Fallout 76 How to Get Lead and Best Farming Locations

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Lead is a crucial component for crafting several items but is probably most useful for crafting ammo.

The best way to get a lot of lead in Fallout 76 is to go to the gym inside the Charleston Fire Department. Loot all the weights, dumbbells, and barbells contained within and scrap them at a workbench. Switch servers and repeat as necessary. A full spawn will net eighty plus lead.

This is the easiest and most accessible way, but definitely not the only location or method for lead farming. I’ll show you some alternative areas as well as other methods you might not have considered in this guide.

Fallout 76 LEAD Farm. Over 20 locations for LEAD scrap!

Which Items Contain Lead?

There are a lot of items that contain lead. Some more than others as you’ll see in the chart below. They generally fall into four categories:

  • Weights
  • Toys
  • Paint
  • Miscellaneous

There are other items commonly found all over that we’ll touch on, but for the most part, the categories above cover most of the lead-containing things.

List of Items That Contain Lead

Below is a comprehensive list of items that contain lead and some other information about them. Note the weight of the items. Some of them are exceptionally heavy. It’s a good idea to know where the workbenches located near your preferred loot spot are. Then you can scrap the items down into the less heavy lead scrap.

ItemsAmount of LeadWeightValue
5lb Weight21.254
10lb Weight52.514
25lb Weight56.2520
20lb Dumbbell5514
80lb Curlbar72020
40lb Barbell51014
80lb Barbell72020
160lb Barbell104040
Baby Rattle10.153
Toy Car115
New Toy Car10.87
Toy Truck11.57
New Toy Truck11.513
Souvenir Sloth Toy119
Souvenir Toy Car115
Spooky Mr. Fuzzy Pencil10.23
Toy Alien10.55
Toy Rocketship10.137
Wooden Blocks10.23
Paint Can50.7520
Blue Paint50.7510
Red Paint50.7510
Yellow Paint50.7510
Aluminum Can1.054
Tin Can1.054
Combination Wrench2.035
Makeshift Battery2412
Rat Poison50.1317
Energy Cell10.150
Lead Ore0.10

Best Locations For Lead Farming

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s discuss where to go to find it. Typically gyms are the best places to find items that contain lead. Taking up a single room with everything you’re looking for all in one place.

In this section, we’ll discuss specific locations that are excellent for the farming of lead. I’ll even tell you the quickest route to get to the particular area you’re looking for and get out quickly.

Charleston Fire Department

Charleston Fire Department - Map Location
Charleston Fire Department – Map Location

Located a far distance to the south of Vault 76 and a short distance southwest of the Charleston Capitol Building.

From the front entrance head straight back into the Knowledge Exam and Registration room and turn to the east. There is a hole in the wall. On the other side of the breach, you’ll find the gym.

This is an excellent location to find items that can be scrapped. When you get a full spawn all to yourself, you’ll walk out with over eighty lead. The problem is this is a pretty well known and accessible location for farming lead items.

Green Country Lodge

Green Country Lodge - Map Location
Green Country Lodge – Map Location

Located a minimal distance to the northeast of Flat Woods. For reference Vault 76 is located to the north.

The Green Country Lodge is a motel that has a small gym located on the ground floor. While it is not as abundant as the Charleston Fire Department, there are a significant amount of lead producing items here, and they are ridiculously easy for anyone of any level to get to.

This is one of the first areas you are likely to encounter while playing the game and therefore, is a low-level area. This alone makes it super accessible in the same way that the fire department is in Charleston.

It may take several server hops to find one that has not already been looted completely, but is well worth the effort as I usually net over forty lead from this spot.

Vault-Tec University

Vault-Tec University - Map Location
Vault-Tec University – Map Location

Located south of Morgantown and northeast of Vault 76.

Vault-Tec University has two gyms. The first one is in the center building. If you enter the building from the south-side entrance, it will be the first room on your right. There are some dumbbells and some different weights scattered around the workout area. Note that the barbells that are on the weight benches are not able to be taken.

For the second gym enter the south entrance of the northern building. Go down the hallway and take a right heading east and open the first door on your right. Go through a series of doors and use the terminal in the Overseer’s room to descend into the vault simulator. The gym is located on the lower level of the common area.

Between the two gym areas, I usually net over fifty lead. These two gyms are rarely ever farmed since I think they are perceived to be more work, so people don’t bother.

Palace of the Winding Path

Palace of the Winding Path - Map Location
Palace of the Winding Path – Map Location

This location is in the far north of the map just a little east of the middle. It is due south of Prickett’s Fort and well northeast of Grafton Dam.

If you come in from the north-side entrance, head up the stairs and look to your left for a set of double doors. Through the doors follow this long hallway south until you reach some green lockers on each side of a set of stairs heading down.

Near the lockers on the far side, you’ll see some dumbbells, barbells and other weights. The only thing you should have to fight along the way are a few Scorched.

Hornwright Estate

Hornwright Estate - Map Location
Hornwright Estate – Map Location

There seems to be a bug with the location that the elevator drops you off at. Instead of letting out on level two. You’re dropped off in a room two floors up. I’ve provided directions to the gym for both situations. 

Bugged Directions: Leave the room with the two cylinders and head to the right through the doorway and then again through the left side door across the room. Go down the red-carpeted stairs. Then hang a sharp left past the pool table to the doorway on the left-hand wall.

Non-Bugged Directions: Coming off the elevator turn left and head up the stairs. Turn right and head past the pool table and the stairs. At the end of the room is a doorway to the left.

In this room is the gym. Inside you’ll find more weights and the like that you can scrap. I usually net about forty plus lead from this location.

