Fallout 76 How to Get Silver: Deposit and Farming Locations

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Silver is a mineral in Fallout 76. You’ll use it heavily in crafting gear and mods for that gear. The beautiful thing about silver is that you’ll be able to find it in many different ways. So no matter your level, you should have no problem getting silver using one of the many methods detailed in this guide. That said, some ways are better than others.

The best way to get a lot of silver is to go to The Wendigo Cave. Mine the nine silver veins within wearing Excavator Power Armor. Take the resulting silver ore to a chemistry workbench and smelt it into silver scrap. Server hop the cave to get as much silver as you need.

That’s my favorite, and we’ll go into exquisite detail on that later, but there are several ways to get silver that we’re going to dive deep on within this post. Here’s a quick list of the methods we’re going to discuss here.

  • Find and scrap items that contain silver
  • How to mine silver deposits at workshops and your camp
  • How to farm Mega Sloths for silver
  • Mining the silver veins in the Wendigo Cave

There is a lot of ground and information to cover here, so grab a beverage and get comfortable. There is a lot to learn. 

Find and Scrap Items That Contain Silver

Scrapping items that contain silver is easily one of the most straightforward ways of acquiring silver. Find an object that contains silver. Scrap it at a workbench. Two steps and done.

First, you need to know what items contain silver. We’ll drop that bit of knowledge right now. Below I’ve listed all of the things in Fallout 76 that you can scrap for silver.

Item NameSilver YieldCommon Locations
Assaultron Circuit Board1Assaultrons, Military Facilities
Enhanced Targeting Card1Robots, Military Facilities, Tech Facilities
Fancy Hair Brush1Bedrooms, Salons
Grey & Gould Pocket Watch1Homes
Metal Beer Stein1Bars
Silver Bowl1Restaurants, Fancy Homes
Silver Fork1Restaurants, Fancy Homes
Silver Locket1Homes
Silver Ore1Mines
Silver Plate1Restaurants, Fancy Homes
Silver Pocket Watch1Homes
Silver Table Knife1Restaurants, Fancy Homes
Silver Table Spoon1Restaurants, Fancy Homes
Gold Table Spoon1Restaurants, Fancy Homes

There are silver items sprinkled all over Appalachia. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a spot that has a significant amount of silver items all in the same area. You’ll need to be consistent about gathering those items as you come across them in your travels.

It’s also a good idea to tag silver for search. That way, when you come upon a silver object, it will show a magnifying glass indicating that it has silver in it. Super helpful for those that don’t want to remember every single item on the list.

How to Mine Silver Deposits at Workshops and Your Camp

Mining silver deposits in your camp or a claimed workshop is a safe and consistent way to get silver. You can place the silver extractors at workshops that have silver deposits or in your camp if you’ve got a silver deposit in your build area.

Silver extractors can mine up to thirty silver scrap before they become full. Once full, you will need to empty the Silver Extractor. At a rate of one silver scrap every three minutes, you’ll need to check your extractors every hour and a half for the best efficiency.

Before you can place a silver extractor, you need to find a spot that has a silver deposit. There are a few workshops that have them as well as locations around the map that you can place your camp that’ll allow you to put a silver extractor on it if it’s within your build area.

Workshops with Silver Deposits

For those that are only interesting in knowing which workshops you need to go to, here is a quick list of all the workshops that have silver deposits:

  • Tyler County Dirt Track
  • Wade Airport
  • Lakeside Cabins
  • Converted Munitions Factory
  • Abandoned Bog Town

For those that need more information, keep reading below for the details about each location.

Tyler County Dirt Track

Tyler County Dirt Track
Tyler County Dirt Track

The Tyler County Dirt Track is a workshop on the western edge of the map in the Forest region. You’ll find it west of the Tyler County Fairgrounds and east of Deathclaw Island.

You won’t find a lot of opposition in this location. Mostly just mole rats, although there will be a lot of them. Once you’ve removed them from the premises, claim the workshop. It is on the south side of the track near the aluminum deposit.

