Fallout 76 Gold Farming Guide: Best Locations and Methods

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Gold is a rare resource in Fallout 76. It is used primarily for repairing and modifying energy weapons. There are a lot of ways to acquire gold, but most of these methods only yield small amounts of it. Using these methods consistently will add up over time. That said, there are some ways to get a lot of gold all at once.

The best way to get a lot of gold in Fallout 76 is to follow the steps below:

  1. Travel to the Burning Mine in the Ash Heap. 
  2. Mine the ten gold veins there while wearing Excavator Power Armor. 
  3. Server hop to repeat the process as necessary.
  4. Smelt the gold ore atm a Chemistry Workbench into gold scrap.

Before we get into the specifics of how to get gold, let’s cover the basics. There are generally four different ways to get gold in Fallout 76.

  1. Find and scrap items that contain gold
  2. Farm monsters that drop gold
  3. Use mineral extractors in your camp or workshops
  4. Mining gold veins

Some of these methods are going to be more involved than others, but all of them will yield gold. I like mining for gold and other types of ore and find it to be the most effective, but we’re going to cover all of the available methods in this guide.

Fallout 76 Scrap Junk For GOLD – Easy S.C.O.R.E. Challenge

Find and Scrap Items That Contain Gold

Scrapping items that contain gold is likely the easiest method for attaining gold. If you’re an energy build, you should be grabbing gold-containing items every chance you get. Here’s a quick chart listing the things that yield gold when scrapped.

  • Gold Fork
  • Gold Ore
  • Gold Plated Flip Lighter
  • Gold Pocket Watch
  • Gold Scraps
  • Gold Table Knife
  • Gold Table Spoon
  • Gold Plated Glass
  • Unstoppables Board Game

For most scrap materials, this is an effective method to get a lot of gold all at once, but so far, I haven’t been able to find any spots with a lot of gold items just lying around.

There seem to be a lot of Gold Plated Flip Lighters, and Gold Pocket Watches scattered all over Appalachia, but nowhere that I can find large concentrations of any gold-bearing items.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not useful. You need to be consistent in picking up these items and make sure to mark gold in your pip-boy so that these items get highlighted when you come across them in your travels.

Farm Monsters That Drop Gold

Farming monsters is always a crowd favorite. Go to a spot where specific monsters are guaranteed to spawn and remove those beasts from existence. In the case of gold scrap, there is only one monster that is guaranteed to drop it upon its death.

Honey Beasts

Honey Beasts are gargantuan honey bees that have mutated horribly. Regular bees appear to have created hives on their backs, and the Honey Beast can release swarms of bees to distract attackers. Just like any of the more massive beasts, you will have a tough time with them if you’re not prepared.

Honey Beasts tend to be one of the more rare monsters in the game. There are several places within the Forest and the Mire areas of the map that they can spawn, but I’ve only found one guaranteed spawn location for them.

Unmarked Cave Northeast of Freddy Fear’s

Unmarked Cave Northeast of Freddy Fear's - Map Location
Unmarked Cave Northeast of Freddy Fear’s – Map Location

This unmarked cave is in the far northeast of the map. The nearest spawn point is Freddy Fear’s House of Scares. It’s challenging to find the cave, but if you start at the Freddy Fear’s spawn point and head directly northeast you will run right over the top of it, but still may not even notice it. Make sure to listen for the sounds of buzzing insects.

Once you find the cave, there are several bloat flies and two honey beasts just chilling in and around this cave. Take them out and claim your gold scrap.

You can farm this spot by server hopping. Each time you load up a new server, it will put you back at Freddy Fear’s, so it’s just a matter of doing the short run back to the cave.

Seneca Rocks Visitor’s Center

Seneca Rocks Visitor's Center - Map Location
Seneca Rocks Visitor’s Center – Map Location

Seneca Rocks is in the Great Divide, but the visitor’s center falls into the Forest area of the map. It is a short distance to the southeast of the Monongah Power Plant.

From the spawn point, follow the road east to the visitor’s center, which will be on the right side of the roadway. Make sure to stay to the left side to avoid the ghouls and Scorched that usually inhabit this location.

Between the visitor’s center and the Red Rocket gas station, there will be a Honey Beast or a Yao Guai. It’s isn’t a guaranteed spawn for Honey Beasts, but you’ll get one often enough that it’s not a bad idea to check it when you need gold.


