Fallout 76 How To Get Oil and Best Oil Farm Locations

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Oil is one of those resources that no one ever needs, and you always have enough — until you don’t. When you do run out, you find yourself scrambling to find it. In this article, I’ll show you how to get as much oil as you need quickly and efficiently.

The best way to get oil quickly is by farming the two Grafton Monsters that spawn near the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters and the Charleston Capitol Building. They drop three to eight waste oil as well as one sticky tar each. If you need more, you can server hop and repeat.

As with most resources in Fallout 76, there are several ways to acquire oil. Farming Grafton Monsters may not be your thing. So I’m going to show you a couple of different ways to get it.

Scrap Items Containing Oil

Fallout 76 OIL Farm – Over 200 OIL From 6 Locations

The most common way of getting oil is to find items out in Appalachia that contain oil and then scrap them at a workbench. Scrapping items is the method that you’ll likely be using over the long haul.

We are in luck as there are a lot of items that we can horde for waste oil. Below is a table listing the things that provide oil when scrapped. I’ve also included the amount of waste oil and locations to find them.

Item NameOil YieldWeightValueCommon Locations
Aluminum Canister1312Garages, Work Areas, Gas Stations
Aluminum Oil Can20.513Garages, Work Areas, Gas Stations
Arthur Wood’s Lighter10.517Quest: Cold Case
Blowtorch12.515Garages, Work Areas, Gas Stations
Blue Paint2510Homes, Garages, Construction Areas
Cooking Oil10.59Homes, Restaurants
Cutting Fluid317Garages, Work Areas
Flip Lighter10.512Homes
Fuel Tank2240Garages, Gas Stations
Fumigus Blowtorch3325Garages, Work Areas
Gas Canister1310Garages, Gas Stations, Work Areas
Gold Plated Flip Lighter10.526Homes
Industrial Oil Canister2314Garages, Gas Stations
Industrial Size Shortening4320Kitchens and Restaurants
Mr. Handy Fuel2314Homes, Garages, Gas Stations
Oil Can40.515Garages and Gas Stations
Oil Canister2312Garages and Gas Stations
Paint Can2510Homes, Garages, Construction Areas
Plastic Gas Canister2310Garages and Gas Stations
Portable Fuel Tank2510Garages and Gas Stations
Red Paint2320Homes, Garages, Construction Areas
Sticky Tar20.611Grafton Monsters
Unused Flip Lighter10.521Homes
Used Oil Can10.85Garages, Gas Stations
Yellow Paint2320Homes, Garages, Construction Areas

Farm Grafton Monsters For Waste Oil

The Grafton Monster is the one creature that I found that always has waste oil. He also drops waste acid, but that’s a different article. They also drop sticky tar, which provides another two waste oil when scrapped at a workbench.

Fallout 76 Grafton Monster Farm Locations

Guaranteed Spawn Locations for Grafton Monsters

There aren’t many places where Grafton Monsters like to hang out, but there are a couple. The good news is that each of the locations I’ve found spawns low-level versions of the monster, so maybe except for the first location, these can be done by lower-level characters.

Below is a list of the three locations where you can find always find a Grafton monster:

  • Hemlock Holes
  • Hornwright Industrial Headquarters
  • Charleston Capitol Building

For those that need more than just the site, I’ll go into a lot more detail. Keep reading to learn where exactly you need to go to find our pal the Grafton Monster.

Hemlock Holes

Hemlock Holes - Map Location
Hemlock Holes – Map Location

You’ll discover Hemlock Holes in the far northern section of the map in the Toxic Valley region. Wavy Willard’s Water Park is to the east, and Clancy Manor is to the west.

Taking the spawn point puts you in front of the main building with the big Hemlock Holes sign. Our Grafton Monster will be in the area behind the building. You’ll find him ranging all over the field back here, but I usually see him to the southeast. If he gets over to the southwest, there are commonly some Super Mutants that won’t take kindly to his presence. So if you don’t spot him right away, check over there. If he spawns in at a low level, the Super Mutants can take him sometimes.