The dirt track has three silver deposits where you can place mineral extractors. Two are directly within the dirt track area, and the third is just outside the dirt track through the opening in the southeast.

Wade Airport

Wade Airport
Wade Airport

Wade Airport is in the Forest region of the map. You’ll find it north of the Charleston Capitol Building and east of Charleston Station.

Wade Airport is a large sprawling area as airports generally are in real life. There are a lot of buildings, hangars, and garages all over the place. Many of these buildings will have Super Mutants or Scorched in them, but Super Mutants are the principal inhabitants of Wade Airport. They’re all low-level, so no need to worry too much about them.

The workshop itself is on the west side. You’ll know it by the wooden platforms with some yellow bi-plane wings. Once you’ve claimed the workshop, you’ll find the silver deposit itself far to the north past the air control tower near the plane wreckage.

Lakeside Cabins

Lakeside Cabins - Map Location
Lakeside Cabins – Map Location

Adjacent to the northeast of the Wade Airport, you’ll find the Lakeside Cabins. You can imagine that it was a pretty picturesque location before the Great War, but not so much anymore.

The enemies that you’ll face here include robots, mole rats, and Scorched. They are all low-level, and any character should be able to handle taking and defending this workshop without too much difficulty.

The workshop is easily located right outside the main cabin, as is the silver deposit once you’ve captured the site.

Converted Munitions Factory

Converted Munitions Factory - Map
Converted Munitions Factory – Map

The Converted Munitions Facotry is likely the most popular workshop in all of Appalachia. Not for its silver deposit, but for the ammunition factory on site.

This site is in the far northeast of the map. The nearest spawn points are the Bailey Family Cabin to the east and Prickett’s Fort to the west. The term remote location doesn’t begin to describe this spot.

Enemies in this location are usually in the forties. You’ll find Super Mutants, Scorched, and some animals. If you’re lower level, bring friends and use the pathing to your advantage.

The workshop is near all of the conveyor belts and the silver deposit you’ll find outside the main building near all the tanks and jeeps inside the fenced area.

Abandoned Bog Town

Abandoned Bog Town - Map Location
Abandoned Bog Town – Map Location

Before you decide to claim the Abandoned Bog Town for yourself, you need to understand this is a higher level area. If you’re low-level, this isn’t going to go well.

It’s in the Cranberry Bog region of the map in the far southeast. It is up the road to the northeast of Watoga. The closest spawn point is Pylon V-13. If you spawn in there head to the northwest. You’ll see the workshop there among all the little shacks and huts.

One of the beautiful things about this location is that the majority of all the mineral deposits, including the silver deposit, are all right out in the open.

Camp Locations With Silver Deposits

We covered the workshops that contain silver deposits, but what if you want something a little more permanent. There are several silver deposit locations around Appalachia, where you can place your camp down to mine that silver full time. Below I’ll show you how to find them and a little insight into each spot.

Silver Deposit Near Pioneer Scout Lookout

Silver Deposit Near Pioneer Scout Lookout
Silver Deposit Near Pioneer Scout Lookout

The silver deposit near Pioneer Scout Lookout is pretty easy to find. It’s in the Toxic Valley region of the map. Take the spawn point and head directly northwest. You’ll see an electrical tower in the distance with red and white coloring. If you pass that tower, you’ve gone too far. Use the thumbnail I’ve provided to get an idea of where it is.

It’s a decent camp spot overall. This location is elevated above the surrounding landscape and provides excellent views of the terrain. I wouldn’t call the area flat, but the varied terrain does provide some flat areas.

Silver Deposit Near Black Bear Lodge

Silver Deposit Near Black Bear Lodge
Silver Deposit Near Black Bear Lodge

Black Bear Lodge is in the far north of the map in the Toxic Valley region. You’ll find Wavy Willard’s to the northwest and the Crashed Space Station to the northwest.

Take the spawn point and head west and slightly south, keeping the creek on your right. The silver deposit is only about sixty meters from the spawn point.

