Fallout 76 How to Get Screws

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Screws are one of the most critical resources in Fallout 76. They are used in everything from modding weapons, crafting camp items, and repairing your gear. 

The best way to get screws in Fallout 76 is to kill the wendigos that spawn on the road south of Abbie’s Bunker. They drop four to eight screws each kill. Then hop servers and repeat this process to get all the screws you need.

While that is the most effective method for gathering screws, it is far from the only way. In this guide, I’ll show you other great locations and techniques that may work better for you and where you’re at in the game.

Strategies For Acquiring Screws

There’s more than one way to get screws for your crafting and repair needs. Some of them will require you to be a little higher level to accomplish. You can work several of these locations at any level. Regardless there is a way for you to get the screws that you covet, irrespective of your skill or current level in the game.

Scrap Items Containing Screws

There are tons of items in Fallout 76 that when scrapped at a workbench will yield screws. They’re all very common, and you can find them everywhere. 

All that’s required is to pick them up and take them to a workbench and scrap them. Making a habit of picking up these items whenever you’re exploring, makes your goal of having enough screws for your repairs and upgrades is a lot easier to achieve.

Items That You Can Scrap For Screws

Below is a list of items in Fallout 76 that yield screws when you scrap them.

  • Desk Fans/Office Desk Fans – 1 screw
  • Globes – 1 screw
  • Typewriters – 1 screw
  • Carlisle Typewriter – 2 screws
  • Toy Car – 1 screw
  • Toy Truck – 1 screw
  • GiddyUp Buttercup Parts – 2 screws
  • Handcuffs – 1 screw
  • Hot Plate – 1 screw
  • Pepper Mill – 1 screw
  • Tongs – 1 screw

Best Locations to Find Screws

Now that you know what items you need to find. Let’s talk about the places that you’re likely to find large quantities of them. You probably noticed that many of these items are likely to be found in specific types of areas.

Office areas are excellent sources of desk fans, typewriters, and globes. Anywhere you see desks are likely to have one or two of these items hanging around. Here are some of the best locations to find screw bearing items in the entire game.

Sugar Grove

Sugar Grove - Map Location
Sugar Grove – Map Location

The Sugar Grove is far to the southeast of Vault 76 and northeast of the National Isolated Radio Array and the National Radio Astronomy Research Center. We’ll talk about those locations shortly.

The Sugar Grove has an abundant supply of desk fans and globes for scrapping into screws. You should also note that pencils and battered clipboards are in vast quantities. While they don’t yield screws, you might as well grab them for the springs and lead since you’re here.

National Isolated Radio Array

National Isolated Radio Array - Map Location
National Isolated Radio Array – Map Location

National Isolated Radio Array is a short distance to the southwest of the Sugar Grove and well southeast of Vault 76. Note that you are heading into the nearby brick office building and not the big satellite dish.

This building contains two floors above ground and a basement. The main floor is where you’ll find the majority of the junk you can convert to screws, but it is worth it to check the basement and the second floor.

I usually find super mutants here but have also seen Scorched.

National Radio Astronomy Research Center

National Radio Astronomy Research Center - Map
National Radio Astronomy Research Center – Map

This location is very near to the Sugar Grove and the National Isolated Radio Array. Far to the southeast of Vault 76.

This spot is very similar to the National Isolated Radio Array. Its main floor features several destroyed cubicle areas where most of the good junk is. Two more levels go up with small rooms off the main balcony overlooking the main floor.

There is also a basement area to explore, but not much in the way of junk for screws.

RobCo Research Center

Robco Research Center - Map Location
Robco Research Center – Map Location

The RobCo Research Center is on the far eastern edge of the map near the Cranberry Bog. I usually find super mutants here. You’ll want to be a little higher level here as the enemies here typically are.

Once you’ve cleared this massive facility out, you’ll find tons of scrappable items everywhere. There are tons of desk and office areas. Not all of them have screw items, but many of them do. 

Abandoned Bog Town

Abandoned Bog Town - Map Location
Abandoned Bog Town – Map Location

The Abandoned Bog Town is just down the road to the south from the Robco Research Center in the Cranberry Bog. Far to the southeast of Vault 76.

For harvesting screws, this is one of my favorite spots. There are tons of screw producing items, and they’re in two small places. When you get to the town, you’ll find a road running through it. Find the building marked police. Searching this building will yield a lot of handcuffs. Don’t forget the wheel barrel outback.