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

Hornwright Industrial HQ - Map Location
Hornwright Industrial HQ – Map Location

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters is on the southern edge of the Forest right on the border with the Ash Heap. Charleston Station is to the north, and AVR Medical Center is to the south.

When you drop in at the spawn point, it puts you right outside the building next to a small metal bridge. If you head towards the bridge and carefully check over the side, you should spot an orange bridge for the train. The Grafton Monster that we’re looking for should be right around there. He can roam a bit, but no further than the hill to the west of the train bridge.

Charleston Capitol Building

Charleston Capital Building - Map Location
Charleston Capital Building – Map Location

The Charleston Capitol Building is on the eastern side of Charleston in the Forest region. You’ll find Summerville Dam to the east and the Charleston Fire Department to the southwest.

When you pop in at the spawn point, you are high up overlooking the devastation that is Charleston. If you look over the ledge to the south, you should see a Grafton Monster. He could be fighting Super Mutants or Scorched. He pretty much always is level ten, so don’t let him fight too long or at least get in a hit on him.

Run Oil Extractors On Oil Seeps

You can build oil extractors to pull waste oil from the ground at specific intervals. When you provide ten power to the unit, it will begin working. You also need to find places that have oil seeps to place those extractors on.

Below are the workshops in Fallout 76 that contain oil seeps. Some include more than one and, therefore, will collect oil at a faster rate overall.

How Much Oil Do Oil Extractors Generate?

Oil extractors can make one waste oil every three real-life minutes up to a maximum of five. That means if you want to be efficient and get the most out of your oil extractors, you need to empty them every fifteen minutes.

Oil Seep Locations at Workshops

Workshops often contain an oil seep. Like I indicated earlier, some will have up to three in one location. Oil extractors seem to require quite a bit more babysitting as they can only hold five waste oil units before they are full, and you need to empty them. Still, if I’m going to go through the trouble of claiming a workshop, I’d prefer to get the most out of it and claim one where I can place three extractors instead of one.

Below is the list of workshops where you can place oil extractors. I’ve also indicated the ones that have multiple oil seeps.

Workshop Name# of Oil ExtractorsMap Region
Wade Airport3Forest
Beckley Mine Exhibit3Ash Heap
Converted Munitions Factory1Savage Divide
Abandoned Bog Town1Cranberry Bog
Grafton Steelyard1Toxic Valley
Federal Disposal Field HZ211Savage Divide

Oil Seep Locations For Your Camp

There are fifteen oil seep locations around Appalachia. There may be others. Below I’ve provided a detailed explanation of how to find the oil seeps and included some information about the site’s worthiness as a camp in general. If you know of other oil seep locations, let me know, and I’ll be sure to add them to this section of the guide.

Oil Seep Near Orwell Orchards

Oil Seep Near Orwell Orchards
Oil Seep Near Orwell Orchards

Orwell Orchards is in the Forest region of the map. To the southeast, you’ll find the Cow Spots Creamery and to the west across some mountains is the Silva Homestead.

One of the least complicated oil seep locations to find, from the spawn point head northwest and follow the path laid out for you. It is about fifty meters ahead.

The location is beautiful, as are most areas in the Forest. The area features several logs that you can harvest for wood and some food growing in the area. Since this is on top of a mountainous area, the views are excellent.

Oil Seep Near Aaronholt Homestead

Oil Seep Near Aaronholt Homestead
Oil Seep Near Aaronholt Homestead

You’ll find the Aaronholt Homestead in the far northwest region of the Forest. It is west of Clancy Manor and east of the West Virginia Lumber Company.

The oil seep is towards the north from the spawn point. You’ll pass an abandoned vault. From there it’s only about fifty more meters to the north.

The area features a rock wall protecting the oil seep. The area in front of the oil seep is flat and will allow for an excellent camp. There are plenty of logs in the area to take advantage of as well.

Oil Seep Near Wavy Willard’s Water Park

Oil Seep Near Wavy Willard's Water Park
Oil Seep Near Wavy Willard’s Water Park

Wavy Willard’s is on the far north edge of the map in the Toxic Valley. It’s east of Hemlock Holes and west of Black Bear Lodge. You’ll see a giant lizard slide on the map. You can’t miss it.