A lot of different animals make this locale their home — herds of rad stags and some Yao Guai. The thing to be most concerned about in this area is the radiation. It’s all over any a little annoying. That makes it a bit troublesome as a camp location, but if you place it right, you can avoid a lot of it.

Silver Deposit Near The Palace of the Winding Path

Silver Deposit Near The Palace of the Winding Path
Silver Deposit Near The Palace of the Winding Path

The Palace of the Winding Path is in the northern part of the Savage Divide region of the map. You’ll find it to the east of the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery and south of Prickett’s Fort.

It’s one of the more architecturally unique places in the game, but we’re here for the silver. You’re going to want to lean heavily on the thumbnail I’ve provided as there aren’t a lot of landmarks to use. Take the spawn point and head northeast, mostly east. It’s a little over one hundred meters to the silver deposit.

If you like secluded, then this is a great camp location. It is pretty and forested but no unique qualities for this camp location other than the silver deposit.

Silver Deposit Near Sunnytop Ski Lanes

Silver Deposit Near Sunnytop Ski Lanes
Silver Deposit Near Sunnytop Ski Lanes

Getting to this silver deposit is most accessible from Sunnytop Ski Lanes since you can drop down instead of having to climb up cliffs. Sunnytop is in the Savage Divide east of the Sunnytop Station and northwest of Hopewell Cave.

Take the spawn point and head south and a little east. Following the thumbnail will get you a heading to the location. You’re going to drop down a cliff face after about one fifty meters.

The location itself has a beautiful view and has some excellent flat ground to place your camp. Overall this one of my favorites of all the silver deposit camp locations.

Silver Deposit Near Crashed Plane

Silver Deposit Near Crashed Plane
Silver Deposit Near Crashed Plane

The Crashed Plane is in the Mire region of the map. It is south of Dolly Sod’s Campground and northwest of the Treehouse Villiage. When you see different bits of plane wreckage, that’s your clue that you’re close.

The spawn point puts you in the northwest corner of the area. If you turn directly southeast and go forward seventy-two meters, you should run right over the top of the silver deposit.

The location itself is suitable for a camp setting. The land is relatively flat and useable. If views are your thing, this is one of the few places in-game that there is an actual waterfall.

Silver Deposit Near Mosstown

Silver Deposit Near Mosstown
Silver Deposit Near Mosstown

Mosstown gets two mentions in this guide. One for the silver deposit I’m about to show you and later for the guaranteed Megasloth spawn nearby. You’ll find Mosstown in the Mire region of the map northwest of the Crashed Plane and west of Dolly Sod’s Campground.

The spawn point puts you on the southside of Mosstown. Turn to the south and go about one hundred meters. If you see a fenced pathway, keep going about another thirty meters to the south, and you should see the silver deposit right before running off a small rock formation. 

The location itself is pretty non-descript. Nothing here other than the silver deposit, but the nearby Megasloth spawn is a bonus.

Silver Deposit Near Bolton Greens

Silver Deposit Near Bolton Greens
Silver Deposit Near Bolton Greens

Bolton Greens is a golf course on the eastern edge of the Forest region of the map. It is southwest of the Monongah Power Plant and southeast of Morgantown. On the map, there is a big sign indicating its location.

If you take the spawn point, it places you to the northeast of Bolton Greens. Turn yourself to the south and a little east. Use the thumbnail to get the heading. It’s about two hundred fifty meters from the spawn point. Once you see some rock formations, you’ll know you’re close.

It’s a beautiful location, as are most settings in the Forest region. Note that on the rock formations nearby, there are three lead veins. That’s a bonus, but no other significant benefits of this location.

Silver Deposit Near New Appalachian Central Trainyard

Silver Deposit Near New Appalachian Central Trainyard
Silver Deposit Near New Appalachian Central Trainyard

The New Appalachian Central Trainyard is in the mountainous region north of the Whitespings just north of Safe ‘n Clean Disposal and southeast of Cliffwatch. 

