Fallout 4 Aluminum Code A Quick Console Guide

Approx Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fallout 4 contains thousands of items, and since it’s a single-player game, you’re not hurting anyone if you give yourself the things you need or want to play the game. Bethesda agrees and provided us with a console to do just that.

The Fallout 4 Aluminum Code is 0006907a. Enter this code into the player. Additem command inside the console with a quantity to give yourself any amount of Aluminum you need.

Console Add 1000 Aluminum
Console Add 1000 Aluminum

The steps below detail how exactly to accomplish this if you’re unfamiliar with using the console and console commands in general

  1. Hit the tilde “`” key on the keyboard to open the console
  2. Type “player.Additem 0006907a 1000”
  3. Replace 1000 with the number of Aluminum that you want
  4. Hit the enter key
  5. Hit the tilde “`” key again to close the console.

You should see a message that indicates the Aluminum is now in your inventory after you’ve left the console.

Fallout 4 Aluminum Added
Fallout 4 Aluminum Added

You should note that the console isn’t available for Survival mode playthroughs. You’ll need to lower your difficulty if your current playthrough is in Survival.

Using the console is a great way to get items quickly that you may need, especially if you’re working on a storyline play through and aren’t in it for the challenge.

While not the longest post in the world, I hope you found this useful. It should allow you to get the Aluminum that you need for your playthrough.


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