Treetops - Map Location
Treetops – Map Location

Treetops is much like you would guess. A settlement up in the top of a huge tree. It is south of Big B’s Rest Stop and north of Camp Venture in the Mire on the far east of the map.

The spawn point places you in front of the large tree. At the base of the tree, you should find some giant beasts. It could be Snallygasters, Honey Beasts, or something else. The beautiful thing about this spot is that there will usually be between two or three of them. So while not a guaranteed spawn. If you do happen to find Honey Beasts here, there will often be more than one.

Mining Gold Veins

Gold Vein Locations For Mining Gold Ore

Tanagra Town

Tanagra Town - Map Location
Tanagra Town – Map Location

Tanagra Town resides on the eastern edge of the map within the Mire. You’ll find it a short distance to the northeast of Harper’s Ferry and north of Valley Galleria. 

Tanagra Town is likely best known for being home to an impressive number of cave crickets. In my last guide, I showed you how to farm these cave crickets and other monsters for nearly limitless amounts of waste acid. You’re going to need acid to break down all this gold ore that we’re going to be collecting anyway. So be sure to check that out my acid farming guide.

From the spawn point, head towards the large tree and make your way to the top following the vine-covered pathway wrapping around. It looks scary, but you can make it to the top without even jumping. Near the top is an opening into a cave. Inside are usually eight to ten cave crickets. Be sure to grab all that waste acid from the crickets.

You’re going to need all that acid because looking down in the pit where the crickets emerged. You’ll find eleven gold and eleven crystal veins. You’ll likely need to harvest some of the crystal veins to get at all the gold veins. Harvesting with your Excavator Power Armor will yield well over fifty gold ore from this location.

The only downside to this location for gold ore, while there is a lot, it’s not a location that can take advantage of server hopping. The next two places that I’ll show you can take advantage of it.

Gauley Mine

Gauley Mine - Map Location
Gauley Mine – Map Location

Gauley Mine is a short walk southeast from Vault 76 just across the river. Northeast of Slocum’s Joe and northwest of Arktos Pharma. Being located in the Forest region of the map makes this a lower level area.

From the spawn point, head towards the mine entrance. You’ll find a rusted metallic door that leads to the mine. Continuing into the tunnel mostly towards the south, you’ll come to a work area before it turns towards the east. Heading into the work area, you’ll see another tunnel leading to the southwest.

Before proceeding, you’ll want to have some way of dealing with radiation. The tunnel ahead that has our gold veins is also pretty heavily irradiated. Hopefully, you have a suit of Excavator Power Armor since we’re going to be mining anyway. That will handle the radiation nicely.

Moving past the barrels of irradiated junk, you’ll find seven gold veins between the barrels and the end of the tunnel. They’re sometimes hard to spot, but they’re there.

Those seven gold veins should yield well over thirty gold ore. The best part is that you can server hop if you need more. I’ve got one more spot that’s even better from gold farming. No rads in the next place. Just fire.

Burning Mine

The Burning Mine - Map Location
The Burning Mine – Map Location

The Burning Mine is a mine shaft that is on fire, literally. Don’t let that scare you off, though. It’s easy to navigate the pockets of flames throughout the mine. You’ll find it far to the south in the Ash Heap region of the map. It’s a very short distance to the northwest of Lewisburg. The spawn point places you near the door leading into the mine.

Once inside, move through the two blue double doors and walk down the mine shaft towards your right. Follow the corridor around to the left. It will open in a more expansive cavern with some stairs ahead leading down. Those stairs lead to another landing with more stairs leading down. Proceed down both sets of stairs and keeping to your right move northeast down the ramp ahead.

You should see two double-stacked shipping containers. On the wall to the right of those containers are five gold veins. Harvest all five of them while wearing your Excavator Power Armor. Now turn back around to the south, and you will see another tunnel. Proceed into that tunnel staying on the right-hand side, and you will see a pillar with five more gold veins. Again, harvest these nodes with your Excavator Power Armor equipped. These ten nodes should yield a minimum of forty gold ore. Quite a bit more if you’re lucky. If you need more, just server hop, rinse and repeat.

Capture Workshops With Gold Deposits

One method that people overlook when it comes to gathering resources like gold is the use of mineral extractors in your camp or workshops. Gold extractors are a great passive way to have a steady stream of gold coming into your stash box.

