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Elder Scrolls Online mods are nearly a requirement to properly enjoy the game. They give you the opportunity to change the game is subtle and not so subtle ways that can add a lot to your gameplay experience. There are a few Elder Scrolls Online mods that I really can’t imagine playing the game without. So without further ado here is the list of Elder Scrolls Online mods that I personally use.

Alchemist Back to Top
The problem: There are a lot of potions available in ESO. It’s hard to figure out through trial and error what makes what.

The solution: The Alchemist is an addon that will tell you what to combine from your inventory and bank to discover new traits.

My opinion: If you’re doing Alchemy this is a very nice convenience mod and time saver. Just collect all the reagents you can find and it will tell you what to combine to discover new traits.

ggFrames Back to Top
The problem: The ESO default unit frames are a bit lackluster and don’t provide much information.

The solution: ggFrames is a very good replacement for the default player, group, raid and target frames. Very easily customized and simple to use.

My opinion: I really like the look of these unit frames. All the information and graphical cues are present that one would want and they just look nice.

Lootdrop, Continued (All in One) Back to Top
The problem: If you’ve played The Elder Scrolls Online for any amount of time you’ve probably figured out that loot is super important… and there’s a ton of it… and you want it all!. Looting things one at a time is tedious so many people turn on a feature called “Auto Loot”. That makes looting easier, but then you just don’t know what you’ve looted without checking your inventory.

The solution: This is where Lootdrop comes in. Now whenever you loot something it pops up a small window showing you what you’ve looted. Multiple items will stack upon each other creating a cascading effect of all the items you’ve acquired. It stays on screen for a few seconds and then goes away.

My opinion: This should be part of the default UI. Whenever you turn on Auto Loot this should turn on with it. It’s that important.

Luminary – Action Bar Back to Top
The problem: Elder Scrolls Online gives you just a single action bar. Sometimes you want to layout your UI with the acton bar in a different configuration. Maybe you don’t want a bar at all.

The solution: Luminary’s Action Bar gives you complete control over the layout of your action bar. You can move the individual buttons all around separately. There are also a couple options to cleanup up the action bar in general.

My opinion: I love this one. I have my action bar buttons sprinkled around my mini map which is centered on the bottom of my screen. Since we only have 8 buttons on the action bar it seems like a no brainer that we should be able to move them around.

MundusMap Back to Top
The problem: Where the hell are all those dumb rock thingies!

The solution: Mundus Map puts a map marker down for each of the Mundus stones in the game. You can also customize it to only display certain ones as well.

My opinion: Nice to have for sure.

No Stealth Text Back to Top
The problem: The “Hidden” text that displays on the screen when you go into stealth is annoying.

The solution: This mod removes it.

My opinion: I like my UI nice and clean. This mods get some unnecessary clutter off my screen.

Soft Cap Info Back to Top
The problem: How many times have you looked at your character screen and wondered how close you were to the soft cap with one of your attributes?

The solution: Wonder no more. Soft Cap Info does just what it says. Shows you how cose to the soft cap you are for all your attributes.

My opinion: This is a really simple mod, but it’s really nice to have that information there every time you look at your character screen. Keeping your connection to it as your character advances.

Spent Skill Points Back to Top
The problem: You look at your Skill Screen and it shows you how many Skill Points you have available to spend, but doesn’t show how many you have spent.

The solution: Spent Skill Points shows how many skill points you have total and how many you have avilable. In addition to how many you have spent in each skill tree.

My opinion: This is another no-brainer that really should be part of the default UI.

ZrMiniMap Back to Top
The problem: Sometimes you don’t want to bring up the entire map to see where you’re headed.

The solution: This mod gives you a mini map complete with map pins and all the fixins. This one also seems to be the most updated mini maps of the bunch.

My opinion: Love it.

Sky Shards Back to Top
The problem: How am I supposed to find all those Sky Shards by myself?!?!?

The solution: Never fear. Sky Shards adds a map pin on the world map for every Sky Shard in the game.

My opinion: This is really one of those must have mods. It makes finding Sky Shards as simple as walking right up to it. Achievement hounds this one is for you.

Research Assistant Back to Top
The problem: Your bags are full of items that you want to deconstruct or sell, but you’re not sure which items have traits that you haven’t researched yet.

The solution: Research Assistant puts little icons next to each item in your bank or inventory indicating whether you have already researched it. This tells you at a glance what you can get rid of and what you should keep.

My opinion: If you’re doing crafting you need this mod. Basically red icon means you haven’t researched that trait yet. Yellow, grey or gold means you can deconstruct or sell safely. Absolutely love this one.

Lore Books Back to Top
The problem: I found all the Sky Shards. Now the Mage’s Guild wants me to find a bunch of freakin lore books scattered all over Tamriel! Crap!