It’s hard to give definitive instructions to get to the silver deposit. The best way I’ve found to get there is to use the thumbnail I’ve provided to make a map marker. Make it as close to the same spot on the map and head up the hills to the northwest. When you find a small watchtower, you know you’re getting close. From its base, the silver deposit is about twenty meters to the northeast.

This location has some pretty great views. There are also seven aluminum veins between the watchtower and the silver vein. I also found some lead veins nearby as well. With some exploration, you might find more.

Silver Deposit Near Drop Site G3

Silver Deposit Near Drop Site G3
Silver Deposit Near Drop Site G3

Drop Site G3 is in the Cranberry Bog region of the map just north of Watoga. It’s west of Quarry X3 and north of Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02.

The silver deposit is between Drop Site G3 and Superior Sunset Farm. Take the Drop Site G3 spawn point and head to the northwest. More west than north. It’s about one hundred meters in one of the channels that run through the area.

I didn’t find anything else in the area of note. Cranberry Bog is a higher- level, so expect a lot of nasty fights defending your camp should you decide to put it here.

Silver Deposit Near Bootlegger’s Shack

Silver Deposit Near Bootlegger's Shack
Silver Deposit Near Bootlegger’s Shack

The Bootlegger’s Shack is in the Cranberry Bog. You’ll find it south of Mac’s Farm and east of the Abandoned Bog Town workshop that we discussed earlier.

This one is pretty easy to find. Spawn at the Bootlegger’s Shack and head northwest for ninety meters. There are two small bridges on either side. The silver deposit itself is just off the road near the bridges.

The only other benefit of this location is that there is a water source. It’s out in the open, and there will be high-level creatures attacking your camp.

Silver Deposit Near Dent and Sons Construction

Silver Deposit Near Dent and Sons Construction
Silver Deposit Near Dent and Sons Construction

Remote location does not even begin to describe this spot. It is in the far southern part of the Savage Divide. Dent and Sons Construction is southwest of the Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 and west of Vault 96.

The silver deposit is halfway between Dent and Sons and Vault 96, but it is less painful coming from the construction site. Spawn in at the construction site and head directly east. You’ll pass through an unmarked farm early in the journey. Continue through the farm until you come to a small camp area. The silver deposit is right in the middle of the camp. In total, the silver deposit is three hundred meters from the construction site.

 The camp is excellent from an ambiance perspective, and the surrounding area is beautiful. Nothing much else is around here.

Silver Deposit Near Pleasant Hills Cemetery

Silver Deposit Near Pleasant Hills Cemetery
Silver Deposit Near Pleasant Hills Cemetery

This spot if on the outskirts of Lewisburg just inside the Ash Heap region on the map. Lewisburg is just a little way to the south, and the Uncanny Caverns are to the northeast.

To find the silver deposit head southeast from the spawn point until you find a spot in the rocks that you can get up without trouble. Then turn to the east. The silver deposit is about one hundred meters from the spawn point.

The camp location is not all that impressive. I looked around for other mineral veins that might make the area more appealing, but I didn’t find anything useful in the area.

Silver Deposit Near Hornwright Air Purifier Site #03

Silver Deposit Near Hornwright Air Purifier Site #03
Silver Deposit Near Hornwright Air Purifier Site #03

This air purifier site is in the southern area Ash Heap region. It’s west of the Red Rocket Filling Station and southeast of the Mount Blair Trainyard.

This one is easy to find. Take the spawn point and head west for seventy-five meters, and you should run right over the top of the silver deposit. It’ll be very near to the cliff wall.

The surrounding area doesn’t offer much in the way of benefits. There are three iron deposits in the same rock wall near the silver deposit, but I wasn’t able to find any other amenities.

Silver Deposit Near Abandoned Mine Shaft 5

Silver Deposit Near Abandoned Mine Shaft 5
Silver Deposit Near Abandoned Mine Shaft 5

Abandoned Mine Shaft 5 is in the northern section of the Ash Heap. It’s west of the Belching Betty and north of Mount Blair.

