Fallout 76 Acid Farming: Best Locations and Mobs To Get Acid

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Acid is a tremendously useful resource that is used primarily for breaking down ore and creating gunpowder. If you’ve spent any time following my other guides, you’re probably aware that we do a lot of mining around here. As a result, you’re probably running low on acid. Today we solve that problem.

The best way to get acid is to spawn in at Tanagra Town in the Mire. There is a cave near the top that contains eight to ten cave crickets. Disposing of them will yield over fifty waste acid. You can server hop and repeat this process for more.

Acid is one of those resources that you can acquire in a lot of different ways:

  • Farming monsters that drop waste acid
  • Running acid collectors in your camp or workshops
  • Scrapping items that contain waste acid

Today we are explicitly covering farming of different monsters to acquire acid. While the cave crickets in Tanagra Town are the most effective way to get acid quickly, they’re not the only game in town. It also may not be the most effective way for where you’re at in the game. So with that in mind, we’re going to cover several different monsters in this article. That way, you can use the ones that work best for you and your playstyle.

Fallout 76 ACID FARMING Guide – EASY to Follow with NEW PLAYER Options

Farming Monsters That Drop Waste Acid

In Fallout 76, there are a lot of monsters that drop acid. Here’s a quick list of the ones that I’ve found.

  • Cave Crickets
  • Snallygasters
  • Yao Guai
  • Grafton Monsters

When farming monsters for acid or anything else, you’re looking for spots where they are guaranteed to spawn. It’s also preferable that there be several of them in the same place. With the ability to server hop, this isn’t always necessary but is still nice to have. Now let’s take a look at the monsters and the locations that they are guaranteed to spawn.

Cave Crickets

Cave crickets are relatively easy to handle, and they tend to spawn in packs. Those qualities make them especially useful for farming acid. Each one will drop between four and eight waste acid. There are several places that they are likely to spawn, but I was only able to find one guaranteed spawn point.

Tanagra Town

Tanagra Town - Map Location
Tanagra Town – Map Location

Tanagra Town is in the Mire on the far east side of the map. It is northeast from Harper’s Ferry and north of the Valley Galleria on the other side of the river. 

From the spawn point, move a short distance to the southeast, and you will see a large rock formation jutting out of the earth. Continuing forward, you’ll find some vines that will allow you to climb up to the structure.

Follow the vines as they wrap around the outside of the rocks. Near the top, you’ll find a small cave entrance. Once inside, you’ll find several cave crickets. You might have to move through tunnels a bit to see all of them, but there should be about eight or nine of them — each dropping between four and eight acids each.


Snallygasters are gross, slimy, four-legged creatures that like to bite and spit acid at you. I suppose it’s a good thing too since it’s that acid that we’re hunting. They generally don’t spawn in large groups, but as you’ll see, there are a couple of suitable locations.

Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go

Toxic Larry's Meat n Go - Map Location
Toxic Larry’s Meat n Go – Map Location

Toxic Larry’s is in the great divide, technically, but is right on the border with the Mire. It is a short distance to the northwest of Berkley Springs and southeast of the Autumn Acre Cabin.

This location is nothing more than a small hut with a whole lot of meat all over. Oh, and you’ll find three Snallygasters that are guaranteed to spawn here right outside in front of the hut.

When you come in at the spawn point, they are right there in front of you. I usually toss a grenade since the Snallygasters are so close together. Then blast them down as quickly as possible. Each one will drop waste acid. The range is probably three to eight each, but it feels more like six to eight.


Charleston - Map Location
Charleston – Map Location

Charleston is a busy location in Fallout 76. Located on the southern border of the Forest. To the east is the Charleston Capitol Building, and to the west, you’ll find the AVR Medical Center.

Our Snallygasters spawn outside the Capitol, but the spawn point from Charleston is better for farming these two. From the Charleston spawn point, move directly east, and you should find the first Snallygaster within a few seconds. Sometimes the Super Mutants on the bridge above will have killed him.

If you move southeast from the spot where you killed the first Snallygaster, you should see the capitol building on the left and a blue tower on your right. The second Snallygaster spawns right around the blue tower.

Charleston is a low-level area. Both of these Snallygasters are level fourteen. So this makes an excellent circuit for newer characters in need of acid. You can server hop this spot and net about twelve acids per hop in a minute or two.

Yao Guai

Yao Guai are no joke. Farming Yao Guai for acid is not for the faint of heart. They hit hard and move fast. I’ve created a separate guide that details all the best locations where you’re guaranteed to find Yao Guai as well as a lot of random spawn locations. The link below will take you to that guide, but I’ll put some of the best places below as well.

Fallout 76 Yao Guai: Best Spawn Locations and Farming Guide

Dolly Sods Wilderness

Dolly Sod's Wilderness - Map Location
Dolly Sod’s Wilderness – Map Location

Dolly Sods is in the eastern part of the map in the Mire. It is close to the border with the Savage Divide. Ella Ames’ Bunker is to the north while Crevasse Dam is to the east. It’s out in the middle of nowhere as any good campground should be.

From the spawn point, look directly west up the road, and you will see our first acid-toting Yao Guai coming towards you. Dispose of him. It’s really like that. Almost every time I do this spot, the Yao Guai is just walking up the road, waiting for you to remove it from the world.

Next, we head to the small lodge straight ahead to the west. Head inside and then out through the back entrance. It will lead us to the path towards Dolly Sods Campground. Follow the road, and you should see the second Yao Guai up ahead. This one is usually leveled and should be considered dangerous. Not the safest way to collect acid, but it works.