The solution: Much like Sky Shards this mod places map pins on your world map where ever Lore Books exist.

My opinion: Another must have mod. My standing with the Mage’s Guild is much improved due to this mod.

I hope you found this useful. I’ll keep this post updated as I change mods in and out.

ESO Patch Notes 04-14-2014

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Patch day is here. I’ve got the patch notes listed below for those who are at work where the official ESO site might be blocked.

I know we all hate the servers being down, but it’s nice to get some fixes to quests. The fix to the Divine Favor quest is welcome indeed. I ran into that one last night. It’s a little frustrating when you come upon a bugged quest.

A little side note. I’ve found that sometimes logging out of ESO and restarting will sometimes fix the problem. Worked for me last night with the Divine Favor quest. No less frustrating, but at least I got it done.

According to their forums it looks like we’ve got a couple more hours to go as of this post. What are you doing to pass the time? You can always head to my Twitch.tv stream for a little ESO fix. Check out the latest streaming sessions and be sure and follow me if you like.


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.3 features a number of fixes to existing content, mainly focusing on systems and quests that were blocking progression. We’re working hard to resolve other issues we know you’re eager to see fixed, and we’ll let you know when they’re addressed.

We’re also continuing to work on the more global issue of botting and gold spamming. These changes are happening behind the scenes and although we aren’t mentioning specifics in the patch notes, we are continually working on protecting you from bots and gold farmers. We continue to receive all your reports, and taking care of them is one of our top priorities. Thanks for sending them in and for your patience.


Alliance War

  • Attempting /stuck in Cyrodiil no longer instructs you to use /bug instead of /help if you’re actually stuck.
  • Resolved an issue if you take all the resources around the same time, and the icons do not update in real time on the map.
  • You will now generate Ultimate against battle-leveled players.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Silver Bolts rank 2 can now be re-added to your skill bar if it gets removed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ranger’s gait set bonus. It no longer gives you excessive stamina recovery.

Crafting & Economy

  • You will no longer accidentally deconstruct your equipped helmet.
  • The sell value of food that you create has been reduced to be more in line with other crafting skill lines.

Dungeons & Group Content
Dark Anchors

  • You will no longer get stuck if all the cultists are killed as soon as they spawn.


  • Banished Cells: After killing Cell Haunter and the other monsters, Keeper Areldur will no longer remain trapped.
  • Banished Cells: Fixed an issue in the final boss room where the boss would not spawn if you were on the quest, but not on the right step.


  • You will now be forced to restart the game client following a patch to ensure you do not get stuck on the login screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you would get shot up into the air when walking over certain objects.


  • Through the Ashes: Monsters in the Abandoned Mine will now respawn as intended.
  • A Hostile Situation: It will no longer be possible to get trapped in the jail cell when grouped with another player.
  • An Act of Kindness: Resolved an issue where you could not use the crystal on monsters when you should have been able to.


  • Unearthing the Past: Fixed an issue where motes could not be interacted with on occasion. They are now be interactable when on the appropriate quest step.
  • Carzog’s Demise: Caleen and Lambur will now always speak to you.

Bleakrock Island

  • Frozen Man: You will now be able to find the third clue.


  • The Army of Meridia: The Groundskeeper will no longer occasionally spawn in an uninteractable state.
  • Crossing the Chasm: You will now always be able to start and advance through the portal events.
  • Crossing the Chasm: The fight against Molag Grunda will now reset properly if you revive after being killed.


  • Trade Negotiations: Markers have been added to the compass and world map for each step in the quest.
  • Trade Negotiations: Bodani and Raston should now always appear when turning in the quest.
  • Challenge the Tide: The signal horn should now always be able to be used to summon Gruznak.


  • Lineage of Tooth and Claw: The bound werewolf will now speak as intended when taken into the cave.


  • Forgotten Soul: The central welkynd stone will now always be interactable.
  • Scars Never Fade: Slim-Jah will now always speak with you, and her hunters will now always be willing to duel.
  • Unsafe Haven: The ritual event will now spawn in as intended, and will no longer break with many players in the area.


  • Anchors from the Harbour: Doshia has had her powers reduced.

Main Quest

  • Castle of the Worm: Fixed an issue where the quest could become blocked if you logged out or disconnected during the “Observe the Scene” step.
  • Castle of the Worm: Cadwell will no longer decide to stop following you.
  • Daughter of Giants: The exit portal will now always appear after defeating the final boss.

Malabal Tor

  • Arithiel: The sorcerer event will now always spawn as intended when you’re on the correct quest step.

Reaper’s March

  • Hadran’s Fall: Returning Tand to the boss area will no longer break the quest.


  • Fell’s Justice: Leonce will now always respawn as intended.
  • The Liberation of Northpoint: Darien will no longer get stuck and prevent you from completing the quest.