How Much Can Gold Extractors Make

Using extractors isn’t the fastest way to get gold ore. Gold extractors are capable of producing one gold ore every three minutes. That may not seem like much, but once you place the extractor and get it powered, there is nothing left to do except collect your gold.

How Much Can Gold Extractors Hold

Unfortunately, they can’t hold an infinite amount of gold ore. A gold extractor can hold a total of fourteen gold ore. Once it has reached that limit, it can’t hold anymore. You will have to empty it at this point for it to continue collecting gold.

How Often Should You Check Gold Extractors

When your gold extractor fills up, you will need to empty it. You should check your gold extractors every forty-two minutes. It will take that long for the extractor to fill up to its maximum capacity. At that point, it is unable to collect any more gold. Once you remove the existing gold ore, it will begin receiving more.

Workshop Locations With Gold Deposits

You’ll find there are five workshops with gold deposits that you can place gold extractors on.

Spruce Knob

Spruce Knob - Map
Spruce Knob – Map

The Spruce Knob is in the Savage Divide towards the southern part of the map. It is southwest of Huntersville and east of Mountainside B&B. It’s pretty easy to find on the map. Just look for the big green spinning top looking thing.

There are a total of three gold deposits in this location, making it perfect for our needs. These three extractors can generate sixty gold ore an hour.

Two of the deposits are in the lower area of the workshop near the campground. The third is in the upper area near the tower. If you’re having trouble locating them go into building mode and choose the gold extractor. It will highlight the areas that you can place gold extractors.

Billings Homestead

Billings Homestead - Map Location
Billings Homestead – Map Location

Billings Homestead is in the Forest section of the map on the far west near the river. It is north of the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant and southwest of Silva Homestead.

This workshop has a single gold extractor. It’s in the middle of the fields between the house and the grain silos on the southwest side.

The defense events consist mostly of mole rats and mongrel dogs. It should be easy for even low-level characters to handle. You may also find low-level Scorched or feral ghouls inhabiting the house, but again they can be quickly removed.

Hemlock Holes Maintenence

Hemlock Holes Maintenence - Map Location
Hemlock Holes Maintenence – Map Location

Hemlock Holes Maintenence is in the far north section of the Toxic Valley portion of the map. It’s between Wavy Willard’s and Clancy Manor.

I usually end up having to clear Anglers out to take the workshop, which is always a nice bonus. Be careful on the defense quests as they can be tough if you’re a little under-powered. I often get Radscorpions or more Anglers.

The gold extractor is close to the workshop itself. This location has the added benefit of having three acid deposits. The acid is helpful since you need it to smelt down the gold ore into gold scrap.

Beckley Mine Exhibit

Beckley Mine Exhibit - Map Location
Beckley Mine Exhibit – Map Location

The Beckley Mine Exhibit is in the town of Beckley in the very far southwest of the Ash Heap. It’s west of Welch Station and south of Camden Park.

This area can be difficult for lower-level characters. You’ll fight Mole Miners and robots in this location. There can also be quite a bit of activity around the town itself with Scorched and other monsters.

The gold extractor for this location is right next to the workshop apparatus itself. You should also note that there are three oil deposits. If that’s something you need, be sure to put extractors on those as well.

Abandoned Bog Town

Abandoned Bog Town - Map Location
Abandoned Bog Town – Map Location

The Abandoned Bog Town is in the northern part of the Cranberry Bog. It’s a very short distance to the west of Pylon V-13 and down the road to the south from RobCo Research Center.

The workshop apparatus itself is sitting amongst the small smacks and buildings near the side towards Pylon V-13. Not really where the map would lead you to think that it is.

Note that this is a high-level area. You’re going to be fighting nasty creatures to clear out the workshop, and the defense quests are no joke. My first one was a three-star legendary Scorched Beast.

The gold extractor is a little way south of the workshop apparatus. You should also note that there are three concrete deposits at this location as well.

Camp Locations With Gold Deposits

If gold is something you covet then putting your camp in a location with a gold deposit is a must. It gives you a constant supply of gold coming in without you having to do anything except smelting down the ore into gold scrap.