Note that you will need the Hornwright Estate Access Key card to access the elevator. These can be acquired from the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters or the Hornqright Summer Villa.

Eastern Regional Penitentiary

Eastern Regional Penitentiary - Map Location
Eastern Regional Penitentiary – Map Location

Eastern Regional is located to the north of Morgantown station and northeast of Vault 76. I like to come at it from the west side. There is a 

hole blown into the wall there. It’s close to a straight shot to the center of the yard where all the weights are.

Keep in mind that there will be a large number of super mutants patrolling the yard. They are all low-level and are well spaced so they shouldn’t be too much trouble even for lower-level characters.

This spot, like most of the others, should net you a little over forty lead from the scrappable items here.

Farm Lead From Workshops With Mineral Extractors

One often-overlooked method for farming lead is to use mineral extractors at workshops that contain lead deposits. Several workshops fit this bill.

The process for taking over a workshop is simple. Kill any monsters that are currently inhabiting the location. Then you’ll be able to claim it as your own. There is a small fee associated with claiming them. It’s usually twenty-five to thirty caps.

Once you own it, find the lead deposit and build a mineral extractor on that spot. Build a large generator to power the extractor, and you’re in business.

If you’re going to go with this method, I recommend taking over a couple workshops in this manner. It can be a little slow, but if you have multiple extractors working at once, it adds up quickly.

Lakeside Cabins

Lakeside Cabins - Map Location
Lakeside Cabins – Map Location

This workshop is located far south of Vault 76 and just southeast of Camp McClintock.

Probably one of the least challenging workshops to maintain. I usually find low-level feral ghouls or Scorched have taken up residence here. They are easily handled even for newer players. The defend missions are equally as simple. I seem to get super mutants a lot, but all level 10 or lower.

The lead deposit is located a few feet from the actual workshop itself. It’s very convenient to drop your lead extractor and a generator and be on your way.

Grafton Steel Yard

Grafton Steel Yard - Map Location
Grafton Steel Yard – Map Location

Grafton Steel Yard is not too far to the east of Vault 76 and a quick trip to the northeast of the Grafton Dam.

I’ve always encountered super mutants at this location. A lot of super mutants. You’ll want to focus on the ones that are near the workshop itself and leave the ones over at Grafton Steel to the north alone. Sometimes you have to kill everything in the area. It’s a pretty tall order. Did I mention there are a ton of super mutants here?

The mineral deposit is located near the large circular platform to the west. There is a large rock outcropping located on the other side of the deposit that makes it easy to defend when you get your defend missions.

Poseidon Power Plant Yard

Poseidon Energy Plant Yard - Map Location
Poseidon Energy Plant Yard – Map Location

This workshop is located in the southern portion of the map just northwest of Charleston. Vault 76 is far to the north.

This is a pretty popular workshop. It has a fusion core processor as well as a lead deposit, but for our purposes right now we’re focused on the lead. It is a simple matter of dealing with some low-level Scorched to be able to claim the workshop.

The lead deposit is located on the far side of the fenced area from the workshop itself. Note that you get attacked by some Scorched that have taken up residence in the main power plant building.

Converted Munitions Factory

Converted Munitions Factory - Map
Converted Munitions Factory – Map

The Converted Munitions Factory is located in the far northeast of the map. It is east of Prickett’s Fort which is already far east on the map. It’s west of the Bailey Family Cabin which is a spot I suggest picking up so that you can fast travel to it later as a way of getting to the factory.

There are usually super mutants here. Sometimes just a few, but other times quite a few. Dispatch them and claim the workshop outside the main building.

The lead deposit is located to the west of the main building. If you go into build mode and bring up the lead extractor, the UI will highlight the spot in green. I also recommend powering up the Ammo Factory while you’re here. You might as well get that free ammo along with your lead.

Berkeley Springs West

Berkeley Spring West - Map Location
Berkeley Spring West – Map Location

Located logically west of Berkeley Springs and far to the east of Vault 76. The workshop itself is located on the top of one of the buildings. You’ll hear the sounds from it when you’re close.

I typically find super mutants here. Be careful here as this is not a low-level area and the super mutants are tough. The defend quests can be challenging too, but are decent for gaining experience. The top of the building with the workshop is a pretty defensible position though so I recommend using that to your advantage.

The lead deposit is located just behind the building on the west side. Just drop down your lead extractor and let it roll in.

Location to Mine For Lead Ore

The Lucky Hole Mine

Lucky Hole Mine - Map Location
Lucky Hole Mine – Map Location

The Lucky Hole Mine is located just west of Fort Defiance and a long journey to the southwest of Vault 76, but it’s a trip very much worth the effort.

I highly recommend strolling through this mine to search for lead deposits with one caveat. You must have completed the Miner Miracles quest and wear your Excavator Power Armor while running through here.

While wearing that power armor, you get four lead ore instead of just one. That’s a considerable increase and really makes this location shine for the purposes of farming lead.

Granted you need to have a supply of acid to convert the lead ore into lead scrap at a chemistry workbench, but the conversion rate is five lead scraps for every two lead ore. I am at well over one hundred lead ore by the time I leave the mine. That converts to two hundred and fifty lead scrap for just a few minutes of mining.

You have to deal with mole miners and mole rats, but they aren’t complicated. A minimal price to pay for the haul of lead that you’ll get from this location.


While lead is one of the more useful components for crafting, especially ammo. It is relatively easy to come by in large quantities. Using the techniques I’ve laid out above, you should be able to acquire as much as you need. Even lower-level characters can make use of most of these methods.


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