  • Proving Trust: It should now be much easier to find and heal peasants.
  • Divine Favor: Resolved an issue where you could not summon the Guard-Captain.


  • Fixed an issue where the achievements Dreamslayer, Spirit Warden Champion and Azura’s Ally were not being awarded correctly.
  • The Perfect Burial: It will now be much easier to find mudcrabs.

The Rift

  • Trial of the Body: All of the bosses will be able to be attacked as intended.
  • Tomb Beneath the Mountain: You will now always be able to reanimate a corpse and have it follow you.


  • The error message “Account Expired” will now display properly when the client is set to any language.
  • The error message “An unknown error has occurred” has been edited to be more helpful.

ESO Patch Notes 04-02-2014

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Below are the patch notes for April 2, 2014. Would have been nice to get a little warning, but at least there are some important fixes in there. For me the Balreth quest lines are a welcome fix. Lots of other good fixes though. Anyway be sure and give them a read. You can find the original post on the ESO Forums.

It should also be noted that there was a lengthy downtime for the North American Megaserver. There is an announcement on the ESO Forums that they are going to update as things progress. Currently the server is still down, but the last update indicates that the server should be up shortly. Not holding my breath for that, but you never know.

*EDIT* – Here’s another link to a thread that looks to be more updated than the one I originally posted.


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.1 features a number of fixes to existing content. Here’s a brief overview of what awaits you in this patch:

  • Fixes to quests that were blocking progression.
  • New option to view the intro cinematic any time.


Alliance War

  • Revised the quest to kill 20 players in Cyrodiil to make it a daily quest, rather than repeatable.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Reduced the percentage required to gain credit for a kill for healers that were healing an ally.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get dismounted from your horse when jumping over various objects.
  • Fixed an issue with fishing where the game client could crash.
  • Fixed an issue where abilities with a cast time were not properly reducing your movement speed during casting.
  • Fixed an issue where the monkey pet granted to beta testers occasionally had collision.

Crafting & Economy

  • Fixed an issue where low-level players were being granted high-level food recipes. You should now receive recipes appropriate for your level.

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Fixed an issue where the chest containing the portal to Crow’s Wood would occasionally get stuck in an open or closed position, and would prevent you from entering.
  • A Son’s Promise: Fixed an issue in Crows’ Wood where Rulantaril’s Construct would instantly respawn.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Anchors which could prevent monsters from spawning.

Exploration & Itemization

  • You will no longer receive veteran rank swords from fishing in Stonefalls.

Mac Client

  • Fixed an issue with the MacBook Air that was causing NPCs to multiply as you moved the camera around.


  • In the name of the Queen: Fixed an issue in the quest where the priestesses at the Northern and Western ritual sites would occasionally get stuck in a kneeling pose, blocking your progress.
  • New in Town: Malareth has been run out of Vulkhel Guard for the time being, but she vows to return at a later date. Those of you on this quest are advised to abandon the quest until she returns. Not completing this quest will not impact any achievements.


  • Prove Your Worth: Fixed an issue where you would lose credit for dueling NPCs if other players interfered before the NPC could land a hit.


  • Bloodthorn Assassins: Increased the respawn rate of suspicious cargo, plus the chance of the correct assassin spawning in the cargo.
  • Legacy of Baelborne Rock: Tanchim now yells at only you when interacting with the rune, instead of everyone in the region, including most of Daggerfall City.
  • Vale of the Guardians: Fixed an issue where the quest could get blocked if one of the monsters defending the Wyress got stuck.

Khenarthi’s Roost

  • The Perils of Diplomacy: Added a map pin to the location of the Green Lady to resolve an issue where the red mist leading to her location was not visible.


  • Shornhelm Divided: Fixed an issue where the High King Emeric would occasionally not appear on the step “Meet High King Emeric.” You can now meet him!


  • Death of Balreth: Fixed a couple of issues which were preventing you from containing the spirit at the end of the quest, blocking both completion and exit.
  • Restoring the Guardians: Fixed an issue that was preventing Ragebinder and/or Blaze from appearing when summoned.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where you could not zoom in to look at your first character’s face in the character creation menu.
  • The intro cinematic has been replaced with a new, higher quality version.
  • There is now an option to play the intro cinematic any time you’d like to watch it again.
  • The issue preventing chat and name filters from working has been fixed; chat and character names are now filtered for bad language. Please be aware that Customer Support may have to alter your character name if it breaks our naming requirements.
  • Added a textual warning when deleting a character reminding you that items still attached to characters on deletion will be deleted. This includes items granted through pre-ordering, Imperial Editions, and beta rewards.
    • Note: This message is currently only in German and French. We intend on adding an English message soon.