Fallout 76 Gorge Junkyard Workshop Location Guide

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The Gorge Junkyard is a workshop located in the forest region of the map. You’ll find it directly east of Vault 76 and a short distance south on Highway 59 from Wilson Brother’s Auto Repair.

There are many good reasons to stop by the Gorge Junkyard.

  • Claim the workshop and use mineral extractors to gather Black Titanium, Junk, Concrete, and Wood.
  • There is a power armor frame with raider pieces and a fusion core.
  • A low-level area that is easy for characters of any level to control.

Those are just a couple of reasons this is a great place. These reasons are especially valid for lower-level characters since you’re able to come here right out of Vault 76 and be successful. I’ll cover all of the exciting features of the Gorge Junkyard below as we go. So let’s get into it.

Claim Workshop at Gorge Junkyard

Claiming the workshop at the junkyard will allow you to build here. To gain ownership of this location, you must defeat any creatures that currently make this place their home before you’re able to drop your twenty-five caps to the workshop gods. You’ll find any combination of the following creatures:

  • Robots
  • Blood Ticks
  • Rad Roaches
  • Mole Rats

All of the above creatures may be present when you first arrive. There’s also an excellent chance that the workshop will be unprotected.

Here’s a pro-tip in regards to the four Blood Ticks that spawn here. They very often get stuck in the cars where they hang out. You may not see them, but you will likely hear them. Check there if you can’t find that last creature.

I’ve got one more tip for claiming the workshop. Inside the main house at the location, you’ll find a Mr. Handy robot on the second floor just at the top of the stairs. Make sure to check this spot as well if you can’t seem to find the last creature.

Defend Gorge Junkyard Potential Enemies

The Defend Gorge Junkyard quest will popup a minute or two after you claim the workshop. It puts you up against one to four waves of creatures. You must defeat each wave to complete the quest and retain ownership of the location.

All of the opponents you’ll face here are level eight and lower. The only level eight is the Mr. Handy robot that is in the main house. All the rest are level six or less.

The list below details the percentage out of the twenty-five times that I completed the defend quest that I got waves of a particular creature.

  • Wild Mongrels – 28%   
  • Liberators – 20%
  • Scorched – 12%
  • Robots – 12%
  • Mole Rats – 12%
  • Ghouls – 12%

Looking at the list above, it’s clear that the majority of the time, I faced Wild Mongrels and Liberators. They were simple to defeat for me, but even a brand new character would have no trouble.

These are the only opponents that I encountered completing this quest at the junkyard over twenty-five times. There could potentially be others, but I doubt it.

The waves themselves generally come from four different spots.

  • Behind the shipping containers near the main house
  • The hills to the northeast side of the camp behind the shipping containers
  • From outside the fence in the southeast end of the workshop
  • To the south end of the camp just beyond the fenced area past the junked out boats.

If it seems like it’s taking a long time for some of the creatures to show up, check the road to the south. The street is heading towards the rear of the main house. Sometimes the more humanoid creatures will move from their spawn point to the road and work their way around.

Plans for Claiming and Defending The Gorge Junkyard

When you first claim and subsequently defend the Gorge Junkyard workshop, you gain some different resources and a plan to build items for your camp for completing those quests.

I kept track of the plan that I earned after claiming and defending the workshop over twenty-five times. I believe that the claim and defend quests are using the same loot table. I’m unable to confirm that for sure, but the chart below represents the plans that I earned, both claiming and defending the junkyard. This chart should provide you with a clear idea of which plans you’ll be able to get from these quests.

Plan NameClaimDefense
Acoustic Instruments11
Advertisement Posters01
Assorted Lights10
Backyard Grill11
Baseball Player Statue10
Basketball Hoop 201
Brahmin Pen10
Daisy Rug01
File Cabinets10
Ice Machine01
Kitchen Chairs20
Kitchen Stove10
Light Boxes01
Metal Box12
Metal Diner Doors01
Metal Shelves01
Metal Signs03
Metal Stools20
Milk Machine11
Nuka Cola Machine10
Office Couches02
Office Desk01
Picnic Tables10
Pool Table03
Potted Plants10
Track Lighting10
Warehouse Building Set11
Welcome Mats11
Wood Tables10
Wooden Crate10
Wooden Desks22
Wooden Patio Chair10
Wooden Shack Door01

Resource Deposits at the Gorge Junkyard

There are four different resources that you can harvest from the Gorge Junkyard. All this requires is for you to place the appropriate collector and power it with a single large generator or multiple smaller ones totaling ten power. You can collect the following resources from the junkyard.

Resource NameMaximum CapacityTime to Max Capacity
Black Titanium1030 mins
Junk Piles2678 mins
Concrete4070 mins
Wood4070 mins

You should note that the Gorge Junkyard is the only workshop in Appalachia where you can harvest Black Titanium. The junk pile is a nice bonus too.

Each resource collector is only capable of storing a certain amount of a specific item. You’ll need to empty the collector for it to continue producing more. The table above lists the maximum capacity and, more importantly, is the amount of real-world time that it takes for it to reach that maximum capacity.

Gorge Junkyard Power Armor

There is one last thing to note in the Gorge Junkyard. If you head to the small shack near the southeast end of the junkyard, you’ll find a green shipping trailer sitting on the north side of the shed.

This trailer requires a lockpick level three skill to be able to pick. So you’ll need to have all three of the picklock perk cards. Once inside, you’ll discover an interesting if not a disturbing little scene. I’m not entirely sure what went on or how this played out. You can decide that for yourself.

In the back of the trailer facing the wall, you’ll find a power armor frame that should have a couple of raider power armor pieces on it. Not to mention a fusion core to provide that frame with power.


There you have it! The Gorge Junkyard, in a nutshell. I think it’s one of the more useful workshops. The Black Titanium deposit, as well as the junk pile, make this an excellent place for low-level characters to start collecting the resources necessary for their Excavator Power Armor suits. 


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