The spawn point drops you off on the west side near a blue guard shack — head north from there about one hundred twenty meters. The oil seep is very near a dry pool with some rusted out barrels.

There aren’t a lot of other benefits here other than there are a lot of logs in the vicinity. It’s also a decently flat area to build. If you’re into desolate beauty, you’ll dig this spot.

Oil Seep Near Smith Farm

Oil Seep Near Smith Farm
Oil Seep Near Smith Farm

Smith Farm is on the east side of Grafton in the Toxic Valley region. It’s north of the Eastern Regional Penitentiary and southwest of Clarksburg.

Take the spawn point and head southwest about one hundred twenty meters. You’ll pass through the Smith Farm proper and a small stream. There will be a small irradiated pool of water right before you get to the oil seep.

There are a lot of logs in the area that you can harvest. You’ve also got a water source where you can set up water purifiers or two. It’s one of the better-looking camp areas in this part of the Toxic Valley.

Oil Seep Near Monongah Overlook

Oil Seep Near Monongah Overlook
Oil Seep Near Monongah Overlook

Monongah Overlook is in the Savage Divide region of the map to the southwest of the Sunnytop Station and east of the Ingram Mansion.

The oil seep is challenging to find. You’ll need to scale down several cliff faces to get there. Take the spawn point and head to the northwest. None of the individual drops down the cliffs is very far. Take it slowly, and you should make it down and have no problems.

I wouldn’t describe the area around it as a super flat spot, but you could build there. The views there are lovely, and the landscape is beautiful. There are also a lot of blackberries and logs for wood harvesting if you’re into that sort of thing.

Oil Seep Near Pumpkin House

Oil Seep Near Pumpkin House
Oil Seep Near Pumpkin House

The Pumpkin House is in the northern area of the Savage Divide. The Red Rocket Mega Stop is just up the road to the north, and the Hopewell Cave is down the way to the south.

The oil seep is simple to find. Turn to the southeast from the spawn point and head to the top of that hilly area ahead. It’s about ninety meters ahead on top of the hill.

 The views here can be magnificent, especially if you’re willing to build a couple of stories high. It’s a beautiful open space with enough flat area to create an excellent camp.

Oil Seep Near Sunnytop Station

Oil Seep Near Sunnytop Station
Oil Seep Near Sunnytop Station

Sunnytop Station is in the northern section of the Save Divide. Monongah Mine is to the south while the Palace of the Winding Path is to the north.

When you take the spawn point, you’ll want to turn around and head to the south down the train tracks. When you’re out of that corridor, take a sharp turn to the west, and the oil seep will be there a few meters ahead.

The area surrounding the oil seep is surprisingly flat, and the views are exceptional — lots of wood and berries around, but not much else. It is a flat area to build, which is nice too. One often overlooked benefit is the proximity of a vendor bot at Sunnytop Station to sell your stuff.

Oil Seep Near Bailey Family Cabin

Oil Seep Near Bailey Family Cabin
Oil Seep Near Bailey Family Cabin

Bailey Family cabin is one of the furthest locations in the northeast of the entire map. It’s technically within the Savage Divide region. To the west is the Converted Munitions Factory, and to the east is a fissure site.

From the spawn point, you should turn yourself to the east and run forward about eighty meters. There aren’t any other landmarks around. It’s easy to spot and almost directly to the east from the spawn point.

This location is overall, very non-descript. It’s heavily wooded, and there should be many logs to harvest for wood. I didn’t find any other resources nearby. Being close to the Converted Munitions Factory is a massive benefit of this area.

Oil Seep Near Vault 94

Oil Seep Near Vault 94
Oil Seep Near Vault 94

Vault 94 is in the far northeast corner of the map. It falls within the Savage Divide, but it’s close to the border with the Mire. Pumpkin House is to the west, and Freddy Fear’s House of Scares is to the northeast.

The oil seep here is one of the less complicated locations to find. Take the spawn point from Vault 94 and head slightly east of true north for about ninety meters, and you should run right over the top of it.

The location is elevated above most of the other terrain in the area and thus provides decent views. You can see the Red Rocket Mega Stop off in the distance to the west. There are no real other benefits to the area.