The silver deposit is a little over one hundred meters from the spawn point, but it quickly found. At the spawn point, turn yourself to the west and follow the rock wall around, and it’ll put you right at the silver deposit.

The proximity of the Belching Betty is a benefit for the aluminum that you can mine there. I wasn’t able to find any other mineral veins close by, but the Ash Heap is littered with them all over. If you do a little exploring, you’re sure to find some.

How to Farm Mega Sloths For Silver

A favorite method for acquiring anything is to simply take it from whoever or, in this case, whatever has it. Farming monsters is a great way to get silver. Maybe not as prolific for silver as it is for other materials, but still very useful and a little more of an active method that some people enjoy.


Mega Sloths are super cute and cuddly. They also carry around silver and loose screws. They are relatively easy to dispose of even though I always feel a little bad for doing so. We’ll start with the only guaranteed Megasloth spawn that I’ve managed to find. It’s super easy to run, and you can server hop as often as needed.

Mega Sloth Spawn Southwest of Mosstown

Megasloth Spawn Near Moss Town
Megasloth Spawn Near Moss Town

Mosstown is in the Mire region of the map. It’s southwest of Dolly Sod’s and north of Berkley Springs. The spawn point drops you in just south of Mosstown, and the Mega Sloth will be about ninety meters to the southwest of the spawn point.

If you use the thumbnail I’ve provided, you’ll see the heading from the spawn point. The Mega Sloth will be hanging out around this junked out car. That has an explosive crate and med box nearby.

Mining the Silver Veins in the Wendigo Cave

Wendigo Cave - Map Location
Wendigo Cave – Map Location

The Wendigo Cave is arguably one of the scariest places in the game from an atmospheric level. It’s super creepy and strangely not full of Wendigos, but is full of silver veins. They are just waiting for you to mine them.

You’ll find the Wendigo Cave in the Savage Divide Region a short distance west of the Autumn Acre Cabin and northeast of the Pleasent Valley Station. The spawn point puts you right outside the cave entrance. There will typically be a feral ghoul or two that you will need to dispatch.

Proceed forward into the first small room and move through the opening in the southwest of the room. You will follow the left-hand wall around to the west. At the next cave, head to the tunnel in the southwest, then finally, you’ll come to the first big cavern.

There will be some more difficult creatures throughout the remainder of the cave. Most often Mirelurks and the occasional Mirelurk King. These guys are no joke, but with a decent build, you can take them.

Now keeping to the left-hand side of the wall, follow it around until you come to a rocky slope leading upwards where you’ll find your first two silver veins.

Proceed through the tunnel towards the west, always keeping to the left. You will find a short dead-end that has another silver vein. Move back and head to the north, dropping into the large cavern again. You’ll see another tunnel off to your left. Skip that unless you need gold.

Continue north with the wall on your left and massive stone pillars on your right. You will eventually find a tunnel on your right heading to the west. There is another silver vein right before the tunnel dead-ends in the western wall.

Now proceed back to the east across the broad cavern, you should see an opening with a partial wall. There may also be a suit of power armor there. There are three silver veins up against the partial wall. They are hard to spot in all the foliage, but trust me. They’re there.

Turn back around and head back out to the south. You’ll find another cave that goes off to the southeast through the left-hand wall. There are two more silver veins in that room.

That’s it — a total of nine silver veins. If you harvest them with your Excavator Power Armor on that should yield between forty to eighty silver ore ready to be smelted into silver scrap. Make sure you check out my acid farming guide if you’re low on the acid necessary to smelt down all that ore.

Once you get that route down, it will take you maybe two minutes to complete. You can server hop and repeat the process as much as needed.


For those that have gotten this far, I applaud you. You’re now one of the most knowledgable people on the topic of getting silver in Fallout 76. We’ve covered several different methods in a lot of detail. If you’ve found this guide useful, be sure to check out my other Fallout 76 resource guides on this site.


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