Mountainside Bed and Breakfast

Mountain Side Bed and Breakfast - Map Location
Mountain Side Bed and Breakfast – Map Location

Mountainside B&B is located aptly in the side of a mountain. It is west of the Spruce Knob and south of the Whitespring Resort.

When you hit the spawn point, you should see Mountainside Bed and Breakfast in front of you. You’re going to want to move forward and to the left. If you drop off the ledge and follow the train tracks below, that will lead you to our two acid-laden furballs. Both of them are close together. The first is over by the busted railway cars on the right. The second is located just on the other side of the busted bridge on the left.

The levels on these seem to vary. I’ve found easy level sixteens and not easy level seventy-eight glowing Yao Guai. So be prepared for a fight — good advice whenever facing Yao Guai.

Monongah Overlook

Monongah Overlook - Map Location
Monongah Overlook – Map Location

Monongah Overlook is one of those locations that is out in the middle of nowhere, and you might not have visited here previously. It is north of Monongah Power Plant and east of the Grafton Dam.

The spawn point puts you between the overlook and the mine. Heading west towards the overlook, you’ll find our Yao Guai wandering around the small campsite that some unlucky person attempted to set up.

I ran this location many times. The vast majority of the time, it gave me a level sixteen, but every once in a while, BAM! Level fifty-six rabid Yao Guai. So be aware of that and be careful if you’re lower level.

Phillipi Battlefield Cemetary

Philippi Battlefield Cemetery - Map Location
Philippi Battlefield Cemetery – Map Location

This cemetery is in the far northwest of the map in the Toxic Valley. It’s west of the Palace of the Winding Path and south of the Crashed Space Station.

The spawn point puts you on the eastern side of the location facing the main building. Head to the far side of the building towards the parking lot. The Yao Guai carrying the acid we seek is usually just hanging out in the middle of the parking lot.

I ran this spot ten times, and every time I got a level twenty-six Yao Guai. Sometimes he was diseased sometime not but always level twenty-six. It’s a relatively easy spot for farming Yao Guai for acid. No looking around, he’s just right there in the parking lot.

Miner’s Monument

Miner's Monument - Map Location
Miner’s Monument – Map Location

Miner’s Monument is southwest of the Whitesprings golf course and just on the northeast edge of the Forest near Uncanny Caverns. The spot we’re looking for is directly in the center of the area between Miner’s Monument and the snake on the map.

Start at Miner’s Monument and head due east. Go through the broken wall, and you should see a large rock outcropping that doesn’t quite look like it belongs there. Upon closer inspection, it’s a small cave containing a hibernating Yao Guai.

This one also seems to have a better than fair chance of being legendary as well. Out of the handful of times, I ran this location. He was legendary three of those times.

Don’t forget to check out my guide detailing all the best spots for farming Yao Guai. It covers a lot more information specifically about Yao Guai.

Fallout 76 Yao Guai: Best Spawn Locations and Farming Guide

Grafton Monster

The Grafton Monster is an exceptionally grotesque monster. They throw giant tarballs that do damage in a large area of effect. They’ve also got some pretty devastating close-range melee attacks.

Hemlock Holes

Hemlock Holes - Map Location
Hemlock Holes – Map Location

Hemlock Holes is in the far north of the Toxic Valley. To the east, you’ll find Wavy Willard’s Water Park. To the west is the Clancy Manor. The spawn point puts you on the north side of the main building facing south.

Proceed to the south into the building. Then exit through one of the doorways through either the cafe or the golf shop. Stretched out before you is a toxic field. In the area, you’ll find barrels of radioactive material, destroyed golf carts, and even some acid deposits.

Further towards the south wandering the area, you’ll find a Grafton Monster. He seems to range from the simple level ten to a more challenging level thirty enraged and diseased version.

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

Hornwright Industrial HQ - Map Location
Hornwright Industrial HQ – Map Location

Located in the town of Charleston, this area is pretty active, with a lot going on. The Hornwright HQ is on the north side of the river. Charleston Station is to the north and southeast down the river you’ll find the Charleston Capitol Building.

From the spawn point, you’ll be facing the Hornwright HQ building. Change facing to the northwest and head towards the small bridge. Looking down from the bridge to the northwest is another small red railway bridge. Looking down from this bridge, you will see a Grafton Monster directly below you or wandering out in the area to the west.

This one always spawns as a level ten and is super easy to kill even for lower-level characters. Hop servers all day long for a simple acid supply.

Charleston Capitol Building

Charleston Capital Building - Map Location
Charleston Capital Building – Map Location

As I’ve said a few times throughout this post, Charleston is a busy place with a lot of different monsters. It is technically still in the Forest on the border heading towards the Ash Heap far south of Vault 76.

The spawn point for the capitol building puts you up on the road overlooking the devastation below. If you drop down from the ledge, you’ll find a Grafton Monster between the ridge on the left and the apartment building on the right.

Typically this apartment building contains Super Mutants or Scorched. The Grafton Monster may be engaged with them already. So you’ll want to get your hits in quickly.

Note that if acid is your desire, this is an excellent run to link together with the Snallygasters nearby in Charleston.


The monsters and locations here are not an exhaustive list of all the beasts that drop waste acid. They are all guaranteed spawns unless someone has already killed them. Regardless of your level, there are monsters here that will fit the bill for you. I hope you enjoyed reading this and you found it useful. If so, be sure to check out my other resource guides.


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