Oil Seep Near Thunder Mountain Power Plant

Oil Seep Near Thunder Mountain Power Plant
Oil Seep Near Thunder Mountain Power Plant

Thunder Mountain Power Plant is on the western edge of the map in the Mire region. Crevasse Dam is to the south, and Dolly Sod’s Wilderness is on the road to the west.

Finding the oil seep nearby should not prove too difficult for you. Take the spawn point for the power plant and head directly northeast for about 200 meters. There’s a nearby camping trailer engulfed in vines. The camper is about twenty-five meters south of the oil seep.

The surrounding area is somewhat flat, but there aren’t any other resources or benefits of note, but the camp is beautiful and open — a decent canvas to build your base.

Oil Seep Near Braxson’s Quality Medical Supplies

Oil Seep Near Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies
Oil Seep Near Braxson’s Quality Medical Supplies

Braxson’s Quality Medical Supplies is on the eastern edge of the map in the Mire region. It’s northeast of Raleigh Clay’s Bunker and south of the Thunder Mountain Power Plant.

Take the spawn point and head directly northwest. The oil seep is approximately fifty-five meters away. It’s also easy to spot in this dark area as the oil seep tends to glow.

The area boasts an abundant water source nearby, and the terrain is wide open. It’s not the flattest area, but it’ll do. You have a view of the lake between you and the power plant.

Oil Seep Near Tanagra Town

Oil Seep Near Near Tanagra Town
Oil Seep Near Near Tanagra Town

On the eastern edge of the Mire, you’ll find Tanagra Town. It’s northeast of Harper’s Ferry and north of Valley Galleria.

If you’ve spent any time reading my resource guides, you know I love Tanagra Town for the resident crickets that live here and the acid they have, but we’re here for oil.

Take the Tanagra Town spawn point and head east for about ninety meters. The oil seep itself is exceptionally easy to find since it glows around the edges, making it stand out sharply in this dark area.

Be careful running to the spot as you will likely run into some big scary monsters. Likely a Fog Crawler or a Deathclaw, but it could be something else as well.

The main benefit to the region other than the oil seep is the proximity to Tanagra Town itself and the cave crickets I mentioned earlier. Never can have too much acid.

Oil Seep Near The General’s Steakhouse

Oil Seep Near The General's Steakhouse
Oil Seep Near The General’s Steakhouse

The General Steakhouse is in the Cranberry Bog region of the map. It’s west of the RobCo Research Center and east of Firebase LT.

When you take the spawn point, it puts you on the southeast side of the steakhouse. So you’re going to want to go northwest from the spawn point to the far side of the steakhouse.

The oil seep is only about fifty meters from the steakhouse in one of the many channels that cross the entirety of the Cranberry Bog.

One nice benefit of this spot is the garden that grows within the walled-in area of the steakhouse. There is a ton of corn, tatos, and carrots all that don’t count against your camp budget.

Oil Seep Near Sparse Sundew Grove

Oil Seep Near Sparse Sundew Grove
Oil Seep Near Sparse Sundew Grove

Sparse Sundew Grove is in the southeast corner of the map in the Cranberry Bog. Firebase Hancock is to the west, and Lost Home is to the north.

To get to the oil seep, head to the east across the Sparse Sundew Grove from the spawn point. You’ll go about ninety meters until you are past all the sundews. The oil seep is there just past the grove.

The area surrounding the seep is flat and generally suitable for building. You have a view of the Sundews pretty close up that some will find beautiful and, without a doubt, a unique perspective.

Oil Seep Near Lake Eloise

Oil Seep Near Lake Eloise
Oil Seep Near Lake Eloise

Lake Eloise is in the southern-most section of the Savage Divide. It is east of Vault 96 and quite a way south of the Spruce Knob.

To get to the oil seep, take the spawn point for Lake Eloise and head a little bit west of south. If you run about seventy-five meters, you should run right over the top of it. In the dark, the seep itself will glow, making it easier to find.

The area itself is beautiful and features a nice flat area to build. To the east of the oil seep is a water source that you should be able to get into your camp area with the oil if that’s important to you.


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