Gold Deposit Near Wilson Brothers Auto Repair

Gold Deposit Location Near Twin Pines Cabins
Gold Deposit Location Near Twin Pines Cabins

This first gold deposit is between Wilson Brother’s Auto Repair and Twin Pines Cabins. If you take the spawn point for Wilson Brothers, follow the road to the west, keeping the repair shop on your right. You will see a stop sign on your right. Put the stop sign at your back and head directly west. Walk forward for ten to twelve seconds, and you should land right on top of the gold deposit.

Gold Deposit Near Ingram Mansion

Gold Deposit Location Near Ingram Mansion
Gold Deposit Location Near Ingram Mansion

On the cliffs overlooking Morgantown to the west just southwest of Ingram Mansion, there is a gold deposit. 

If you start at the Ingram Mansion spawn point, follow the path that leads to the house. As you approach, you’ll see a break in the cliffs to the west that has a ramp leading down. Go down the slope, and you’ll see another ramp leading down. The landing from the second ramp is where you’ll find the gold deposit.

It’s set up decently for a base. The ground on this plateau is flat and large enough to place a decent sized structure. 

Depending on where you place your camp, you could also do a multi-level camp build. You might even be able to encompass all three of the cliff plateaus.

Gold Deposit Near Big Bend Tunnel West

Gold Deposit Location Near Big Bend Tunnel West
Gold Deposit Location Near Big Bend Tunnel West

The next gold deposit is near the Big Bend Tunnel West. This one is easy to find. Just go to the Big Bend Tunnel West spawn point and head to the southwest, as indicated by the image. It’s only about forty-five meters from the spawn point on the far side of the road.

The only significant benefit to this location is that it’s close to the vendor at Lewisburg Station. While that is a pretty nice thing to have close by, the rest of the area lacks anything to be desired. 

Gold Deposit Near Quarry X3

Gold Deposit Location Near Quarry X3
Gold Deposit Location Near Quarry X3

If living in a higher level area is more your style, then this is your spot. Near the center of the Cranberry Bog a short way northeast up the road from Watoga, there’s a gold deposit.

The easiest way to find it is to take the spawn point at Quarry X3 then travel about ninety-five meters southwest (mostly south) across the road, and you should run right into it. Use the thumbnail to see the exact location and heading from the spawn point.

Note that if you put your camp here, you can expect high-level encounters when you get attacked. Scorched Beasts and other nasty creatures will not be happy that you’ve moved into the neighborhood. Be prepared and of a significant level if you decide to take on this location.

Gold Deposit Near Mac’s Farm

Gold Deposit Location Near Twin Pines Cabins
Gold Deposit Location Near Twin Pines Cabins

This gold deposit is in another higher-level area. It is a short distance to the east of Mac’s Farm and south of the General’s Steakhouse. To get to the gold deposit, take the spawn point for Mac’s Farm and follow the path to the east. It’s only a short way. If you see the rusted out teal truck, then you’re where you need to be.

One unique thing to note about this location is the presence of a mini-fissure here. It has several decaying ultracite veins around it, and a lot of Scorched spawn here as well.

Similar to the last location, this is a high-level area. You’re going to be contending with some nasty creatures. Ensure that you are prepared to deal with them if you decide to make this your home.

Gold Deposit Near Red Rocket Mega Stop

Gold Deposit Location Near Red Rocket Mega Stop
Gold Deposit Location Near Red Rocket Mega Stop

The gold deposit at this location is one of my favorite camp spots. It’s at the top of a relatively flat mountaintop. The view is pretty impressive, and you’ve got the Converted Munitions Factory and the Red Rocket Mega Stop nearby.

There’s no real trick to finding the gold deposit. Spawn in at Freddy Fear’s and follow the road west until you think you can run up the mountain towards the marker in the thumbnail. At the top, it levels out, and you’ll find it pretty easy once you’re up there.

Gold Deposit Near Bailey Family Cabin

Gold Deposit Location Near Bailey Family Cabin
Gold Deposit Location Near Bailey Family Cabin

This last spot s for you if you’re looking for a remote location to place your camp where you don’t have to worry about neighbors. The view is spectacular, and it’s quiet.

To find the gold deposit spawn in at the Bailey Family Cabin and then run in the direction of the destination marked in the thumbnail. It’s on top of the mountain. Once you’re up there, you should have no problem finding it.


This post has been an exhaustive guide on how to get gold in Fallout 76. I hope it has been useful to you, and your stash is now overflowing with gold. If you enjoyed this, please be sure to check out some of my other guides. You’ll find more of the same on-point no-nonsense guides and information.


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