Next, go across the street to the brick buildings. Between them is a fire escape. Climb to the roof and drop down through the hole. Inside you’ll find a small office loaded with typewriters. There are also some globes and fans as well.

Charleston Herald

Charleston Herald - Map Location
Charleston Herald – Map Location

The Charleston Herald is southeast of the Charleston Station and southwest of the Wade Airport. For reference, it is directly south of Vault 76, but quite a ways from it.

If you’re looking for a slightly lower level screw farming run then the Charleston Herald it an excellent place to start. Starting on the lower floor, you’ll find a couple of typewriters in a case. They’re easy to miss. Then head up through the next three levels looting as you go.

I typically encounter low-level super mutants here, but you can easily handle them regardless of your level.

Charleston Capitol Building

Charleston Capital Building - Map Location
Charleston Capital Building – Map Location

The Charleston Capitol building in just southeast of the Charleston Herald. Again, this is far south of Vault 76. Find the DMV entrance as a starting point.

There are a lot of items to scrap for screws here, but they are not necessarily easily claimed. This location has a lot of ghouls, and it is super easy to get overwhelmed

Hunt Wendigos For Screws

Lots of monsters are capable of dropping screws, but Wendigos are guaranteed to have several screws each time you kill one. The problem is that there are only a couple of places that you are sure to find a wendigo.

I went into writing this guide under the assumption that this method would not be beneficial, due to wendigos not spawning in significant quantities anywhere. It turns out you only need one good spawn point for it to work exceptionally well.

Up-Ended Trailer South of Abbie’s Bunker

Wendigo Spawn South of Abbie's Bunker - Map Location
Wendigo Spawn South of Abbie’s Bunker – Map Location

If you head south down the road from Abbie’s Bunker a short way, you’ll come across a trailer up-ended and stuck in a tree. You’re almost guaranteed to get a Wendigo to spawn here. Even better is some of the time, there will be a glowing wendigo that pops up with him. Just hop servers and hit the next one.

I’m not a fan of server hopping. I’d instead rather come across content organically. Server hopping is a part of Fallout 76 though and there is no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits. 

All that said, this worked remarkably well. When two wendigos spawned, I got over ten total screws from them. Hop servers a few times and you’re set.

Wendigo Cave

Wendigo Cave - Map Location
Wendigo Cave – Map Location

The Wendigo Cave is just a small distance to the northeast of the Top of The World and far east from Vault 76. I debated not including this location here for one reason. It’s not an effective method for farming screws.

That said it is a guaranteed Wendigo spawn. A wendigo that will drop several screws when you kill it. The problem is that it takes too long to get to the rinse and repeat part. The wendigo spawns at the end of the cave. There are several not completely trivial spawns along the way too.

So if you’re going to go the wendigo farming route to get your screws, then I recommend the ones near Abbie’s Bunker as the vastly more effective spawn point.

Claim Workshops That Have Junk Extractors

One of the most passive and slowest methods of getting screws is by taking control of workshops that have junk extractors. Workshops are not the fastest way to collect screws specifically. On the other hand, if you need a lot of junk components, this is not a bad idea for supplementing your screw farming activities.

Note that this was by far the least effective way of getting screws but has other benefits that make it worthwhile. I wouldn’t do this as my only method for acquiring screws. It is more of a supplemental activity.

Charleston Landfill

Charleston Landfill - Map Location
Charleston Landfill – Map Location

Charleston Landfill is just south across the river from the Poseidon Energy Plant and well south of Vault 76. The Kanawha Nuka Cola Plant is to the west.

This workshop is probably the best for farming screws out of all the workshops because it has three junk extractors. It’s relatively low level so anyone can feasibly take it over.

The only real problem here is sometimes during the defense quests monsters can damage your junk extractors and generators. The junk extractors are spread out over a decently sized area. If you’re not quick, you’ll end up spending your hard-earned junk on repairs.

Gorge Junkyard

Gorge Junkyard - Map Location
Gorge Junkyard – Map Location

The Gorge Junkyard is directly just east of Vault 76. It’s a small workshop with a single junk extractor. It’s not a problem to take over or do the defense quests due to the area being low level.

With only a single junk extractor you’re going to probably want to take over other workshops or use some of the other methods above in conjunction.


There you have it three different methods for getting screws in Fallout 76. Some very effective and some less so, but using these tips will allow you to gather the screws that you need no matter your level.


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