more cans. Heading up the stairs, you’ll find two more cans and a set of can chimes hanging in the doorway. The can chimes are partially covered by hanging foliage.

Back in the main cavern, turn to the southwest and cross the wooden bridge. Once across the bridge, turn left towards a ramp. At the top of the slope is the fifth set of can chimes heavily obscured by vines.

With all the cans, rat poison, and batteries, you should leave Hawke’s Refuge with sixty-six lead.

Monorail Elevator

Monorail Elevator - Map Location
Monorail Elevator – Map Location

The Monorail Elevator is in the Savage Divide near the Cranberry Bog. Lucky Hole Mine is to the south, and Fort Defiance is to the east.

From the spawn point, head to the south towards the large structures supporting the monorail. You’ll see an elevator at its base. Enter the elevator and head to the top.

Exit the elevator and take the scaffolding up to the very top. This first area contains a lot of weight that each contain lead. Cross a small makeshift bridge and gather some more weights. Move your mouse cursor around to grab weights that might not be readily visible in both of these areas.

Continue into the monorail car and grab a couple of wooden blocks about one-third of the way through. There is an aluminum can about halfway through. Continue through to the end of the car and take the scaffolding down to another elevator. Choose option two.

Take the scaffolding around to a small bridge leading to a maintenance area. Along the way, grab a makeshift battery, aluminum can, and a couple of combination wrenches.

This location should net you about ninety-five lead. The downside is there isn’t a workbench nearby, so if you’re over-encumbered, you’ll have a long slow run ahead of you.

Sunnytop Ski Lanes

Sunnytop Ski Lanes - Map Location
Sunnytop Ski Lanes – Map Location

Sunnytop Ski Lanes is in the northern part of the Savage Divide. Sunnytop Station is to the west, and Hopewell Cave is to the southeast.

When you take the spawn point, you want to turn to the southeast and skirt the outside of the barricades. Takes the stairs leading the second story doorway. Inside you’ll find three sets of can chimes.

Continue through the broken wall and find a dresser with three wooden blocks on the far side. Then four more blocks in a crate sitting on a table next to the door. 

Continue in the central area of the lodge and find the stairs leading down. On the way to the stairs, there is an aluminum can on a knocked over cart. There are some more blocks behind the desk near the stairs.

Another set of can chimes hangs near the bottom of the stairs. Over by the fireplace, there are three tin cans. Nearby is a workbench to scrap your loot. You’re looking at about 50 lead once you’ve got it all scrapped.

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort - Map Location
Pleasant Valley Ski Resort – Map Location

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort is right next to The Top of the World in the Savage Divide. It is west of Central Mountain Lookout and just north of the Pleasant Valley Station.

For this route, the Pleasant Valley Station waypoint puts you in a better starting point. From the spawn point, head up the hill to the southwest.

You’ll see a break in the wall with a ramp and a set of stairs behind that. Continue west up two more sets of stairs. Turning to the north, you’ll see the resort entrance and three sets of can chimes. 

Head back the way you came in with the stairs, and you’ll find a wooden box with weights inside. Be sure to grab the one lying underneath the mannequin on the ground nearby.

Turning to the east, you’ll see the entrance to the Pleasant Valley Cabins. There are three more sets of can chimes hanging from the gate structure. After grabbing the chimes and before passing through the gate, we’ll head to the north towards the actual cabins. Note that there is a workbench here if you need it. The first building contains three more sets of can chimes. After scrapping, the cans, and weights, you will have ninety-seven lead total.

Hornwright Estate

Hornwright Estate - Map Location
Hornwright Estate – Map Location

The Hornwright Estate is in the southern part of the Ash Heap. It is south of Lewisburg Station and to the east of the Garrahan Estate.

The waypoint puts you facing north directly in front of the front door to the estate. You’ll need the Hornwright Estate Access Keycard to access the elevator behind the front door. You can get it from a cart sitting in the basement of the Hornwright Summer Villa.

Take the elevator to the top floor. Turn to the right and circle the stairs around until you are facing north. Proceed through a small dining area until you reach the kitchen.

Immediately to the right upon entering the area, there are wall shelves that contain rat poison and four cans. There is another can near the kitchen sink. Three more cans are on top of the refrigerator, and six more on the shelves leading out of the kitchen.

Exiting through the kitchen’s far side, keep to the right. There is a pencil on the small table between the benches. Backing up a bit and heading into the main dining area, you’ll find an aluminum can on the dining table.

Return to the landing with the elevator and head up the stairs. Turn to the right until you’re facing south and head towards the door on your left. Inside is the gym. You’ll find weights sitting on shelves and the floor.

If you need a workbench for scrapping, return to the landing and pass the first set of stairs on your right and take the second set. Turn left until you’re facing west. Go through the next three doors in the southern walls. The third is a level two locked door. On the other side, you’ll find several workbenches.


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